Freink family gets a curse upon

by: FatBaby | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 18, 2011

Chapter 2
The next person gets test

Chapter Description: What happens after the first test and then the second test

After George came to administer the test (which Chris passed) He left and the townspeople who were still watching where still in shock about what they saw then the shock died out and within an hour the town was back at there own homes. Chris fell back asleep and so did his father and sisters who didn’t move and slept where they were. Around 8 o’clock am they finally got up and had breakfast.

His father said, “Boy happy 18th birthday today your finally a man and you took the test to prove it.”

His son said, “Thanks pa at least its over and we can get on with our lives.”

His father said, “You did pass the test so he’s done with you but don’t forget yours and the girls next generations and so on have to take the test if they are boys turning 18. So remember when you have a kid to tell him the story and keeping passing it down so our future family can get ready. Now no more talking of this for know.”

His children who were all sitting down said, “Ok.”

That day Chris had a good birthday and then everything went back to normal.

2 Years later

When Chris was in his 20’s he started to date a beautiful girl name Megan. He had known her for years. They dated for a year before Chris asked her to marry him.

Megan cried and said, “Yes I will marry you.”

Within a month of there engagement they were married. The wedding was beautiful everyone in town was there and so was his and her families. His father bought them a new house for there wedding present since his family was wealthy. After the wedding they went to there new house and had sex since it was there wedding day and they were virgins since they were religious.

When they were done Chris turned his head and looked at Megan and said, “Wow that’s what sex is? That was great. How was it for you?”

Megan looking in his eyes not able to say a word nodded. They then went to sleep they were exhausted.

About two months later Megan went up to her husband and said, “Honey we have to talk can we sit down?”

Chris looking confused pulled out a chair for his wife and said, “Sure hun what is it?”

When Chris sat down Megan who was already sitting said, “I think I am pregnant I am getting bigger and I feeling weird.”

Chris was happy and seeing that so was Megan. Within seven months Chris had his first child. Megan and Chris both agreed to name it after Chris father so they named the baby Roger the second. Later that day his father and sisters came to see the baby. They were so happy and then they thought about the curse.

Roger grew up like every other person in a normal family. He knew about the curse because since he was a kid all the kids been telling him what there parents or sibling told them about the family curse and uncle George. But like all kids they didn’t know about the gory side. Roger when he was young asked his father if it was true.

Chris said, “Son sit on my lap. That story is true I was the first to get tested and I passed. It was on my 18th birthday and when you turn 18 it will happen to you. That’s all I am going to say until its your time.”

Day before Roger II turns 18

Now it is the night before Roger 18th birthday and he went up to his father and asked, “Hey dad since tonight is the night that I will get tested can you tell me now what is going to happen.”

Chris looking at his son said, “Ok guess it is time to tell you what will happen. First you will get really tired and go to bed and during the early morning a mist will form and from that missed will emerge your great uncle George who looks like a skeleton with skin hanging. Since your grandpa burned him for his crimes. Then while you are still asleep he will put his ghostly hand through you to touch the bed and see if it is wet and if it is you will be regressed into a baby for life and not become an adult ever and if you pass nothing will happen to you. You will be allowed to grow up. This will happed to every male born in our bloodline. And you are the only one in your generation since your aunts had girls.”

Roger looked scared so he asked, “Hey dad can you stay in the room.”

Chris looked at his son with a grin and said, “My father did that for me and it would be an honor to do it for you. Like my father said to me would you like some people from town to see it. Some of them have asked me if they could come because they missed mine and wanted to see yours.”

Roger who like his father said, “The more there the more I would feel safe.”

So like what happened to Chris Roger felt tired and went to bed. Chris sat on the same Rocking chair his father did. And the towns people looked through the windows like before. Most people including Chris fell asleep. Around 4 o’clock a loud bang was heard waking everyone. And the mist came back. The skeleton of George formed and came out of the mist.

Before he went to administer the test to Roger II he stopped and looked at Chris and said, “New generation but you are like your father.”

Then George stuck his hand through the crotch to touch the bed and it was dry he then said, “He passed but one day one of your generations will fail.”

Then George walked back into the mist and the mist dissolved. Chris was relieved that one he left and two his son passed. Life went back to normal. Roger Lived his life and had children of his own and did the same his father did.

As life went on and the family grew bigger they stayed in the same town since there ancestor where the founders. During the 1800s and 1900s the Freink family grew and they had a tradition of not denying anyone from watching, Since the people who came brought revenue into the town making it one of the most wealthiest towns. When the first intro of cameras to the public started even though they were high cost people still bought them to be the first to catch a glimpse of George. But no one was able to catch a glimpse of George on there camera even if they video taped it. So every time it happened people who viewed had an unwritten challenge to find away to document George. Everyone in town and the US even the world new the story because no other family was like them. But everyone who wasn’t part of the family weren’t only waiting for proof of George but they where waiting for one of the males to fale but no one failed for know at least not until the latest generation



End Chapter 2

Freink family gets a curse upon

by: FatBaby | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 18, 2011


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