The Pool Party

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Chapter 3
part 3

"The Pool Party"

Part 3

by Wonder Who

“Hey!......” Maggie whined, “You can’t get young tooooooooo.”

“I can if I want you little teen tramp!” Elise told her as she consumed another glass of the special cola.

Joe shook his head and wiped the sweat from his brow. “Both of you are acting crazy! There is no reason we can’t look on this miracle for what it is... a miracle! Sheesh!”

“How much of this stuff do I need to drink?” A slowly youthening Elise asked.

Maggie looked away, closed her eyes, smiled, and then turned to speak. “4 is what I had.”

Maggie turned up her nose. “If it’s good enough for you then 4 is what I’ll have too!” she said as she forced herself to gulp down yet another glass. Her hair was turning darker now. How excess weight and bad posture were both lessening. She finished the 3rd glass, poured a 4th, and quickly finished that one too. “This feels soooooo great!” She said as the intoxification of youth rushed over her.

“Grammy!” little Becki yelled.

Elise turned to see her grand-daughter who was now a small child. “Becki? You’re a little girl!”

Elise suddenly realized that there was more to this situation than they had realized. If Becki was a little girl.... what about Carla and Kevin?! Then she remembered that Maggie had said Kevin asked her to babysit. She knew either Maggie was lying and behind it all or else Kevin must be behind. With no little boys in sight Elise decided that the odds were on Kevin being behind it all. The problem was that her rapid youthening was wreaking havoc on her emotions. The important issue was that little teen tramp trying to steal Joey!

Thanks to the 4 glasses of the spiked drinks she was already in her 20’s and still getting younger. “You’re not getting Joey!” she told her rival.

“Grammy, you’re gettin’ pretty!” Becki told her formerly elderly grandmother which served to make her smile.

“Well, you might think you’re gonna get Joey but ummmmm this time Joey is gonna stay with me!” Maggie told the 22-year-old Elise.

“What do you say about that, Joey? Huh? Her or me?” Elise asked.

Joe actually enjoyed having the two girls fighting over him. Why even make a choice he figured?

“Leave him alone. He’s already chosen me!” Maggie said.

Passions and confusion raged through Elise’s body as her teenage hormones took over. She was happy to be young.... sad to not have Joey to herself.... mad at Maggie for breaking her and Joey up.... curious what her new life would be like.... worried about her looks.... everything seemed to be happening at once!

Of course Maggie was enjoying the spectacle because she realized that she had tricked Elise into drinking too much of the potion. Elise wouldn’t end up a young adult or teen. She figured the 4 glasses was a ticket to childhood! She quit trying to upset Elise and decided to just let it happen.

Joe, seeing that the two rivals had calmed down, excused himself to see if there was a beer in the fridge. An ice cold beer suddenly sounded just the ticket on a hot Saturday afternoon.

“Joey is gonna like me better than you! You just wait and see!” 16-year-old Elise said to her rival when she saw that Joey was out of earshot. “Look at these legs!” she said as she lifted her pant legs revealing her calves. “I bet you’re jealous!”

“Nope! You’re too old still and he won’t like you cuz you’re still old!” Maggie lied.

“How old am I still?” a growingly naive Elise asked.

“Ummm 30?” Maggie said trying not to laugh as Maggie was half that age!

“You’re dumb! You shouldn’t have told me!” Elise said smugly as she poured some more of the cola in her glass. “Ha, bottoms up!”

Maggie could literally see the freckles sprouting on Elise’s face as she shot farther downward in age and maturity.

“Joey is gonna like me lots better than you now!” 13-year-old Elise proclaimed.

Maggie laughed. “We’ll see.”

Elise didn’t notice that she gotten shorter. Her clothing was getting bigger and bigger. Her shoes slipped and she kicked them off in confusion. “Hows come my stuff’s gettin’ bigger?” she asked in a childish voice.

“Grammy, are you gonna pway with us?” Becki asked as she saw her grandmother leave all traces of womanhood behind.

“Nuh huh. I gotta make Joey like me!” she told Becki.

“Awwwwww “ Becki whined. “He’s a boy!”

Elise had to think about that! “Ummmm yeah.... He’s prob’ly got cooties! Ewwwwwwww.”

Sensing a chance to finish off her rival Maggie told her, “I’ll keep him from you. A little girl needs to play with her friends... a little girl like you are!”

“Yeah!” 6-year-old Elise said in agreement and then squealed in delight as she joined the other children “Yayyyyyyyyy!” Even as Elise played her youthening continued. Her thick hair became fine and wispy and her once toned body turned pudgy.

When Joey reappeared with his beer there were 3 babies in the playpen!

“Dude, this is messed up!” Kyle told his friend as he scratched himself.

“Yeah, I know!” Kevin replied. “What’s with the scratching?”

