Diaper Rick

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Chapter 3
Warm And Snug

Chapter Description: Beth wants to join the adventure.

Upon reaching the garage area, Summer opened the kitchen door entrance to it and stepped inside to see a tall, round metallic circle with a colorful rat’s nest of wiring in the middle of the garage floor among Rick's usual clutter.

Summer looked at the contraption with a quick, dubious glance. “Is this the portal you mentioned, Grandpa?”

Rick, who had remained quiet, spoke up, “Ur-r-rph! Yep, that’s it! Just step on the small guh-glowing pad in front of it and we’ll be off!”

Not so fast, Grandpa Rick!” interjected Summer. “We’ll need some supplies first.”

She quickly grabbed an empty duffle bag and took it back into the house. There, she put a foldable changing mat, several adult diapers, wipes, powder, and creams in it. She then stopped off at the kitchen to snag a few bottles of water and made a few sandwiches that fit in nicely with all the rest.

She forwent other things, like matches, tinder, and cooking utensils, as she felt it wouldn’t be necessary for a brief stay to wherever they headed off to.

Now we’re ready!” she announced. She’d purposefully avoided packing clothing as she wanted Rick to be at his very wettest later when he used whatever method he’d used to turn himself into a diaper, back into human form.

That’ll teach him!” she thought to herself and smiled mirthlessly as she stepped back into the garage, duffle in tow.

Rick had put up patiently with Summer and now couldn’t wait for her to step on the glowing pad in front of his portal device. He looked forward to spending another afternoon selfishly contemplating what he wanted to do next.

Unfortunately for Rick, Beth stood in front of the portal and brought the oddly dressed duo to a halt.

M-Mom? When did you get home?” asked a surprised Summer, so astonished that she momentarily forgot that she was wearing Rick around her waist. She stopped to assess the situation.

Just a few minutes ago, what is this contraption, and where’s Rick?” She crossed her arms and stared directly at Summer. The pair wouldn’t be going anywhere soon without a good explanation.

It’s a portal to an adventure place that Rick picked out,” replied Summer. “Where Rick is, you’d be better off asking him directly.”

Rick cursed to himself and piped up, “Duh-Down here, u-r-r-rph, Beth! I’m diaper Rick today!”

Beth looked stunned for a moment, quickly adjusted, and asked the all-important question that came to her mind.

Summer, why are you wearing a diaper?” That the diaper was Rick hadn’t phased her in the slightest.

Summer explained why she wore Rick around her waist while Beth listened carefully. After verifying that Summer wasn’t acting out a teen fantasy and hadn’t succumbed to a teen fetish, she uncrossed her arms, inspected her daughter wearing her Father as a diaper around her waist, and asked, “Can I come too? I haven’t had a fantasy adventure in a long time!”

Before Rick could object, Summer said, “Sure! I’d love it and I’m certain Rick wouldn’t mind having one more for the party! Just step on the pad and we’ll get going!” she looked forward to having a little mother-daughter time just as much as she wanted grandfather-granddaughter time.

Buh-Beth! No-o-o!” screamed Rick. Beth stepped on the glowing pad where a bright blue flash of light enveloped her body. It started at her foot and moved to her head for a scant millisecond. Had the light persisted any longer, it would have been blinding.

She stepped off the pad and strained to keep her balance. Summer went to grab her and help steady her, but Beth just waved her off.

She stood there holding her head, waiting for the dizziness to pass as another odd feeling overcame her body. A feeling of vertigo, what one feels when they look down from a very high distance and get disoriented, washed over her.

The sensation of falling from a great distance overwhelmed her with giddy feelings. The surrounding garage grew around her as she quickly shrank to a teenager the same age as Summer. Feeling euphoric, she smiled happily, not noticing as her breasts dwindled from their normal full-size back into little buds. Her pants, now too big for her, fell from her waist and slid down her legs.

As her body continued its downward movement past puberty and into prepubescence, her shirt, which fit tightly before, fit her now like a tent. The process finally halted after Beth became a young child five years in age. Smiling happily, not thinking of anything other than wanting some candy, she looked around at her unfamiliar surroundings and Summer caught her wandering eyes. She waved.

Hi! My name’s Beth. What’s yours? Why are you wearing that diaper? Aren’t you potty-trained yet?” Beth had gone from a mature adult to an inquisitive child in less than a few heartbeats. The rapidity of the change surprised Summer, leaving her momentarily confused. 

Before She could tell little Beth her name, Rick interrupted her.

Du-Damnit! Now I need to think of something, u-r-r-rph, else!”

Hey! Your diaper talked! Where’d you get a talking diaper? Where can I get one?” asked Beth, unfazed by Rick’s appearance and that he spoke. “Not that I need to wear one. I’m potty-trained, after all!” she blurted out confidently, and then put her hands behind her back while fidgeting shyly.

"I mean, it'd be kinda cool to have one. A talking diaper, you know?"

This is gonna take some explaining, Rick!” yelled Summer at her crotch.

Rick just assumed a moody silence. The brooding look on his plastic face said volumes.

(End Chapter 3)



End Chapter 3

Diaper Rick

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Dec 5, 2022


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