Diaper Rick

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Chapter 2
Comfy And Thick

Chapter Description: Summer wears Diaper Rick. (That it sounds like a Freudian dreamscape is the furthest thing from the author’s mind.)

After powdering Rick, Summer expertly fastened him around her waist, using her several years of baby-sitting expertise. After sitting up, a softness gently rubbed against her bottom, evoking long-forgotten memories of a very active toddler running around the yard and nursery.

The memories came on so strongly that she found herself lost in thought as she remembered herself on the swings swinging back and forth and enthusiastically pumping her legs to feel diaper fabric gently grinding against her.

It took everything that Summer had to stop her privates from rubbing against the insides of what she currently wore. Cursing her memories for being so vivid, she wanted to lash out at Rick in anger for being the catalyst for her recollection.

With a tightly controlled and tempered voice, she asked, “Well, Grandpa, I’m wearing you now. What else do we need to do to get this adventure started?”

Rick, who didn’t think that Summer would take it as far as she did, found himself at a loss. As a diaper, he didn’t have the same feel for things that humans normally would. He could feel Summer’s privates, but only as a vague pressure at the back of his head.

He reasoned technically that his diaper version of buttocks and her human ones were touching. He couldn’t feel it, but it seemed odd all the same.

No help for it,” he thought. It was time to implement Plan B.

O-okay, Summer, we need to go back to the ga-garage, buph! There’s a special p-portal I set up there.”

No tricks Grandpa Rick! I hope you have a diaper bag and some spares because I think we’re going to need them for the trip.”

Summer had to suppress the urge in the back of her mind to drink a lot of water for later and give Rick what he deserved for trying to weasel out of their promised time together.

(That and the constant softness she felt were stimulating her to have a few lurid thoughts.)

She gave Diaper Rick an experimental rub in a sensitive area and instantly regretted it as a large hit of dopamine, the pleasure hormone, exploded in the hypothalamus area of her brain.

Better not do that again!” She muttered to herself.

She made haste to the garage while concentrating on the adventure to come, hoping it would distract her from further exploring her own personal pleasure principle.

Rick said nothing. He merely observed Summer’s actions. The girl had strong physical reactions to the physical stimulus of her genitals. That could prove handy later on, but for now, the apparatus he’d set up before he'd summoned her should suffice.

If he had hands, he would have rubbed them in anticipation of what would happen when Summer approached his portal invention to begin their adventure.

(End Chapter two)



End Chapter 2

Diaper Rick

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Dec 5, 2022


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