Freink family gets a curse upon

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Chapter 4
Life for Chris as a baby

Chapter Description: Chris wakes from passing out and his mother takes him to the docter to get checkd out

After Chris passed out he awoke in a pitch black room where the only light was right above him but was dim.

Chris confused of where he was yelled, “Hello is anyone here, where am I?”

Then he heard a voice that he knew but didn’t know where then he got his answer his Uncle formed and said, “You, Chris who’s one of my brothers and I ancestor have failed the test and know in the body of a baby.”

Chris being a smart ass says, “Yeah I know I got to thank you for that.”

George picking up on it said, “No problem any way just to remind you I will be with you know since you failed and I like them young I will also be affecting people around you know time to wake up.”

As soon as he finished talking without warning he disappeared and everything got blurry then it went dark.

When Chris awoke he didn’t know where he was. Then he sat up and realized he was in his bedroom but it was giant and empty except for the bed and dresser. Then he looked down and he realized he was wearing a shirt that was big on him. He raised the neck whole and realized he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Then his mother who was waiting outside the door came in.

She said, “I am glad your up you had me worried when you passed out.”

Chris still trying to figure what happened said, “Three questions. One how long was I out. Two what happened after I passed out and three what happened to my room.”

Chris was shocked at his voice it sounded like a baby was talking then his mother who it didn’t faze said, “Well good morning to you. First you have been out for a while in 12 pm. Two after you passed out you fell and I picked you up and brought you home. Three since you’re small and fragile like a baby I thought that it would be a good idea to put you in the nursery you know where you will be safe but since its not finished yet I thought the I would lay you in your old room which is going to be your brothers new room since it is bigger that his old room and your stuff in your room. I asked your brother if he wanted it and what ever he didn’t want I gave to good will.”

Chris asked, “So when will the nursery get done.”

His mother answered, “Well since I am taking you to the doctor to get everything checked out which takes a day or two I decided to do it then.”

Chris asked looking around, “Where’s Roger?”

His mom answered, “Well this morning after we got home the whole family came over and celebrated his birthday with breakfast then he opened his presents and I got him a new car. So now he is driving around town.”

Chris was shocked at his mothers answer and said, “Well did anyone think to wake me up so I can open my presents.”

His mom said as nice as she could, “Since you were turned into a cute baby they decided not to give you the original gifts so they gave them to your brother but you will still have a birthday party on Saturday. As I said before we have to go.”

Without another moment Chris’s mom lifted him off the bed and carried him to the car.

Chris said, “Can I change into something else.”

His mom answered. “No that’s fine now lets go.”

His mother then lifted him up and brought him to the garage. She opened the back door of her car and put Chris into a rear facing car seat and belted in Chris couldn’t move

Chris asked, “Why did you put me in this I am not a baby you know?”

His mother answered, “Honey you are going to have to get used to being treated like a baby. You might not be a baby but you have the body of a baby and the law stats that babies have to be in car seats. Now do you want a pacifier?”

Chris said, “No.”

His mother shut the door and got into the front seat and drove away from there house and to the hospital.

As soon as they got into the hospital they went to the front desk and said, “Hi my name is Mrs. Freink and my son Chris has a 1 o’clock appointment with Dr. Takes.”

The secretary grabbing a folder and looked inside said, “Okay please fill out these forms and the doctor will see you soon. Wait isn’t this the boy who was turned into a baby.”

His mother said, “Yes.”

The secretary said, “Oh wow it’s an honor to have him the doctor has been waiting for you but he is with another patient. So have a seat and fill the paperwork.”

Chris’s mom still carrying him went to the waiting area and sat down. She left Chris in the seat facing the wall. While filling out the paperwork she often glanced at her son to make sure he is alright. When she finished the paper work she got up and left Chris in the seat for five seconds and came back. Chris was getting impatient waiting for the doctor while being locked down in a car seat. He didn’t want to say anything because didn’t want to draw attention so he kept his mouth quite and waited to be called.

Ten minutes went by and then Chris heard, “Mrs. Freink the doctor will see you now.”

