The graduating class of...

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 28, 2015

Chapter 5

Chapter Description: Nick's mind splits.

Nick woke up laying in his moms bed and saw that it was starting to get dark outside. His head no longer hurt as he finally made sense of it all. He use to be bigger, but now was a kid. He had gotten even smaller overnight. Noticing that his pull up felt alot looser and thought how he had probably got little again when he was sleeping. He went to move, but strangely enough couldn’t. He wanted to get up and confront his mom about why he was suddenly a little kid. It was the weirdest feeling he had ever experienced in his life. It was as if he was in a state of full consciousness, but was paralyzed. Although he wasn’t. He rolled over onto his belly, but he didn’t. He didn’t move himself. It was like he could feel everything that he was doing and it was like he was fully there in his mind, but was watching himself through his eyes without being able to control his body. He tried to scream for his mom, but couldn’t. All that came out was a sweet and innocent "Mommy."

His mom herd him as she came into the room and saw him squirming underneath the blankets. He looked to only be 3 years old. She threw the blanket off him as Nick struggled to take control of his body. He wondered if he was in some sort of state of shock or something. It was like he was trying to move his limbs, but they didn’t listen to him. They moved in their own way as he was just made to watch and experience it all. Was this how it was meant to be. Was he a prisoner in his own body meant to be tortured until he actually lost his mind, or was this going to ware off and he would be able to report his mom to the state for what she had done to him. Did she do anything to him? Did she even know what age he use to be? How could she not? He noticed she had something in her hands. It was a red package of some sort. He made out the what it said on the front of it; Huggies. He lost it at that moment screaming in his mind not to put him in a diaper, but all that came out of his mouth was "diapee," as he giggled with a dumb smile on his face.

His mom pulled off his pull up leaving him bare to the world as she said to him "Looks like my baby has gotten littler again. Lets get you into a nice thick diapee. We won’t be potty training you for at least another year or so." He screamed in his mind for her to stop. He now knew that she knew. Why would she do this to him? She opened the package and took one of the neatly folded diapers out. She opened it up as she placed it under his butt. He just giggled kicking his legs as she pulled up the front and taped it tight to him. He couldn’t control anything he was doing. His body was ignoring him, leaving him to sit as a bystander to the horrors that he was going through. The diaper felt so thick, but oddly comfortable at the same time. His mom picked him up with a hand cupped under his butt patting his diapered bottom as she carried him to the kitchen for dinner. She fed him cut up hot dogs as he tried to regain control over his body.

When he was done eating his mom brought him back to her room as she placed him on her bed saying "Your crib will be here tomorrow. We didn’t even bother moving your bed into Matt’s room. I just brought it downstairs. Figured you could spend a night with mommy."

He just laid there on the bed as his mom got ready for bed. She brushed her teeth and then said goodnight to Matt as she came back into the room. She closed the door and began to strip down out of her clothes. This was the first time that Nick had seen her naked in forever. She wasn’t grossly out of shape or anything. She was actually quite slender and attractive. Nick couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His mom was just in her panties as she climbed in bed next to him. She was up next to him and he was screaming in his mind and trying to move away, but he couldn’t. He actually didn’t seem to mind as he snuggled up close to her with his head rested on her breast. She kissed him on the forehead and said "Goodnight baby," as she snuggled close to him with her arms around him. She fell asleep a lot faster than him, but eventually his mind drifted off after about an hour of him screaming in his head trying to take control. It was of no use though, he was imprisoned in his own body.



End Chapter 5

The graduating class of...

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 28, 2015


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