teela and evil lynn babyfied

by: cakipopo | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 7, 2021

Chapter 2
teela feeling strange sensation

Chapter Description: after teela rested she is staring to feel very strange of what the island is doing to her and then meeting a strange creature who is kind and friendly to her and helping her to her aid

after a few hours of rest she was looking around at her surroundings just in like training and always being alert. " blast that evil lynn I kept my guard down but I’ll make sure that will never happen again. after that thought she realized that she has no way of communicating with her father or anyone for that matter, but she said without thought " maybe if i find the life form i detected earlier maybe he or she can help me find a way to communicate with someone " without being said she started walking towards the forest.

after a few hours walking towards the forest she was acting strange to her self " funny i feel that if my legs are so weak i can barely walk or if I dont remember how to walk. After that was said she fell to the ground and started to crawl her way foward. " man is it me or do i feel that my tummy hurts as if feels like i need to go potty. " with out any thought she couldn’t believe that she spoke like that as if she was acting like a child but that didn’t bother her at all she also remembered that before going on patrol that she ate a good meal to start out a good day for patrol in this sector.

As she was crawling she felt something wrong with her legs as if they were getting wider all of the sudden, then she noticed that her outfit started to change into something more comfty. her high heel boots were becoming baby booties, then her clothing was becoming more like a onsie but underneath it all she noticed that her bum was so big and it felt so good she was wearing a diaper. She freaked out and said " whats happening to me why am i getting this strange outfit but come to think of it i like it. But she noticed something else on her crouch area she felt something warm feeling going all over the area. " oh no i went pee pee in my didi" she was shoked that she spoke like that but it wasn’t over yet, she still felt the sensation in her stomach getting worse. " my tummy hurts me can’t hold it" after without being said she felt behind her bum a big bulge coming out and it felt so warm as she was pushing it out. She pushed so hard that it went not just all over her bum but went all over her crouch. as she finished she looked at her self with shame that she couldn’t control her stomach , she then felt that her diaper that she was wearing was so heavy that she couldn’t barely stand so she started crawling her way through the forest.

As she was crawling her way through the forest she felt herself crying like a baby but couldn’t help noticing a strange creature gliding down to her rescue. It was a half woman and half stork like creature looking at her and seeing how adorable she looks. " aww look at the widdle baby all alone and no one to take care of you" after that speech teela crawled to her and said " me am trying to find a mommy to look after me " but wait a minute teela said in her head those were not the words she wasn’t looking for, well she tried to tell the stork again " me go potty in my didi " again she thought that those were not the words she was looking for. As teela was going to say something the creature shoved a piece in her mouth and told her " hush baby I will take u to idun where she will look after you but for right now i want you to be a good widdle baby and suck on your pacy while i take u to her. Without being said teela couldn’t resist saying much and began sucking on the pacifier that was given to her and watched her lift her up and put her in a blanket and flew in the air and took her in a nice cottage area where she soon realizes that this isn’t a fight she can’t resist.



End Chapter 2

teela and evil lynn babyfied

by: cakipopo | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 7, 2021


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