Chris’s mom heard it too and got up and grabbed the car seat. While she was carrying him Chris could see who was in the waiting room. There wasn’t many there. The nurse led them to a room and told them to wait. Chris’s mother put him on the table but didn’t release him and sat down.

Chris asked his mother, “Can I get out of this thing please I can’t move.”

His mother said while reading a magazine, “Just stay there until the doctor comes then we will decide.”

Chris said, “You do know I am not a baby right.”

His mother who was getting impatient went into her purse and pulled out a weird pacifier with a strap.

His mother saw Chris trying to get it off and said, “It will keep you quiet and the strap which is can be tightened and locked so you cant get it off without a hitting the button with some strength.”

Since he was immobilized he couldn’t get it off. Then his mother sat down and read the magazine.

About ten minutes the doctor came in and said, “Is this Chris Freink the famous kid who got turned into a baby. “

His mother said, “Yep that’s him.”

The doctor said, “What are we doing today?”

Mrs. Freink said, “Well since he was transformed I just wanted to make sure everything is fine and nothing got broken or anything what I am saying is I would like a full body scan.”

The doctor said, “Ok but just to let you know it will take a day or more to complete. Also I got to ask what’s with the pacifier.”

Mrs. Freink laughed and said, “He was complaining like a baby so I treated him like one and put a pacifier in his mouth. But he is more intelligent so I bought the one with a strap that can be tightened. Anyway I have two question can I stay and do you want him unstrapped from the car seat b”

The doctor said, “You can stay as long as you like and I can do some test with him strapped in.”

His mother said, “Ok”

She then sat down and watched. The doctor began by telling Chris to breathe while he checked his lungs. So Chris did then it got weird the doctor grabbed Chris’s crotch and was writing notes. Then he took a ruler and measured his penis and wrote it down.

Then he got lower and his facial expression turned he looked at Mrs. Freink and said, “Come here feel this.”

So Mrs. Freink put her hand under Chris’s penis and grabbed she said, “I don’t feel anything is that good or bad.”

The doctor said, “That’s bad because that’s where the testicles are and apparently Chris doesn’t have testicles. Did he have them when he was a baby?”

Mrs. Freink face turned to shock and she said to the doctor, “Can I talk to you outside the room.”

The doctor said, “Okay.”

They both left leaving Chris in the seat on the table confused. Outside the room Mrs. Freink talked to Dr. Takes where Chris can’t here.

Mrs. Freinks said, “Its funny you asked me if he had testicles when he was a baby because when he was born he had no genitalia what so ever also his urethra instead of going where his penis was instead it was attached to his rectum. So the doctor asked my late husband and me what sex do you want your baby to be and we discussed it and decided to get the surgery so he can be like his brother who was born with both sexual organs. The doctor than said your in luck because apparently a young kid died and we knew the parents. So we asked if we could transplant the kid’s penis and testicles to my son who was born without. The parents who we knew said okay so we agreed. The doctor told us that it might not work but it did. Then he said that it will not grow or get erect.”

Dr. Take listened and then said, “I can’t be for sure but I think your sons going back to when he was born without genitalia but I don’t know if the urethra will go back to the rectum.”

Chris’s mom then asked, “So will he still be male then. I mean since he won’t have a penis.”

Dr. Take said, “He is intersex so Chris doesn’t really have a sex. He could be male or he could be female. But let me say you should really pick one and go with it.”

His mother said, “Oh ok. You know the only reason I went with male was because his father wanted a boy and he had a twin brother. But since he reverted back I am going to treat her like a female. I always wanted a girl and now I have one.”

The doctor said, “That’s fine.”

His mother then asked, “Oh I am redoing the nursery at our house and was wondering if you had any cribs that either have a top or lock and any other items.”

The doctor said, “Usually we don’t sell equipment but since your family is famous sure. Let me get a nurse to show you what we have. Anything you want we can make a deal.”

Mrs. Freink said, “Ok do you mind if I do that then leave because it’s my other son’s birthday is today and I wanted to take him out. So I won’t be back.”

Dr. Take said, “Sure I will run some tests and tomorrow after noon we will probable be done.”

