Freink family gets a curse upon

by: FatBaby | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 18, 2011

When George gets exectuted he puts a curse on his family just the males to take a test

Chapter 1
The Beginning

Chapter Description: Inspired by Nightmare on Elm Street and another story hear called Nanny by ewere

During the 1700s a wealthy family lived in a giant house that was on a hill near the center overlooking the town there ancestors founded. In fact the town was named after them they lived in Freink Town. The Freink were the wealthiest among there fellow townsman and some of the family members were friendly while some were not. There were six people who lived in the house. There was Roger who was the leader of there clan. His wife Jane who was a housewife and cared for there kids Chris the youngest and only boy Mary and Sue the twin girls. The last member was Rogers brother George. George wasn’t a nice person he was a alcoholic and usually drank until he passed out. But somehow managed to get home and never could figure out how. .

Well one night Roger who was the towns Chief of Police had to work late at night like he did most nights lately because there was someone out there who at nights broke into house while the men where away and women and children were sleeping. The person would go quietly to every bedroom and slit the throat of who’s ever in there and then when they were dead they would rape them but from what they could see if there was a baby in the room then the baby would be raped only. Then the person for unknown reason soiled there beds. Roger knew he had to get the person but had no idea of who and where. Meanwhile George was as usual at the bar getting wasted and blacked out. Then when he woke up this time he saw a gun pointed at him and screams. Confused he looked around he saw his sister in-law, Rogers wife laying on the ground naked and diseased with a slit throat and her belly and his nephew and nieces were in a corner naked and bloody.

George was shocked, “What did I do.”

While he asked the police came in and saw Roger holding the gun they asked, “What happened Chief?

Can you lower your gun”

Roger was still furious said, “I think I just caught the man who has been doing these crimes and its my own brother. Get him out know before I kill him myself.”

The police grabbed George and cuffed him and brought him to the patty wagon. Word got out that they caught the guy and everyone came out while the police using horse drawn carriage went through town. The towns people were furious if and thank god George was behind bars because if he wasn’t he would have been lynched. Instead the towns people through whatever they could find at George: Fruit, vegetables rocks and anything else.

When they got to the jail cells he was thrown in and left. Then Roger who was still mad walked in and grabbed a chair and put in front of Georges cell.

He then asked, “I have to know how and why.”

George with an evil grin gave the answer, “You are the stupidest person I have ever met. When I left the house I would troll around town and see which men were at the bars and other places. So this way I knew who was home when I broke in. I didn’t do it for the money I did it for the sexual thrill. Then when I was done I would go to a bar and drink until I passed out and I guess I did more this time then just come home.”

Roger looking shocked, “Two questions. One how long has this been going on and why did you do it.”

George smiled and said, “Well to answer your second question first it started with dear old dad and the abuse he gave us. How he used to make me wear nothing to bed when I had an accident or how he used to force mother to bend over the kitchen table and did it right there while we were eating. Oh to answer your first question it started with your kids yeah you didn’t even guess I raped them first why do you think they didn’t like me especially your son. Who was nice.”

That just blew it for Roger if the bars weren’t there he would have killed George himself. He got up and left. A couple days later George was taken to the court house and put on trial. The trial was fixed because Roger paid the judge. The court room was filled with towns people and the outside too. But the police force where keeping them back.

George testified, “I am sorry for what I have done. But I realized I was repressing memories of what my father did to me. I need help.”

Roger knew he was lying through his teeth. But he knew George wouldn’t get out of this. The judge who had been paid by Roger before the trial started found George guilty and sentenced him to public humiliation then to a mental ward. George was confused on what they meant. Then two police officers cuffed George and escorted him to the center of town where there was a square cell in the middle of town and they threw George in and shut the door. Roger then went to see his brother. He asked the guards to leave then he looked at his brother with a grin.

He said, “The trial was fixed I am going to have my revenge and you will die for the crimes you have done.”

George looking nervous, “What are you going to do?”

Roger left without answering giving the signal for the cops to come back. George was thinking what did he mean revenge. That night George was asleep he awoke to hear chanting of people. Then he looked to see what it was to his horror he saw what seemed like the whole towns people in a mob form. Roger was leading holding a shotgun. Roger then used the key to open the cage he then forced George out and put his head and hands into the pillory.

George asked, “What are you going to do.”

Roger laughed, “First we are going to sodomize you with a hot iron like you sodomized all those people. Then we are going to kill you and send you to hell like the demon you are.”

