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Chapter 2
Young love

Chapter Description: James POV

After all of that James walked out his house only to see Stella following him "What do you want?" James said sensing something strange "Well why can’t we both do something?" Said Stella "Because this thing is mine not yours" James was a little scared to let Stella use the machine. "Fine i can transform you into something" Said James slipping on one of the rings. "You promise?" Stella said blushing "Sure it won’t affect me because of the ring" James said wondering what Stella wanted. "Make me trade places with mom" "So you want to trade age or trade lives?" James said. "Make me trade lives with mom but not bodies" James hit the trade button and pointed it towards his mother inside the house then at Stella, Right away Stella grew a few inches taller and her B cups doubled and her teenage girl clothes fitted into something more fitting for a 34 year old woman. "So i’m your mom now?" Stella said realizing how mature her voice sounded "Yes.... you are my mom now" James said. "Well thanks you can go out now but be back before curfew" Stella said jokingly.

While James walked around the town he tried to find some fun. James mad his way to the park and saw a group of his classmates. He saw Phil and 2 of the more popular girls. James wasn’t a very popular guy in fact he had little to no friends, But now he could change that. He pointed to gun at Phil and went his way to the trade button. The trade button had very many options, James could have trade lives but James instead traded popularity.

James hit the button and in a split second the girls who were fondling over Phil were now all over James. Not only were the girls all over him but his body was changing as well. His chest gained a 6 pack and his clothes went from a red t-shirt with a cheesy joke on it to a school sports jersey. "So do you wanna go out?" Said James to one of the girls. "Well sure" Said one of the girls blushing. She had long brown hair and gigantic DD breast along with light green eyes. "My names Rachel" She said while pushing her boobs against him "My names Ja-" "Oh I know your name" She said interrupting. James and Rachel walked along the sidewalk full of bird poop and potheads, James pulled out his phone along the way and notified Stella of something.

You:Hey you there?


You:lol you show up as mom in my phone

Mom:K what were you saying?

You:Oh i just wanted to let you know im making my self younger so you might not have a way to contact me?

Mom:How young?

You:To young to have a phone maybe idk

Mom:Okay well you know my number right?


Mom:Okay well don’t get to young alright?

You:Sure Mom

You:Stella* whoops

James pulled out the device and aimed it at himself, First James realized his height decreased almost instantly but his features took awhile, slowly but surely he was a 13 year old again. "So squirt what do you want from the store?" James looked up to Rachel who was now older then him by 4 years, James quickly pointed the device at her as well. Her breast deflated from DD to a B cup and her hair went from long and brown to a shorter dirty blonde. "Thanks for asking me out" The now younger Rachel said holding James’s hand. "Well what do you wanna do?" Asked James "We could go back to my house" She said while pushing her breast up against James yet again.

Once they got there James had a brilliant idea but first he would have to notify Stella

You:Hey i’m 13 right now but i’m gonna make myself younger k?

Mom:Okay but are you in a safe place?

You:A girls house

Mom:What is she gonna do? Babysit you?

You:That was the idea

Mom:My god your weird

Mom:How young are you gonna be

You:Im gonna cut my age in half

Mom:Maybe you should think about this

You:It will be fine


Conversation Ended...

James knew what to do and he would be fine so he aimed it at himself and the effects took place. First his hair slowly receded back a little and so did his teeth. Next he shrunk down and his clothes changed to a pair of overalls and a red t-shirt, But then this was the most dangerous change....His phone changed into a toy phone and now he could not contact Stella. Before he could even think about that he heard "Jimmy where are you?!?". James turned around to see the 13 year old Rachel tower over him "Go wash your hands and get ready for lunch" James felt an authority over him and did what she said. When James was in the bathroom he looked in the mirror and was very surprised by what he saw, He resembled his sister now more then his mother who was now technically his sister "So i guess Stella really is my mom now".

After he learned that he decided he should be more careful considering he just rewrote his genetic coding. "Wachew whats fow wunch?" James said walking out, He had a huge grin on his face until he realized what Rachel had found "What type of toy is this?" She said to James "It’s mine don’t touch it pweez" James was starting to worry. "Whats mental do?" she then hit the button and pointed it to James, James realized his vocabulary was decreasing and he was losing his train of thought. "Jimmy! your wet" said Rachel James looked down to see a wet spot on his overalls "WAAAAAHHHHHH" Jimmy started to cry his eyes out. Rachel had connected the dots and realized that right when she hit the mental button it made James wet himself. "Hmmm so what does this button do?"



End Chapter 2


by: Ezaz | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 26, 2014


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