Dr. Take then saw a nurse walking down the hall and asked, “Hi can you show Mrs. Freink some of the items we have in the hospital she wants to buy things for her sons I mean daughters nursery. Show Mrs. Freink everything.”

The Nurse said, “Sure doctor I will show her everything.”

Dr. Take looking at Mrs. Freink asked her a question, “One more thing before you go would it be ok if I had someone video tape what we do since this is a unique and famous case.”

Mrs. Freink said, “Sure I would love that and when you’re done could you send me a copy.”

Dr. Take said, “Sure and thank you.”

With that Mrs. Freink and the nurse left to browse and shop. Then Dr. Take went to the nurse’s station and found two who were on call he looked at one and said, “Could you grab a high def video camera because I have a common case but the patient is famous.”

The nurse said, “Ok.”

Then Dr. Take looked at the other nurse and said, “Since she will be filming I am going to need some help.”

The other nurse said, “Ok.”

Dr. Take and the three nurses walked in to the room and saw Chris still strapped into the car seat. Chris was surprised that three people walked in and none were his mother. Then the nurses whispered something in his ear and the doctor nodded.

Dr. Take saw the look on Chris’s face and said, “Oh your mother left to celebrate your brothers birthday and will be back tomorrow now time to continue the body scan. Oh and the nurse with the camera is to film your visit here. Now getting back to the tests it is time to weigh you.”

Dr. Take then unstrapped Chris from the chair and put him on the table. As soon as he did Chris tried to get the pacifier off but it wouldn’t budge. Dr. Take saw his struggle and laughed then he took off Chris’s shirt leaving him naked on the scale to see his weight. He wrote it down in Chris chart.

Then Dr. Take said, “Nurse I am going to need your help. I want to do a blood test. Could you get me the cart with the needles and vials?”

The nurse left and Dr. Take looked at Chris and said, “If you struggle I will put you back in the car seat.”

The nurse came back with the cart. Dr Take took a rubber tube and wrapped it around his arm then Dr. Take hit his arm trying to find a vein. When he did he stuck the needle in. Chris didn’t want to move because he was scared that he would be put back in the car seat. Dr. Take took three vials of blood and put them on the cart. Then he removed the needle which Chris hated because he hates feeling the needle being slid out. Then Dr. Take removed the band and placed it on the cart as well. Then he looked at the nurse and nodded which was her signal to remove the cart and get the blood tested.

Dr. Take said, “See that wasn’t so bad ok now I am going to take you to the MRI for some cat scans. It will let us take a look at your internal organs and make sure nothing got punctured or broken during the transformation.”

Chris was glad that Dr. Take was talking to him like an adult and not just bringing him places without an explanation like they do to little kids. Then the nurse who took the cart out got back with a little gown. Chris was happy that he could wear something.

Dr. Take then said, “No we wont need that he can go naked it would just get in the way.”

Chris was shocked and upset that the doctor made him go naked while being video taped. Then Dr. Take picked Chris up and put him on the ground and walked out the door. Chris followed him and The nurse with the camera followed him. Chris was embarrassed he had to walk down the hall naked while everyone else was dressed. What made worse was Chris looked up saw some people laughing and then some of the people mostly nurses were ahhing that a little naked baby was following Dr.

A minute later they reached there destination. Dr. Take opened the door and walked in and held it open for Chris. When Chris walked in he saw the MRI machine and a little room where the doctor would be monitoring him. Dr, Take then picked Chris up and laid him on his back on the MRI table

He said, “Ok I am going into the room over there and the table will slide you in try as hard as you can to stay still.”

Chris understood. Before Dr. Take left he undid Chris’s pacifier since it had a metal lock.

Chris said, “Thanks Doc that was hurting my jaw.”

Then he lay back down as Dr. Take went into the control room. Chris started to feel the table move and he slid into the closed MRI. Chris saw the nurse holding the video camera straight at him. He covered his privates.

Then he heard Dr. Take say, “Chris can you put your hand back to down to your side.”

It started to light up he heard a voice that said, “Stay perfectly still.”

Chris closed his eyes and tried hard to stay perfectly still. It took 15 minutes to do the full MRI.

Then Chris was slid out Dr. Take walked over and said, “Ok we have to do that again but now on your belly.”

