teela and evil lynn babyfied

by: cakipopo | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 7, 2021


teela on patrol

teela tells man-at-arms that she is going on patrol to a different sector while on the other end evil lynn discovers that teela is going to be on her own and planning to take her by surprise on a certain area where no one never has ever been to

May 6, 2010


teela feeling strange sensation

after teela rested she is staring to feel very strange of what the island is doing to her and then meeting a strange creature who is kind and friendly to her and helping her to her aid

May 6, 2010


teela's new mommy ( idun )

as teela was taken to the cottage she was introduced to idun whose responsible for her transformation, and without being said she will soon realize that she can't resist was going to become of her

May 6, 2010


teela's new baby sister (lynnie)

after what happened to teela, evil lynn was still looking for teela when she noticed a strange cottage and started to think that she might have gone there for help but she will soon realize that she will taste the same fate that teela already has embraced.

May 6, 2010

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