A Family Christmas

by: Andie | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 2, 2009

Chapter 4
the real reason

Chapter Description: the real reason behind the regression

“So far everything is working out great & I think that by the time we get there we will have what we planned for Hunter.”

“Yes as long as she doesn’t go too far in between treatments. We almost lost everything when she took that charmed hat off, luckily the ’red sugar’ you put in the hot chocolate lasted long enough to keep her susceptible to the hypnotic Christmas music. Right now she should be hitting about 3 years or so. When she wakes up we better stop again and give her another dose of the ’red sugar’. Along with changing the booster into the car seat.”

“I have something better. The Dr gave me a candy cane that is loaded with it. Since the red sugar makes the body transformations then this candy cane should almost finish the job. All we will need to do afterwards is put her into her brand new Christmas outfit.”

Just as they finished their conversation and Hunter was about to catch a few z’s, Andrea woke up.

At first it seemed that the little girl was okay but then she started to cry. Not just a little cry but a cry of a scared little kid.


The SUV skipped over 4 lanes of traffic to the closest exit it could find & pulled into a restaurant parking lot. Hunter jumped out and opened the back door to pick up the screaming little girl who appeared no more than 2 1/2 or 3 years old. During her sleep she had changed drastically. She was now maybe about 42 inches tall & possibly 35 pounds if that. Her little cheeks that were so red from crying were also very chubby from the baby fat that had come to settle in them. She was crying so loud you could see her teeth but they were all baby teeth, her adult ones had receded back into her gums. Ten little fingers attached to short little arms reached up to Hunter when he unbuckled her & hugged around his neck.

Then he almost dropped her because she was soaking wet.

It was painfully obvious why the little girl was crying now, she needed to be changed due to a BIG accident. Steph grabbed what appeared to be a fully packed & ready diaper bag. The two carried little Andrea into the restaurant’s bathroom & changed her on the kiddie changer. Pulling out a diaper, Steph turned to the still sniffling girl & went to change her but she wasn’t quick enough.

“I don’t wanna wear one of those! I’m a big girl!”

Steph tried to calm her down by telling her she could wear her big girl pull ups but the little girl started screaming again.

“Noooo!!! I dont want them! Wheres my mommy!? I want my mommy!”

The one thing they had forgot was that Hunter was family friend long before Steph came into the picture & Andrea at this age didn’t have a clue as to who she was. She was terrified! Steph brought Hunter in & he finished putting her new clothes on but she wasn’t calming down. Andrea was confused because the ’sugar’ medicine was starting to wear off. She had so many big adult thoughts & little kid running through her little mind that she was starting to have a headache. But it was so much that she couldn’t make sense of it and it scared her even more. Steph came back in & suddenly Andrea remembered her! She remembered what she was doing with them & where they were going! But how did she end up like this? She was so small & they were so big. The pieces were coming together so fast & then just as suddenly everything went black. Steph put the needle back in her pocket.

Hunter picked up the now seemingly asleep young girl & the threesome walked out to the restaurant’s order counter & got some drinks. As Hunter put the sleeping child into the new car seat & fiddled with the buckles trying to get them to lock in; Steph put the eggnog she had gotten into a bottle & added a little bit of red sugar. She hoped that Andrea would take the bottle & start drinking it even though she was asleep & sure enough thats exactly what she did.

“After this bottle & when she wakes up, you will be able to give her the candy cane which should finish the regression.” Hunter told Steph.

“We only have a few more hours til we arrive at the house, I hope its enough time.”

“It should be.”

With that the couple drove into the night and talked about what would happen when they arrived at the family Christmas. They spoke of how they hadn’t seen the family in so long that it was really exciting to be able to spend this time with them. They also spoke of what they had done & how Andrea had been a part of their Christmas plans since the accident that had taken her parents away happened. Her father had been killed instantly in the accident but her mom was brought into the hospital to try & be saved. Unfortunately there was too much internal bleeding & she knew she was going to pass. Before she did though, they remembered how in the hospital, Andrea’s mom had asked them to care for her after she was gone. She told them of the items that they could use to do the regression because Andrea’s mom didn’t want her to remember her this way, to be left alone in the world like this. The best Christmas gift she could have given her daughter was to let her live a life unconsumed by the memory of what happened to her. She gave her a fresh start in life with no memory of that horrible day. Andrea’s mother, being a doctor, knew she had the means to do this, to give this gift.



End Chapter 4

A Family Christmas

by: Andie | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 2, 2009


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