The Pool Party

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Chapter 4
part 4

"The Pool Party"

Part 4

by Wonder Who

Kevin and Kyle dropped to the ground exhausted. They’d ran about a mile they figured.... then they realized it was more like a block!

"This really sucks!" Kyle huffed and puffed.

"My side is killing me!" Kevin complained.

"So, now WHAT?" Kyle said as he caught his breath.

"We gotta get back down there and keep an eye on Maggie and grandpa," Kevin told him. "We can’t stay like THIS! Just be careful though. I think Maggie’s pretty serious about screaming rape or something!"

They both stretched and groaned as they got up off the ground and returned to the bushes near their house.

Maggie steered Joey to take a seat by the table. She tried to get him to let her sit on his lap but he pushed her away.

"Joey!???" she whined.

"Sorry, but I told you I need to think. This is all too strange. I have no idea why Elise wanted to be a baby. Hell, I don’t want any damn babies!"

"We can put her up for adoption or somethin’.... if you want, Joey!"

"No, that wouldn’t be responsible... or maybe it would be? I just don’t know. We need to get her older again. She probably was just frustrated and trying to make a point," Joe said as he opened one of his beers.

Maggie bit her lip and stared into Joey’s eyes. He was so mature! But right now, THAT was a problem. "How’d you get that beer?" she asked.

"Ummm," he started saying and then looked away. "I kinda had to shoplift it. Damn manager wouldn’t sell it to me with my ID."

Maggie laughed. "Can I have one?"

"Here, but be careful. That body of yours probably isn’t ready for much booze," he warned as he handed her a beer.

Maggie wondered what to do. Elise was still a problem and Joey felt responsible for her. That wasn’t part of her plan. Why did he have to be so mature and responsible she wondered? And then it hit her.... if he was just a little younger he might not be so mature! That was it!!! She grabbed a vial from her pocket and concealed it in her hand. "Uhhh shouldn’t you put those beers in the fridge?" she asked.

"They’re not gonna be around that long," he said with a laugh.

"They’ll get warm! I HATE warm beer," Maggie whined. "Put ’em in the fridge... OK?"

Joe shook his head and took the remaining beers to the fridge. Maggie quickly added the tiniest drop she could to Joe’s beer. "This Bud’s for youth," she said quietly with a laugh.

Joe returned and grabbed his beer and took another swig. "Damn good beer," he said.

Maggie smiled and watched him intently.

"She put stuff in grandpa’s beer!" Kevin said. "Sh*t!"

"Maybe she’s just gonna make him older?" Kyle offered.

"I doubt it very seriously," Kevin deadpanned.

"What’re you looking at?" Joe asked in a voice that was just a smidge higher.

"You," Maggie answered slowly in her best teenage seductress voice.

Joe suddenly felt nervous. His confidence seemed to escape him. How should he reply to that he wondered? He took another sip to avoid having to speak.

Maggie lightly brushed her foot against his leg again and smiled. His eyes grew wide. Was she coming on to him? What should he do? She looked so HOT! He took another drink.

Maggie stared at his mouth and traced it with her finger. She leaned closer as if to kiss him.... closer... closer.... so very close.... Was she really gonna kiss him he wondered? He closed his eyes and leaned forward himself. She put her finger to he lips and backed away with their lips touching. He opened his eyes.. disappointed.... he was confused. She smiled a naughty smile.

His mouth was suddenly dry. Nervously he took another drink of his beer. Maggie’s smile widened. He was so cute! His uneasiness was so cute! Like a little puppy dog! He only had peach fuzz on his face now. His body hair thinned. He was a little shorter. Probably 15 she figured.

He started to take another drink but she reached out and put her hand on his stopping him. Her skin felt so soft. He felt like he was gonna explode inside! She seductively bit her lip. She knew he was putty now!

Joe couldn’t find any words to speak. There was a bulge in his pants that spoke volumes! He took another nervous sip from the beer and quickly slipped back to 14. This time when Maggie leaned forward to kiss him she didn’t pull back! He’d never felt anything like that before... had he? His heart seemed to skip a beat! She was so HOT! So HOT! That was all he could focus on... but was she too experienced for him he wondered? She was older than him... or was she? He couldn’t think... He didn’t want to! Thoughts drifted in and out of his mind. His first time and with an older girl! But that wasn’t right... was it? His first time? Could he do this? He had a girlfriend... didn’t he? Thoughts of Elise ran through his mind’s eye. Thoughts of her as a teenager!

"Ummmm gosh, we better not" stammered 14-year-old Joey. "I gotta get home... or somethin!’" he said as he quickly pushed himself away from the table. Maggie tried to hold onto his hand but he pulled loose.

"Joeeeeeeeey," she whined but he nervously ran away in confusion.

Maggie wondered if she had made him too young. He seemed so intimidated in the end. She looked at the remaining spiked beer and wondered if she was 13 if he would feel more comfortable with her. But did she really want to be 13? Did she want to be THAT young? She held the beverage nervously and thought about the consequences of another sip.

Little Becki and some of her friends had been paying keen attention to the goings on. If Maggie could make people younger they wondered if she had something that would make them older. That would be fun they thought! A buzz of voices crescendoed as the girls discussed the possibilities of being older.

Kevin and Kyle decided to try and devise a plan since Grandpa Joe had ran off. Maybe Maggie would listen to reason now?




End Chapter 4

The Pool Party

by: poisonelf | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 7, 2015


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