The graduating class of...

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Chapter 7
The dreadful pink

Chapter Description: Nick and Matt make take a stand against their mother.

*Whack* *Whack* *Whack*

Nick screamed as his mother turned his backside pink. He lay across her lap bare as could be.

"Don’t you ever use that language again. Do you understand me?" Nick’s mom demanded.

"" Nick responded sobbing uncontrollably.

"You and your brother swearing and cursing at me. After all I’ve done for you both."


Matt woke up on a cold metal table. He was in a dark room lit only by spotlight pointed directly at him. It seemed like he was in a surgery room of sorts. He had a hospital gown on. He realized he was strapped down to the table by his arms and legs. There was an IV in his arm that was attached to a bag with pink liquid inside.

"You already know to much." said a voice in the darkness. A man stepped out of the shadows wearing a suit. He was bald and neat looking.

"whasumeeean..." Matt tried to speak, but his tong wouldn’t move.

"Oh don’t try to speak." the Man replied with a smile across his face. "We know that a lot of siblings want to go against the gift of youth we have given their brothers and sisters. We can’t have that now. People to appose something a new science. Something that has been barely touched upon. You think we give a damn about your brothers grades. They were all merely test subjects for our project. Do you even understand what this science could mean. We could revert damaged cells or lengthen the lives of our most brilliant people. We gave your brother a bad patch of T-32. He wasn’t suppose to become aware. He will have to just have to live life as a boy in a toddlers body. You on the other hand are a whole new story. We are going to test something unique on you. We will leave your mind intact, that will make it all the more horror for you. You will heed to remember what we can do to you if you ever speak out against us. Trust me it can always get worse. We can revert your cells until you are nothing more then a cum stain on the floor. You should feel lucky we are being merciful and only making you younger. You will still be older than your brother, but you will no longer be his brother."

"maaamoommwonn..." Matt gurgled out before being cut off by the man.

"Your mom won’t let us do what? What we already have done to your brother. She is the one who let us do it. I mean we did make the parents a little more prone to the treatment. We have our ways of being influential you could say. Used our means to make them more susceptible to what we had to say."

The Man left the room and Matt’s eyelids began to close. They felt so heavy.


Matt woke up in the back seat of a car. He recognized it as his mom’s car and saw he face in the rare-view mirror. She beamed back at him as he perked up. He realized he was in a car seat. Then it all came back to him. What had they done to him. He was wearing a pink Dora the explorer shirts and pink fleece skin tight pants. He ripped the pants down to reveal my little pony panties. He stuck his little hand under his underwear between his legs and almost shrieked at what he felt. His favorite toy was gone. It its place was a second pair of lips.

"Don’t play with yourself Matilda. Naughty girl" his mom said noticing what he was doing. Without thought he began to cry hysterically as he let lose and felt the urine come out of his new hole. He soaked his my little pony underwear and couldn’t stop crying. "Oh it’s okay baby. A girl of 3 can’t be expected to hold it all the time. We will just have to get you back into pull ups when we get home."



End Chapter 7

The graduating class of...

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 28, 2015


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