The Pool Party

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Chapter 2
part 2

"The Pool Party"

Part 2

by Wonder Who

"Who’s that?" Kyle asked.

"That’s gramma and grampa’s car! Damnit!" Kevin replied, frustrated. "We can’t let them see us like this! Sh*t!"

"This certainly isn’t how I had our day pictured!" Kyle said as he rubbed his belly. "At least I don’t think we are getting any older!"

"Stay here behind the bushes and maybe they’ll leave soon," Kevin suggested.

The boys crouched down and strained to see the happenings in the backyard.

Elise tickled Baby Carla’s chin. "She’s just the cutest thing!"

"Damnit woman. They all look the same! Now, when Carla was born... that was a good looking baby. She had your smile and she was different but those two.... hell they look like a thousand other babies!" Joe grumbled.

Maggie watched Joe intently. It was him. The boy from high school. But he was old now!

"Elise, why don’t you run down to Carla’s office and see if she is there? I’ll wait here for her. I bet she had to go down there," Joe said.

"Why don’t I call instead?" Elise asked.

"On Saturday? She won’t answer that damn phone on Saturday! It won’t take you 30 minutes to get down there. After all, we’re running late so she probably thought we weren’t coming."

"Oh.... all right... be back in a while... but it is farther than 30 minutes down there!" Elise said and headed for the car.

The boys watched her drive off. "Damn... not what we wanted. Maybe we can sneak in?"

Kevin turned to Kyle "Sneak in? Like this? If we got caught we’d be shot on sight! We gotta wait. They’re not gonna find mom so they’ll give up and leave."

"So..ummmm Joe...Come talk to me!" Maggie said as she skipped over and took a seat around the table.

Joe slowly followed and lowered his tired body into the other seat.

"So, why don’t you tell me about this girl? The one that looked like me?"

"Damn, she was just like you. The way she talked. The way she looked. She was just plain ’bubbly!’"

Maggie giggled "Bubbly? hehehehehehe. Was she cute?"

Joe tilted his head. "Are you fishing for a compliment?"

"Oh? Heh! ’cause if she was cute I would be too, huh? hehehehehehe."

Joe shook his head. "Yip, she was damn sexy is what she was!"

Maggie’s heart stopped. "YES!"

Joe continued. "We kissed one time. And let me tell ya that girl knew what she was doing! But I’d already met Elise by then and so it just didn’t work out for us."

"Here," Maggie said pouring Joe a glassful of diet cola. "It’s good for ya!"

Joe accepted the cola and took a sip. "Pretty good...."

"Ummmm drink up... there’s plenty," she told him.

"Aren’t you gonna have any?"

"Ummm no... I better not... I don’t wanna lose this figure! hehehehehehe," she said, giggling as she shook her hair out of her eyes.

Joe finished the glass and she quickly refilled it for him.

"Thanks but one was plenty", he answered.

"No drink it... please... I insist," Maggie said pleadingly. "It’s such a warm day. Tell me more about your Maggie."

Joe started describing her and suddenly realized he was getting an erection! He hadn’t had an erection without taking Viagra in a while now.

Maggie giggled as she had already noticed it. She brushed her foot against his leg "Oh... sorry... was that your leg?" she said innocently.

"Oh... That’s ok.... yeah.. whew.. kinda warm today...." he said nervously as he finished off the second glass.

Maggie poured more.

"Enjoy," she said with a large smile as she Joe suddenly realized something was happening.

"What the hell?" he said as he examined his younger hands.

"Oh Joe... You’re getting younger! Isn’t it great!? It’s me - Maggie! I was old like you until today. I had such a crush on you and... I ummmmm still do!"

"What? No... But... Impossible! Besides, what about Elise? This is crazy!" Joe stammered trying to make sense of the situation.

"What about Elise? C’mon...She’s old! We’re young. A few more drinks and you’ll be my age!" she told him with wide-eyed enthusiasm.

Joe didn’t know what to do. Could it be? Maggie popped up and kissed the 22-year-old Joe on the lips. He looked at her without saying anything. She could see his mind whirling. He smiled and took another drink!

"Sh*t!" Kevin said "What’re they doing? This messes everything up!"