So Chris was turned over on his stomach Dr. Take then left and Chris slid in the machine again. It took 15 minutes again to do a cat scan from head to foot. When the MRI scan was done Chris was slid out and Dr, Take was waiting for him.

He said, “Ok I am sorry but I want to do another scan on your front just to be sure I didn’t miss anything.”

Chris was turned over again on his back. Then he was slid back in and again he closed his eyes due to the brightness.

All of a sudden he heard a nurse scream, “Stop the MRI Chris is peeing.”

Chris heard this and picked up his head and saw he was peeing like a geyser. He went for ten seconds before he stopped. Dr. Take ran over and hit a button which slid Chris out.

Dr. Take said, “Nurse call the janitor to clean this up. I think he broke the machine.”

Dr. Take then looked at Chris and asked, “Chris did you know you were going?”

Chris with a shocked face said, “No I didn’t realize until the nurse yelled that I realized I was going. What does that mean?”

Dr. Take said, “You might be loosing control of your urination and probably bowels. But we won’t know for sure until we run some test. Since you are damaged the MRI I guess its time for the next tests. We are going to first x-ray your colon then do a colonoscopy to get a better view. So to save time I will carry you there.

Chris was scared when the doctor mentioned colonoscopy Doctor Take picked Chris up and carried him out of the MRI room and down the hall. Then Doctor Take opened the door and Chris could see a chrome table in the middle kind of like they have in the vets. Dr. Take than lays Chris on his belly

Dr. Tate walks around to the front and looked at Chris and said, “First we are going to take an x-ray of your colon so we are going to insert a tube through your anus and pump some barium into your colon so we can see an outline of your colleen through the x-ray. When the tube is inserted in most patients they feel a pinch you might feel worse since your anus is smaller ok now I want you to stick you butt in the air.”

Dr. Take walks to the back and Chris puts his butt up before Chris could asked when is it going to start he felt a tube get inserted into his anus.

Dr. Take asked Chris, “Did that hurt in any way?”

Chris who strangely didn’t feel anything except it sliding in said, “No.”

Chris couldn’t see but the doctor was worried but proceeded with inserting the barium. Chris could feel his colon filling up.

When they stopped the liquid Dr. Take said, “Normally I would ask if you could hold it in but I don’t want a repeat of the MRI so I am going to have a nurse put a butt plug up your butt to hold the barium in until we can flush you out okay.

Chris was confused did he just say plug. Then he felt the plug go in and start expanding. The doctor pulled it and made sure it was in there.

Then the doctor looked at the nurse and told her, “Watch him make sure the plug doesn’t come out.”

The nurse agreed and Dr. Take walked into the other room and Chris started to feel the table move him. It was a short distance but two him it was two body lengths The machine wasn’t big but Chris whole body was in it and the nurse stood visual making sure nothing leaked and at the same time recording it. Chris closed his eyes.

When they were done Dr. Take walked back in and said, “Well that went well so now its time to drain the barium then we will start the colonoscopy.”

Dr. Take picked up Chris by the waist and held him upside down so the plug wouldn’t accidentally come out. He then carried Chris fully exposed and upside down to another room where they would drain the barium. Chris thought they would use a machine but he was dead wrong. When they got into another room it had a device that Chris thought looked like a sex swing. The doctor brought him over and put Chris on a seat that was just two straps that when you sit on go around your butt.

He then said, “I need two nurse one to strap his arms and one two strap his legs while I hold him.”

Then two nurses walked over and did what they were told. When they were done Dr. Take let go leaving Chris to hang there. Then Dr. Take walked over and picked up a bucket and put it right under Chris butt. He then pulled the butt plug out at an angle and the barium came out. The nurse video taping was getting it all on shot. About ten minutes later it was all out and in the bucket.

Dr. Take then said, “Okay time for colonoscopy. But first let’s release him.”

While Dr. Take held Chris the two nurses undid his arms and legs. When he was free Dr. Take cradled Chris and took him out and brought him to another room. Chris was expecting to be in a room like where he got the barium insert. But it wasn’t. When he saw the room he thought he was in the wrong place because all he saw was a weird looking crib. Dr. Take then seeing the door was already down he put Chris in it on his belly and raised the side. Chris realized it was small and could move side ways or even turn. But before Chris could see his surrounding he felt someone grab his butt and pull it back and then up. Then he saw a large what looked like a separator come down. Chris was stuck in a bent position with his butt in the air.

