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James and his sister finish their transformation ray. P.S this is my first story so....yes make fun of me and tell me anything i should change p.s.s Love you

Chapter 1
It's done!!

Chapter Description: The siblings finally finish the machine

"Sis!!!" Shouted the older brother. Stella quickly ran in frantically "Wow your hair is a mess" James said to his younger sister who gave him a snore after his rude comment. "Well is it done or are you wasting my time" Snapped Stella. "Well if you’re gonna be rude then I won’t tell you" James said childishly. "You were rude first birdbrain" James started to accept defeat "Well yes i’m done with the project" said James with a tired tone in his voice.

"Well who gets it first" James could tell she was eyeballing it like a teenage boy looking at a hot lady. "Well younger first" James said pointing the device at himself turning himself into a 14 year old making him only a year younger then his now older sister. "Clever...." Said Stella sounding let down. "Well i’m off" as James left he looked at his sisters ass. "What am i thinking!" thought James, "Maybe this thing is affecting my thoughts"

"Well take this" he said handing her a ring "I think marrying a sibling is illegal" She said "No stupid this ring will protect you from all the reality changes so you can keep your memory" Stella nodded her head in understanding.

James went outside looking for some fun "Better turn myself back to normal" He thought. Making himself 17 so he could be back to his normal age. James started looking at all the touchscreen buttons on his machine.








P.S Yes i know this chapter is super short but I just wanted to introduce the characters and the machine.

I promise it will get longer



End Chapter 1


by: Ezaz | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 26, 2014


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