"Well, if you don’t know what they are doing then you don’t have any business getting older then! And, ya know, Margaret is kinda a hottie!" Kyle said.

"Yeah, I know," Kevin sighed, trying to conceal his obvious ’excitement’ over her looks.

Maggie stared longingly into Joe’s younger eyes. He was a teen himself now. "I’m so... turned on... watching you get young and strong...." she said softly.

She took the glass from his hand. "I want my innocence back for you." Maggie then took a sip from the glass.

Joe’s eyes widened as Maggie grew a little skinnier. A few freckles appeared on her cheeks. In only moments she looked 16 or bareLy 17 tops! She bit her lip seductively and looked into his eyes "Be gentle," she whispered as she again brushed her foot against his leg. This time she didn’t pretend it was an accident nor did she apologize.

Joe sprung up... and then rose from his seat... and took her delicate hand. "C’mon," he said nervously.

Kevin and Kyle just stared at each other. What could they do?

"She was supposed to keep the stuff a secret!" Kyle complained.

"Yeah? Well, Obviously she didn’t! So now what?" Kevin replied.

At that moment the boys heard a vehicle pull up. It was Elise coming back!

"Uh oh! Grammy is back! She’s not gonna like THIS!" Kevin said as he motioned to the two horny teens.

Elise walked thru the house toward the patio door ."I turned around. Traffic was awful and besides, her car is still here so she must be at the neighbors if she isn’t back already..... " she shouted as she walked toward the door.

Maggie and Joe stopped suddenly and braced for the barrage of questions. Elise saw the young couple through the glass before she slid the door open. Joe was still holding Maggie’s hand.

"Maggie... who’s your.... " Elise’s voice faded as she recognized the clothing and Joe’s now younger appearance. "JOE???? How?... And.... what were you two doing?"

Joe let loOse of Maggie’s hand and tried to think of an answer. "It’s not what it looks like."

"It’s not? What is it then? What the f*ck is it? Bastard!" Elise growled.

"I can explain...." he said half-heartedly. "This really is Maggie... from school!"

Elise stared harder at the teenage girl. "How? How? You’re both.... young! My God, you look younger than just a while ago!??"

Maggie shot a glance toward the pitcher. She didn’t want to share it with Elise. "Don’t tell her, Joey!" she said.

"It’s in that pitcher! I saw you look! What is it?!!!" Elise asked still furious.

"Ummmm nope... that’s not it!" Maggie lied not wanting her rival to turn into a teen herself!

"Well, if that’s not it then you won’t mind drinking some of it and proving that to me, will you?" Elise countered.

Maggie’s eyes widened. She had regained her virginity. That was far enough. She didn’t want to get any younger! "Ummmm no... I mean... I’m not thirsty...."

"I didn’t ask you that! I said for you to drink! You little tramp! You were a tramp 50 years ago and you’re a tramp now!" Elise said with a venom that burned. "Both of you... drink!"

Kevin and Kyle silently watched the stand-off. They looked like hobos, with their unshaven beards and scraggly hair. Kevin was bald on top while Kyle had a ’beer belly’ like his dad’s although he’d never had a beer in his life! What was left of their clothing was in tatters. They were stuck and couldn’t get to the other vial!

"Now, Elise.... Settle down!" Joe said calmly. "We’re all adults here"

"I’M an adult but I don’t think either of you qualify!" she snapped back. "DRINK!"

Maggie started crying. She couldn’t control her emotions any longer. Elise stole Joey once before and she was doing it again she thought!

All the children had stopped their playing to watch the confrontation. They’d been happily ignoring the goings on until now.

Maggie picked up the glass and slowly put it to her lips.

"Maggie!? What’re you doing!?" Joe yelled "She can’t make us drink that stuff! Don’t"

Elise grabbed Maggie’s hand and pushed. "I should make you drink this whole thing! I should... but I won’t," she said as she pulled it the glass away. "I don’t want to waste this on a tramp like you! You can have your Joey because I’m sure I can do MUCH better THIS TIME!"

Elise smiled and emptied the contents of the glass in one long drink.

To be continued



End Chapter 2

The Pool Party

by: poisonelf | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 7, 2015


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