Dr. Take came into view and said, “Ok we use this special crib for babies who are getting a colonoscopy. But for some reason you’re the first we do this so you can’t move while we do it. Ok when the nurses get here with the cart I am going to start.”

The nurses came in and Dr. Take said, “Ok then its time to begin.”

Chris asked, “Aren’t you going to numb it first.”

Dr. Take didn’t answer and inserted the boroscope into Chris ass. Chris was expecting to feel pain but all he didn’t. Chris was confused. The colonoscopy took about an hour. When they were done Dr. Take took the boroscope out slowly. When it was fully out the nurse placed it in a bag and put it on the cart then rolled it out. Dr. Take then lifted the spreader bar and locked it into place. Chris was relieved he was getting a cramp. Chris then slid down. Before Dr. Take let him out he took out a needle and injected him with something.

Chris said, “What did you just inject me with.”

Dr. Take said, “I injected you with a paralyzing drug because I don’t want you crawling out of the incubator during the night.”

Then he slid the side of the crib down and took Chris who was starting to feel the drug take effect. Dr. Take then put his hands in his pocket and took out Chris’s pacifier and put it in his mouth and put the strap around his head and tightened it. Then carried Chris out and brought him to the area where newborn babies are laid to sleep. As soon as they walked in Chris knew he would hate it since the babies where crying. But Chris got another shock before he was set on the bed Dr. Take placed Chris on the changing table and grabbed a diaper. Then he diapered Chris and found an empty baby bed and placed him in.

Then he said, “Have a good night. I hope you can sleep with the screaming and crying. Thank god I don’t.”

Then he left leaving Chris to lay there with screaming babies. Chris couldn’t sleep at first but then dosed off. He awoke to a lady looking around and then left. Chris tried to move but the drug was still in him. Then Dr. Take and the Nurse who just left walked in.

The nurse said, “He is not here.”

Dr, Take pointed at Chris and said, “That’s him.”

The nurse said, “I would have thought that but that baby doesn’t have a penis so she isn’t the boy.”

Dr. Take knowing that only one baby has the pacifier said, “What do you mean no penis?”

He then checked by pulling the diaper back and he looked at the nurse and said, “Oh my his penis is gone although he does need a diaper change.”

Chris was confused what did they both mean by he doesn’t have a penis. Chris didn’t have time to ask Dr, Take before he picked him up and put him on the changing table and undid his diaper.

Dr. Take said, “Oh my looks you did a load.”

Chris’s diaper was almost filled with poop. Dr, Take cleaned the poo and through out the diaper. He then undid the strap and took off the pacifier.

Chris quickly asked, “What do you mean I don’t have a penis of course I do.”

Dr. Take said in confusion, “You mean you haven’t seen it.”

Dr. Take sat Chris up and showed him that there wasn’t any thing there. There wasn’t a penis not even a hole it as if he never had it. Chris was confused.

Dr. Take said, “The MRI is back up and I ordered a cat scan for this morning anyway so we might as well have a look. But I am going to put a diaper on you.”

Dr. Take lifted Chris off the table while they were doing that the two nurses from the previous day came in and one was holding the video camera. Dr. Take walked out of the nursery and went into the MRI room. Like yesterday he laid him down on his back and walked to the other room. Chris then began to slide in like he did. The whole scan took 15 minutes and Chris was slid out and again turned over. Then he was slid back in the MRI which took another 15 minutes. Chris was slid out again and Dr. Take then left the room and picked Chris up.

He said, “Well everything’s done and your mother is waiting in one of the rooms.”

So Dr. Take took Chris out of the MRI area and walked him to a hospital room where Chris saw his mother sitting in a chair and the car seat next to her.

His mother grabbed him from the doctor and strapped him into the car seat.

Dr. Take handed the pacifier over and said, “I guess this is his.”

His mother took and asked, “What did the results show?”

