teela and evil lynn babyfied

by: cakipopo | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 7, 2021

this based on the classic masters of the universe series.its about teela and evil lynn discover a valley called the island of infanto(meaning infantism) which is to believe that any that lays foot on the island will mentally and physically regress into a baby and never could escape the pleasures of being young again. this is being done by a mysterious woman known as idun the goddess of youth. this is my first time wish me luck

Chapter 1
teela on patrol

Chapter Description: teela tells man-at-arms that she is going on patrol to a different sector while on the other end evil lynn discovers that teela is going to be on her own and planning to take her by surprise on a certain area where no one never has ever been to

It was morning on the palace of eternia, teela woke up early as usual to begin her patrol. She heard a shout from far away it was her father man-at-arm’s calling her " teela where are u going at this time" teela said "oh father im just going out on patrol checking out a new sector " her fater said with concern" ok teela just call me on the comlink if you need whatever assistance you can’t handle" teela said to her father with warmth feeling " ok father" after that she kissed her father and took the rocket sled and took off.

while at snake mountain skeletor noticed that teela is on patrol going to a new area that no ones been to. " evil lynn i summon you" skeletor shouts as he calls her" evily lynn enters his chambers and says " why do you summon me my lord " skeletor says " I have a task for you knowing that you can handle it, teela is on patrol in a certain area that you have never been to I want you to flank her and then bring her here to me and that way we could use her as bait to capture he-man " evil lynn told him with a smirk of joy " with pleasure my lord " after that evil lynn took off in her own rocket sled and pursured her.

Teela finally made it on her area where she suppose to investigate as she reads the scanners so far she detects no life readings. But then she notices an island that she never seen before she reads alot of life readings of one human life form and many other creatures. As she was about to investigate the island she noticed from behind that someone was shooting at her " evil lynn " teela shouted then after without being said evily lynn shot her rocket sled down and it was navigating towards the island that teela was going to investigate.

As when the rocket sled was about to crash teela jump off the sled and took a dive in the water and being flushed away so rapidly that she might be drowning. Evil lynn smiled as she saw teela crashed in the island and informed skeletor that she will be bringing her to snake mountain. teela finally got up from the river coughing out water out of her system realizing that she might of swallowe some that water and swam to shore in a forest. with her two gaunlets that had her communications and her weapons damaged during the river she threw them out of her wrist and then laid down for a bit to rest but she will soon realize why this island has never been investigated before.



End Chapter 1

teela and evil lynn babyfied

by: cakipopo | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 7, 2021


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