Diaper Rick

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Join us now for a side trip to dimension 137 where we find Summer preparing for another perfectly normal day. (Well, at least by Rick and Morty standards, it's perfectly normal).

Chapter 1
Soft And Crinkly

Chapter Description: Summer finally gets her chance to adventure with grandpa Rick.


A voice, low and raspy, called out from the garage area. Summer stopped primping herself in her vanity and listened a bit more carefully. Had someone called for her?

Hey, Summer! C’mere!”

It was the voice of Rick Sanchez, Summer Smith’s grandfather. She wondered what he would want with her and remembered he'd offered her an adventure “soon, now. I promise”. That he’d said it months ago and it being long overdue wasn’t lost on her.

Where are you, Grandpa Rick?”

In the garage! Would you come here for a moment?”

Despite being several rooms away, the thin walls of the house permitted Rick’s voice to penetrate clearly. One could say that he sounded like he called out from the next room.

Coming Grandpa!” answered Summer dutifully as she hastened to the garage. What she found there among the clutter of junk, unfinished projects, and debris in a well-tooled area with harsh fluorescent lighting astounded her!

Where are you? I don’t see you, Grandpa,” she called out. A rustling sound of smooth plastic emanated from the cluttered workbench in her direction and answered her.

Over here on the workbench,” said a pristine, white, and well-folded disposable diaper. Adult-sized and made from quality materials, its thickness gave the promise of an ability to absorb massive quantities of moisture. Rick’s eyes, nose, and mouth features clearly showed themselves on the surface of it.

Well, what do you think, urrp! Summer? I transformed myself into a diaper! I’m Diaper Rick!”

Summer, shocked at first, realized that this wouldn’t be the first time Grandpa had transformed into something else and moved over to where he lay. As the shock wore off and the realization of what he’d become sank in, Summer’s next emotion started with peevishness.

Okay, Grandpa! What the fudge?” she asked and then noticed that her swear had been transformed into an exclamation of something with less impact. Ever the astute and brilliant person she was, she tested it.

Fudge! Poop! Pee! Mother-humper!” she said in rapid succession. The scientist in her awoke, and she called out the seven deadly swearwords that would destroy humanity to further “test the waters”.

Shoot! Pee! Fudge! Lady part! Mother-humper! Egg-sucker! Boobies!” she yelled.

I have a cuss word filter turned on. You can’t swear right now, burrrph!” said Rick with a wide grin that made a crinkle sound as he did it.

Why the fluff would you do that? How are you a diaper? What’s going on Grandpa?”

Brrrbph! You remember how you asked for a little you and me time in the form of an Urrrp! adventure together?”

Summer shook her head in the affirmative, too dumbstruck to speak. Grandpa was going to take her on an adventure? She felt a nervous tingle permeate her entire body. Then she thought of Morty.

Is Morty coming along?” she asked with trepidation. She wanted an adventure with Grandpa Rick to be just him and her alone.

Buuph! No, I sidetracked him to a dimension where his p-privates would do the talking, know what I, urrrp! mean?”

Summer smiled at this and felt thrilled that Rick would finally give her and only her the attention she craved.

Cool!” she exclaimed, belying her excitement. “But why are you a diaper?”

That’s all part of the, urrp! adventure!” exclaimed Rick enthusiastically. “I need you to put me on and we can go have fun in the Fa-burrrrph!, Fairyland dimension! Let’s get started!”

Summer, taken aback by Rick’s suggestion that she wore him (as a diaper, no less!), disgusted her to no end. She took a deep breath, prepared to yell and scream at him, then walk out in a huff. Then, as she lifted a finger superiorly to scold him, a new thought cut her hasty actions off.

Taking a few deep breaths, she regained her composure and thought it through for a few moments. She then turned to Rick with a sly look on her face. She’d figured him out and would now call him out at his own game!

So, I just put you on and we go on an adventure, but why a diaper? Are there no toilets in Fairyland?”

Rick could feel the conversation tipping in Summer’s favor. He didn’t give up, though. He continued on hoping he’d get his way in the end.

Urrrp! Yeah, no toilets! The sanitary conditions are atrocious there! Burrph!”

Summer smiled. She didn’t evoke a smile of happiness. Instead, she smiled evil deviousness as she reached out and grabbed Rick off the bench. He tried to recoil at her touch, but he didn’t have any actual muscles to move about with.

Fine, then! I’ll need to put a little powder on you before I wear you, Grandpa!” said Summer as she took him to her room.

Rick said nothing. She’d called his bluff, and he now had to implement a Plan B contingency.

(End of Chapter One)



End Chapter 1

Diaper Rick

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Dec 5, 2022


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