“I itch! OK?” Kyle annoyingly replied and then belched.

“SHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh,” Kevin said “Not so loud!”

“I can’t help it! My stomach is churning and my back aches!” Kyle said. “I thought it would be cool being older so we’d be stronger and beat all the kids at basketball and stuff but that bike ride about killed me! Whew!” he said, punctuated with a long exhale.

“Yeah... I know.... We took too much!” Kevin answered as he looked at the ground.

“Well, who’s fault was THAT?” Kyle grumbled.

“I didn’t know.... sheesh... no biggie. We’ll just get some of the other vial and change back....”

“Like THAT plan is working out well, huh???” Kyle countered motioning to the former adults all reduced to infants, children, and a couple of teens. “How’re we gonna get around all of them without being noticed?”

“I dunno. But we better do it before somebody sees us hiding in these bushes. THIS would be hard to explain!” Kevin understated.

The boys quieted and listened hoping for some kind of an opening.

“Hey, where’s Elise?” Joe asked upon returning with the only beer he could find.

Maggie laughed a guilty laugh. “Ummmmm she’s kinda ummmm not interested anymore.”


“She’s not an issue anymore. Now we can be together!” Maggie said as she got closer to Joey and put an arm around him.

“I don’t follow?” he asked in confusion.

“She’s more worried about diapers than dating now! teheheheheheheheh!” Maggie replied proud of removing her rival from the picture.

Joe took a look at the playpen and saw the three babies. 2 were small and the other appeared to be maybe a year-and-a-half. “Elise is a baby? What happened?”

“She uhhhhh just decided she wanted to start over I guess,” Maggie replied with a giggle.

“Oh? That doesn’t sound right.... who’d want to be a baby again?”

Maggie shrugged. “Dunno... Doesn’t matter now. It’s just me and you.”

“Ummm Maggie.. We need to talk. This is kinda fast. After all I am a grown man in reality and Elise and I have lived together a LONG time,” Joe explained.

“Joey!” Maggie said as she stomped her foot “You don’t like me????” Her emotions seemed to change course again. From her obvious glee of a few moments ago to anger and then to hurt. Tears started flowing.

“I like you just fine but I gotta do the responsible thing!” he said trying to console the shaken teen. He sat his empty beer aside and brushed her hair back. “How do we get Elise back to normal? That’s the right thing to do.”

Maggie only bawled harder. “But I like you! You like me! We’re in love!” she sobbed.

“Dammit... I need another beer. I need to figure this all out! We all do. I’m going to get some beer and we can talk. You need to calm down and think about things.”

“How can you get beer? They’ll never sell it to you!” Maggie told him between sobs. “Stay here... pleasssssssse!”

“I’ll be back. I gotta get outta here,” he said and pulled himself away from Maggie’s grasp.

“Cool! Now we can get that other vial,” Kevin said as his grandfather drove away.

The boys weren’t worried about Maggie seeing them. After all, she’d believe them about what had happened. How could she not?

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” she yelled as she saw two middle-aged men with beards and tattered clothing enter the backyard.

“It’s US! Settle down!” Kevin said. “We made ourselves older and kinda miscalculated. Looks like you’ve done quite a bit of age changing yourself”

She recognized the boys after some initial skepticism. Her mood changed again. “You guys think I’m pretty?” she asked and spun around.

“Sure!” Kyle said. “You look great!”

Maggie giggled. “Neat!”

“We’re just gonna get the other vial from my room and start changing everybody back,” Kevin explained as they walked toward the house.

Kyle had picked up a limp. His back was stiff and his knee didn’t work so good. Maggie hurried in as well.

Kevin pulled the vial from his pocket and sat it on his desk. Then he opened a drawer and took out the vial with the rejuvenating formula. “OK.... Let’s start straightening this all out”

Before he could uncap the bottle Maggie snatched it! And then snatched the other one too!

“HEY??” he yelled.

“No way are you guys gonna mess up me and Joey! Not now! Joey likes me!” she said and ran out of the room.

The ‘boys’ chased after her... about as well as two middle-aged men can chase after a teenager at full speed!

A car pulled up. It was Joe.

“You guys better leave or I’ll scream! I’ll say you’re bums and you tried to rape me! I mean it!” Maggie threatened “You’ll have to wait before you change back!”

“No,” Kyle protested

“Joey! Joey!” Maggie yelled faking panic.

The boys instinctively turned and ran.

Joe ran to see what the problem was. “I thought I saw someone!” Maggie said.

“I don’t see anyone???” Joe answered as he scanned the area.

“Maybe it was my imagination. I feel safe now that you’re here! I missed you!” Maggie said as she gazed upon Joe with a longing look.




End Chapter 3

The Pool Party

by: poisonelf | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 7, 2015


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