A Family Christmas

by: Andie | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 2, 2009

Chapter 2
Road trip

Chapter Description: The beginning of the road trip

Early the next morning, Stephanie & Hunter knocked on Andrea’s door.

“Wake up sleepy!!”

Andrea was already packed and opened the door with a forced smile. Hunter hugged her and then picked up her luggage to take to the SUV. Stephanie could see the pain in her friends eyes.

“I know this is a hard time for you but I hope that by the time we get to the house you won’t be as focused on your pain. Maybe you’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself. Let us take care of you.”

This struck Andrea as odd, let us take care of you; it wasn’t like they were blood relatives. They were good family friends but that was it. She shrugged it off though because there wasn’t anything really to it, was there?

The three piled into the SUV and started their journey. Not too far down the road, Stephanie turned to see Andrea fast asleep in the back seat.

“She really has had a hard time Hunter.”

“Yes but that is all about to change. We will make her life full of joy again, isn’t that what this season is about?” Hunter laughed.

“Its not that I don’t agree with what we’re doing, I do, its just that what if this doesn’t work?

“It will.”

Andrea started to stir in the backseat and as she awoke Stephanie suggested they stop for breakfast. Sitting around the table, the three discussed things to come and they thought of things that would keep them from being bored during their trip. Andrea got up and excused herself to the bathroom. As soon as she left, Hunter & Stephanie ordered hot chocolate & before she got back, they put a little something extra in Andrea’s cup. Once she returned to the table the conversation continued. As they all sipped their chocolate drink they threw out ideas to each other. Andrea suggested word games, Hunter threw out trivia but then suddenly Stephanie exclaimed,

“Why don’t we all wear Christmas Santa hats! It will put us in a holiday mood and we can do other things along the way to keep up the theme!”

So it was settled, as the 3 jumped back into the vehicle, Hunter unpacked & distributed the Santa hats. He wore the typical red Santa hat while Stephanie had a Santa hat complete with her nickname, ’Steph’, in bright glittering letters on it. Andrea on the other hand had a somewhat less than appealing Santa hat, it was a Baby’s First Christmas Santa hat. It was pink with a little bear on it. Andrea snickered at the thought and was not that interested in Steph’s idea anymore.

“I’m sorry Andrea,” Stephanie laughed. Its the only one we had left. Its a gift for my new niece. She will be 4 months old tomorrow. Actually her name is Andie! Just like your nickname Andrea.

Again it struck her odd but she didn’t pay much attention and instead she chose to play along with the Christmas theme. Its all in fun right. So she put on the hat and suddenly laughed. It was a small hat of course but she was able to put it on and it felt good. It gave her a funny feeling like a warm blanket wrapped around her. Hunter turned his head toward Steph & looked at Andrea out of the corner of his eye.

“Its working.”



End Chapter 2

A Family Christmas

by: Andie | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 2, 2009


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