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The Gap Kid, by Tabula Rasa and EgARednu Sphinx

by: OldStories Last updated Aug 26, 2018

"I'm not too thrilled about wearing them at all. I mean, race car briefs? That's got to be a mistake."

Don't let the bed bugs bite, by Libra

by: OldStories Last updated Aug 26, 2018

A man hope the woman responsible for his ungoing regression can help make it stop.

Committed To a Change, by Orms Einbani

by: OldStories Last updated Apr 8, 2018

The plan of an ABDL teen girl to be babied up get out of hands. By the author of The Infinite Shape.

So wet, by Long_Rifle

by: OldStories Last updated Jan 18, 2018

Long_Rifle : "This story is based on the series *So weird*. Very loosely based, as I didn't watch it that much. I don't own the characters, this is just an old story I wrote back when the show was still running as reruns. Contains Female mental regression, and female age regression. And an unfair ending as well."

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