George eyes opened someone from the mob pulled down Georges pants and underwear. Roger got the iron rod from the fire pit. The rod was bright burning red. Two people spread Georges cheeks and Roger jammed it in his butt hole not caring if he burned the sides going in. His ass swelled up. George screamed in pain.

Roger gave an order, “Poor the alcohol on him.”

George was confused then he saw his brother holding a torch.

Roger said, “Any last words you son of a bitch.”

George looked at Roger and the rest of town and said, “Before I die I just wanted to place a curse on you my brother and your blood lines head. Every male in your family will have a test. Since I like them young and to me when they hit eighteen there are young anymore there adults so the morning of there 18th birthday I will come back if they have wet the bed that night proving they are still kids then they will become a baby again only in body forever.”

Roger hearing the words through the torch and watched his brother burn. George screamed in pain and everyone around town heard his burning cries and then it went silent. Everyone stood and watched until the flames went out and all was left was a burnt carcass. Roger unlocked the pillory and he didn’t even open it half way before the burnt fragile body broke apart. Then what looked like a black cloud arose from the ash and went into the clouds. Some say its normal other said it was George spirit but Roger doesn’t knows. Roger knew his brother was gone but still thought about the curse and wondered if it would come true. But he knew he wouldn’t find out for many years since his only son was only eight. But before he left he told the people thee that they shouldn’t tell the little ones about the curse so they don’t get scared at least until there older. So they all agreed to keep it quiet right before Rogers son turn eighteen. So when Roger got home he only told his kid that there uncle wasn’t going to bother them anymore.

9 Years Later.

The day before Chris’s 18th birthday Roger told his kids especially Chris to come in the house he had something to tell them.

When they got in the house he told them, “Sit down I have something to tell you guys,”

They sat down and the oldest sister asked, “What is it dad?”

Roger answered, “Well remember how I told you how the town and I killed your uncle for committing the crimes.”

They all answered, “Yeah.”

Roger said in response, “That not the whole story. Before we burned him he put a curse on our family well just the males. He said that when a male in our family now and our future members turns 18 that morning he will come back to give a test to see if there not a kid anymore. If you pee your bed he will turn you into a baby for your life. If you don’t then he will leave and wait for the next male to turn 18.”

Chris answered, “Wait so the girls have nothing to worry about. Oh god, wait why is the test if I pee the bed and why a baby?”

Roger answered, “My father your grandfather was a cruel man and he had a rule that if you peed the bed he would make you lay naked in the bed and George wet the bed allot. And the baby part he liked babies and eighteen is when you turn into an adult so if you pee your bed you get turned into a baby.”

Chris was freaked but at least he knew. The girls were frightened but not as much as Chris was since he was the one who was going to get tested by a spirit if his uncle was right

Roger asked, “We don’t know if he will come back but would you like your old man to stand watch?”

Chris still freaked out said, “Uh huh.”

Roger also asked, “Do you mind if I have some other people who want to see if its true to watch?”

Chris said, “Sure the more people there the safer I would feel.”

His sisters asked, “What about us we want to see if our uncle comes back.”

Chris said, “Sure

Roger nodded and left to go to the bar to talk to some people. That night Roger returned with again what seemed like the whole town. They waited for hours all of a sudden Chris got tired and went to bed. Roger was in the room with him sitting on a rocking chair and his sisters sat on the ground next to there father and the rest of the town where outside looking through the window.

Around 4 pm it was still dark out but the stars where out so you could still see. Roger was asleep in the chair and some of the people where sleeping outside until a loud bang like a lighting bolt went off waking all but Chris who in a coma like sleep. Roger woke to see a mist form and a figure in the mist started to form. The form was a bony figure with peaces of skin falling off.

Roger saw and said knowing the answer, “George oh my god is that you?”

The spirit in a faint whisper answered, “Yes you remember now its time for the test if any of you stop me I will eliminate your whole family.”

Roger didn’t take a chance and let the spirit do the test. The spirit put his hand through Chris’s crotch to reach the bed.

Then he said, “Your son is dry. Guess your safe for another generation but I will be back until the day someone fails.”

When Chris awoke he saw his father sitting there and saw the rest of the people he asked, “Did Uncle George come.”

Roger without talking nodded. Chris new he passed since he wasn’t a baby. After that everyone in town knew. The Freinks knew they were safe for another generation.

Chris and his family were famous through down but the talking died down. At least until Chris and his wife had a son….



End Chapter 1

Freink family gets a curse upon

by: FatBaby | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 18, 2011


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