Freink family gets a curse upon

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Chapter 3
The first to Fail

Chapter Description: What happens when someone fails

Brief history

Its been over 200 years since Uncle George Freink before being executed but the curse on his brother and the males of his family now and the future generations. The curse was they would have to take a test the morning of there 18th birthday if they pee the bed they will be turned into babies if they don’t they will stay normal. Since the curse was put into affect no male in the family has wet there bed and failed and the people who come to watch the event are waiting for the one Freink to fale. Soon one will.


The latest generation of Freinks has produced only two males who are twin brothers. Chris and his brother Roger. Of course there named after there relatives. There household consists of them and there overbearing and controlling mother. There father who married into the family and took her last name to keep the Freink name passed away in a car crash when they were thirteen. There mother never got over that and now is more overbearing and controlling. Chris is a smart kid but he does wet the bed so he is worried about the curse. Where as Roger acts like a kid always. But they looked the same.

There mom often makes a joke to Chris which he doesn’t like “You better hope you don’t pee when your uncle comes or its back to diapers for you.”

Even Roger picks on Chris for wetting when Chris tells his brother , “Dam will you for once stop acting like a little kid.”

Roger always with the same come back, “At least I know I wont fail Uncles test because I only act like a baby you wet like a baby”

That usually shuts Chris up.

A week before they turned 18

Since the boys birthday was going to be on a Wednesday there school closed for the week to honor them and this way not only will there fellow classmates be able to go but also the teacher and the rest could watch. Chris and Roger classmates before leaving school for the week wished them good luck and told them they would be there.

But some of Chris and Rogers classmates teased them and said, “See you next weak or not if you fail and are turned into a wining baby.”

When the two boys got home from school they saw there mother coming out of the nursery but it had tarp over so they couldn’t see inside and then Roger asked, “What are you doing mom?”

There mother heard the question and looked up and saw the look on there face and said, “Don’t worry Roger this isn’t for you. I am redoing the nursery for your brother who is most likely to fale and be turned into a baby where he will sleep in this nursery where he would be safe. I am just getting it ready for him.”

Chris standing next to his brother as his mother said that ran to his room and thought about she said and what his life would be like if he failed. It would be hell for him but his mother would be happy to have a baby to control for life he thought about it for awhile then. Then Chris went online and checked his messages. There was one from a friend of his that read, “Check this site out it is new and you should tell your brother about it too.”

Chris who was curious opened the site and was shocked it was a site all about his family history and the curse He saw stories and photos from when his ancestors took the test. It also had his family tree and count down till Rogers and his test. He got up and told his brother to come follow him he showed him the website.

His brother came in and looked at the website said, “What the hell? Wow this is interesting.”

Then Chris still exploring the site clicked an interesting bar that said news article and saw one from today and was shocked when he read the article that had an interview and video with his mother she said, “I think Roger will pass but Chris ever since he was young went like a fire house and soaked the bed. So most likely he will soak the bed since he has a tiny bladder and doesn’t have good control and be turned into a baby/”

Chris was mortified just then his mother came and didn’t notice her sons face and said, “I meant to tell you guys the town called a while ago and since there will be allot of people coming into town to view see your test and the spirit and since they are bringing cameras to view this. The town has booked the local arena for you guys. So you will be sleeping in the arena surround by people with cameras. OK”

When there mother stopped talking Chris pointed to the computer screen that there mother didn’t notice and he asked, “Mom what the hell is this? How could you say that about me? I am your son some things are private.”

His mother looked at him and said, “First off they asked me and it slipped out and second they were going to find out anyway when the test is done. Man I cant wait to have my baby back to being a baby. Just get as much of being an adult you can before Wednesday when your turned back into a cute little baby.”

Tuesday night the day before he turns 18.

That night Chris and Roger where driven to the arena and brought into the center of the court where there where two twin beds set up. When they got there they sat on the beds and looked around to all the people who were just staring at them. People came down to say hi and then left it wasn’t exciting since everyone was there to catch the ghost. There mother left to take her seat since she couldn’t stay in the middle with them the town didn’t want that. Within an hour they were getting tired. At 10 they fell asleep and so did many people in there seats.

Around 4 AM like previous times before all of the sudden a loud bang was heard waking everyone up except for Chris and Roger who were in a coma like state. Then a mist came out of no where and formed into cloud in the middle between Chris and Roger and again George stepped out still boney as ever. He walked to the boys and then he turned and looked around at the people with there cameras of all kind: Night vision, heat sensor, x-ray and more just to get concrete evidence of George.

George then spoke in a low whisper like tone that everyone could here, “Today is the test of these two and all you are present to watch if they pass or fail. If they stay adults or are turned into babies. But most of you I can see don’t care you mostly want to get proof of me but you wont. So lets begin the test.”

George walked up to Roger who was still asleep and George put his hand through Roger pelvis to touch the bed George said, “He is dry so he passed now the other one.”

Everyone was in suspense since the whole town knew that Chris wets his bed. George walked to Chris and like he did with Roger he put his hand through his pelvis and grinned.

George with a smile said, “Finally for the first time after two hundred years of waiting someone finally fails know to awake them and give this one his punishment for wetting the bed.”

George waved his hand over the boys and the boys awoke like they were in a trance.

Roger asked, “What happened is it over?”

Then he turned his head to see George standing over Chris, George then said, “Roger named after my brother you passed but your brother Chris named after my nephew the first to take the test you fail and for that will be turned into a baby.”

Chris who was still groggy awoke and yelled, “No wait.”

But George didn’t care. All of a sudden Chris started to levitate to the center of the arena where everyone could see him Then George moved his hand stripping Chris of his cloth leaving him naked. The room roared with laughter Chris turned red then the laughter stopped. Chris put his hands over his privates as George moved his hand again and the process which no one knew what it felt like started. Chris started to feel pain his body was changing he could feel every muscle every bone shrink his hair fell out and he got smaller. He screamed from the pain. When it was over George lowered Chris.

Then George said, “Now you will stay in the body of a baby but your mind will be the same. Since there no greater torture then to change someone and let them remember there old life.”

Then George disappeared leaving Roger still grown but his brother a baby. Chris looked around and realized everything was gigantic know. Then he realized he was naked grabbed the blanket to cover him self. Then he felt light headed and last thing he could remember was flashes and people leaving there seats and coming toward him before he passed out.



End Chapter 3

Freink family gets a curse upon

by: FatBaby | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 18, 2011


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