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Chapter 3

Chapter Description: Stella hopefully comes to the rescue.

"So this button can change gender? hmmm maybe babysitting a little girl will be easier" And right after she said that she hit the button. At first James only realized his hair getting longer and his overalls turned into a pink dress with white polka dots, But he soon felt it...His penis receded back in leaving only a hairless slit. James could remember everything even though Rachel hit the reality button because he had the ring and Rachel could remember because she had the device.

After all that happened Jamie just sat down and cried but Rachel on the other hand was exploring this device that Jamie had brought. "So Jamie I want you tell me what this thing can do" "NO" Jamie whined "Do you want a spanking" Rachel was trying her best to show her power over Jamie. Jamie submitted and tried to explain it the best way she could with her 6 year old mind "It can make you get smawwer and biggew and it can make yo wee wee go away and lots of other cool stuff" Jamie cried after realizing how childish she sounded. "Hmm I better call your mom and tell her to come get you" She said with a smile on her face.

*DING DONG* Rachel went to go get the door and like planned Stella was there. "Oh hey she’s in the living room playing" Said Rachel hoping that the reality button affected Stella, Stella heard "she" and she just thought that James changed genders on purpose so she just shrugged it off. "Mommy!! errr Stewwa" Yelled Jamie "Okay Jamie lets get you home" Stella said while looking for the device. "Looking for this?" Rachel was standing behind her pointing the device at Stella "you don’t want to do this" Stella was preparing for the worst from Rachel. "Well how about you teach me how to use this better and I will think about letting you go". Stella had no choice but to show Rachel how to use it.

"Okay so you already know that it can change gender, But this device is capable of age changing, changing mental age, changing reality, trading lives etc." "So i can trade lives with someone?" Rachel said with an idea running through her head "Yes but that ones complicated" "How so?" "Try it out" Said Stella. Rachel pointed the device at herself and Stella, Stella’s transformation started..at first her height was decreased after that her boobs were decreased to an A cup then her clothes fit her body. Then Rachel got taller and her boobs grew to a DD cup and instead of her 13 year old skinny jeans and tank top she now wore a business jacket and skirt. But then on of the more drastic changes happened...Jamie’s usual Blonde hair and blue eyes changed into Brown hair and green eyes along with some features on her face to match Rachel more, Stella saw the change and realized that Jamie was now technically Rachel’s daughter and Stella was the babysitter.

"So i’m Jamie’s mommy now?" "Yes but she still remembers her original mom" "Why is that?" Stella was in a bad spot now... If Rachel found out about the ring they would be toast "I don’t know but Jamie probably does" Stella was putting her fate into a 6 year old girls hands. "So sweetie can you tell mommy why you remember old mommy?" Said Rachel "Wings" Said Jamie who was being pressured by his "mom" "Wings? what do you mean by wings" Asked Rachel not realizing Jamie meant rings "Not wings I said WINGS". Stella used this time to think of a way to escape and return everything to normal



End Chapter 3


by: Ezaz | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 26, 2014


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