Dr. Take said, “Can I talk to you outside?”

His mother said, “Sure.”

They left the room leaving Chris immobilized wondering what’s going on.

Dr. Takes said, “It’s worse than we thought.”

You could see by her face that Mrs. Freink was freighted as she asked, “What do you mean worse than we thought?”

Dr. Take said, “I don’t know how to say this but not only does he look like a baby but now his innards are turning into the way the were at birth.”

Chris mother shocked said, “What do you mean his insides are turning into a baby.”

Dr. Take answered, “Well he is incontinent and like I feared he has no penis and the MRI showed that his urethra has gone back to being attached to his rectum. Also his brain has been reduced so he might not be as smart as he was and if he talks he might think he is talking normal when he’s babbling. Also just to warn you he might loose his teeth.”

Chris’s mother then said, “So he really will be a baby then.”

Dr. Take said, “In a way yes. Oh that reminds me I know you want him to be a girl so do you want me to cut the urethra and make a vagina for him”

Chris mother smiled and said, “I am sorry but I always loved babies and know I learn that my baby will be one fore ever I am so happy. Oh and yes I would love for him I mean her to have a vagina.”

Dr. Take said, “Well then congrats. I will schedule the surgery in a couple weeks. OK now getting back there is good news his blood test came back and apparently he has allot of antibodies he wont be sick for a while.”

Dr. Take then asked anther question unrelated to Chris he asked, “I am sorry but I have to ask are you okay.”

Chris mother said, “Yeah why do you ask.”

Dr. Take said, “I don’t know I thought it was me and I don’t mean for this to sound sexual but I think your breast got bigger.”

Chris mother said, “Can I tell you something in secret.”

Dr. Take said, “Sure.”

Chris’s mother said, “I don’t know if it was real or not but last night I had a dream that I could remember in the dream I was having sex with my husband who passed. We he was on top and he covered my eyes. Then when uncovered my eyes it wasn’t my husband Chris’s father anymore it was George I pushed him off. He then grabbed my breast and I couldn’t move he then said, “Since Chris is now a baby His mother must give him milk but don’t worry they wont leak also the milk wont go away and cause you pain until Chris drinks at least once a day.” Then I saw my breast get bigger. And when I awoke this morning I would have sworn that my breast got bigger. I knew something was wrong when my bras didn’t fit and when you just now asked me that it reassured me that I wasn’t crazy. So I don’t know if there is milk in them.”

Dr, Take said, “You know what lets try it when we go back in get Chris to latch and see if it reduces it.”

Chris mother said, “Ok!”

They walked back in. Chris was curious as to what they talked about. Then to Chris surprise his mother unstrapped the pacifier from his head then took him out of the car seat. She picked him up and cradled him while at the same time taking off her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra since she didn’t have one to fit.

Chris looking confused as to why his mother took her shirt off asked, “Mom what’s going on?”

Just then the nurse holding the video camera came in and his mother said, “Your uncle George filled my breast with milk and told me to breast feed you once a day. So come on latch on.”

Chris didn’t want to especially with the camera rolling. His mother than picked his head up and drew it to her breast. She pushed his head hard into it that Chris couldn’t breath when he couldn’t take he did and milk came out.

His mother said, “Good have some more. You know doc it does feel better now.”

Chris knew he had to finish if he wanted to leave. Dr. Take then looked at the video camera and grabbed the Memory card from it. He then pulled another one from his pocket.

He gave them to Mrs. Freink and said, “The one memory card as you saw was from the video camera and the other is from the colonoscopy if you wanted it.”

Mrs. Freink said, “Thank you I am going to upload them to the site. Anyway is that all.”

Dr. Take said, “That’s it you can take Baby Chris and leave.”

Chris’s mom then took the pacifier back out and placed in Chris mouth and then tightened the strap around his head before putting him in the car seat.

Before she left Dr. Take whispered in her ear, “Did you find everything you wanted for the nursery.”

Mrs. Freink nodded and left.

While strapping the car seat in she said to her son, “You might want to get some sleep we have a big day today.”



End Chapter 4

Freink family gets a curse upon

by: FatBaby | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 18, 2011


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