teela and evil lynn babyfied

by: cakipopo | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 7, 2021

Chapter 3
teela's new mommy ( idun )

Chapter Description: as teela was taken to the cottage she was introduced to idun whose responsible for her transformation, and without being said she will soon realize that she can't resist was going to become of her

As storka was bringing teela to the cottage, teela felt a bigger bulge coming out of her diaper and she realized she was doing even more of a mess in her diaper. Teela couldn’t resist the sensation and she began to suck on her pacifier once again while being airborne. As storka was bringing her down to the cottage a strange woman approached her with joy and said " my storka what a cute widdle baby you have brought me"

Teela feeling so helpless tried to crawl her way to her and smirked the pacifier out her mouth and said " whose u and wats rung wit me " Idun bend towards her and said " Why I am Idun the goddess of youth and my dear you are in the island of infanto, an island of whomever enter the island will mentally and physically get younger and in your case become a widdle baby, and I see your taking the effects quite remarkable" .

As soon as teela listened to her info she tried to crawl her way out but realized that her diaper was so heavy that she couldn’t move,but then was soon lifeted by Idun and then laid across her lap by her chest. As teela was squirming her way out of her arms she noticed idun taking off her blouse and revealing her enormous breast. Teela was soon being forced to breastfeed on her but couldn’t resist, and idun gave her a sweet little look as teela was sucking on her milk and said " my teela you are a cute widdle baby but don’t worry mommy ’s going to take good care of you and you will soon realize that this is a fight you can’t win" . As soon as Idun took her head out of her mouth teela mumbled " goo goo gaa gaa momma" Idun gave her a smirk and then teela soon realized that this was a fight that she could not win.



End Chapter 3

teela and evil lynn babyfied

by: cakipopo | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 7, 2021


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