A Family Christmas

by: Andie | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 2, 2009

Chapter 6
A new family

Chapter Description: The new addition to the family

The final stop for gas marked the last time little Andrea went through a regression. As the messy toddler finished the last bit of her candy cane, the ’red sugars’ took effect for the final time. Slowly, time wound backwards & where once sat a toddler now was a 4 month old little baby girl. Looking to be only 27 inches or so & maybe about 18 pounds sat a little baby girl. She was the picture of cuteness with rosy cheeks plump with baby fat & long eyelashes that fanned out from across her eyes. Big eyes looked around with curiosity at the world around her taking in all there was to see. Out of her mouth, that held not even on baby tooth, showed a tiny thumb that was being sucked upon eagerly while the other hand grasped at her once again over sized clothes. What hair was left upon her tiny head looked no more than tiny sprouts of it mixed with peach fuzz. This small infant was now the picture of innocence as she cooed around the thumb in her mouth. After filling the tank with gas, the couple looked in on little Andrea & saw what had happened. Steph brought out the child carrier & Hunter set it up in the backseat facing backwards as was the law for children under one year. He picked up the infant and they took her to the bathroom where they changed her for the last time. As the little infant lay on the changer, Steph pulled a small diaper out of the bag & proceeded to pull the oversized clothes off the little girl. She pulled own her tights & took off the old diaper, handed it to Hunter, then went about putting baby powder in between Andrea’s chubby little legs. The infant kicked her legs & giggled & cooed at Hunter who was making silly faces to keep her happy. The sweet baby girl was now adorned in cuteness as well as a Santa Clause baby dress with a fuzzy collar, fuzzy arm cuffs, Mary Jane shoes & to top it off a cute little Santa hat to keep her small head warm. Steph placed her in the child carrier & locked it into place. She covered her with a baby blanket that had a picture of Pooh bear on it. Then out of the diaper bag Steph took a pink pacifier & offered it to her. Andrea popped her thumb out of her mouth & accepted the pink pacifier. They sat there for a few minutes just watching the baby as she drifted off to sleep. The little girl’s gaze fixed on her new parents as her eyelids became heavy. Finally she was sleeping soundly & with that Steph pulled the lid over the carrier so to keep the light out while Andrea slept. Then they got back in the car & within an hour they arrived at the family home.

As they pulled into the driveway, everyone came out to greet them. The whole family was eager to see them because it had been so so long. Everyone hugged & gave each other greetings all the while sleeping soundly in the back seat of the SUV was the newest family member. Steph picked up the baby girl & turned her so everyone could see her.

“This is my daughter, Andie. Shes four months old today.”



End Chapter 6

A Family Christmas

by: Andie | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 2, 2009


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