So wet, by Long_Rifle

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Long_Rifle : "This story is based on the series *So weird*. Very loosely based, as I didn't watch it that much. I don't own the characters, this is just an old story I wrote back when the show was still running as reruns. Contains Female mental regression, and female age regression. And an unfair ending as well."

Chapter 1
So wet

Chapter Description: By Long_Rifle

By Long_Rifle

Fi hated going from town to town. The only thing that she liked was the chance to see more of the paranormal as she covered the country. She was sulking in the bus going through the internet as they entered the next stop on her mothers tour route.

They stopped at a motel and everyone went to their rooms to relax for the next few days. Fi got on her bike and started to explore. She normally did this with her brother but this time she did it by herself. She rode all through town and was about to go back when she spotted one last building. The outside looked like a normal house, but the yard was surrounded by a seven foot tall privacy fence.

That wasn’t weird, but it was the only yard in this whole town that had one. She rode around, then peered over the top of the fence. She could see the tops of swing sets. Around the side of the building she found garbage cans that reeked of dirty diapers.

"Must be some kind of baby daycare center." She thought.

Back around the front she tried to find a sign, but there wasn’t one. She was about to leave when the front door opened and a stern looking woman appeared.

She smiled warmly when she saw Fi, "Awww, you must be new in town? When you get some time come back around and I’ll give you a free tour." She waved and closed the door, Fi could smell baby powder as the door latched in place.

"Why would I want to see a bunch of babies?" she wondered.

But as she said that to herself the curtains in the window parted and what looked like a school aged girl palmed the glass. Her hair was perfectly styled and she had earrings. The only weird thing was she was wearing a short t-shirt and a big diaper. Fi noticed drool rolling down her face just as the girl was pulled away from the glass.

Fi was kind of curious but really didn’t care that much. She was riding back though town when she saw a notice nailed to a pole. It was about a missing girl, aged 13. She had been missing for a couple of weeks. The picture looked familiar. Then it hit her, it was a picture of the girl that she had seen in the window. But there was something odd, the notice said she was an honor student. At the window the girl looked retarded.

A shadow fell over her, "Kinda sad." Fi turned to see a middle aged woman behind her. "She was such a nice girl, then one day she just disappeared. We’ll keep looking though. " She was about to turn and leave when Fi asked her about the building with the tall fence. "Oh, that’s Sara’s assistance center, she takes care of special needs kids when their parents are away. She also runs an adoption agency. A very nice woman."

"An adoption agency? For such a small town? Where does she get the babies?"

"Oh we don’t know, probably from another center in a bigger city. We don’t really ask questions. She has always been here helping the locals. And you’ve got to be licensed to run them anyways "

Fi’s mind was now working overtime. "So people just drop off kids to be watched? Then pick em up later? A lot of paperwork involved with that I guess?"

"Not really, she runs it pretty loose. In such a small town people tend to be very easy going." she looked at her watch, "Well I have to go. Please enjoy the town. And don’t forget the concert later!"

Night was coming fast but Fi wanted to check out Sara’s one more time. She was sure she had seen that girl on the poster there. There were no lights on outside, so Fi could get very close, she left her bike behind a bush and walked around the walls of the house. She walked all the way around the back and found herself at the garbage again. She opened the bag on top and found it full of diaper genie bags, she could guess what was in those. She dropped that bag to the ground and opened the next one. It was full of school books and clothes. Not the clothes that a special person would wear, but the clothes of a teenage girl that was popular in school.

At the bottom of the bag were empty packs of wipes and diapers. Fi didn’t know pampers made such large sizes. She even found an unused diaper, it looked like it had a small tear in it. As she was holding the diaper Fi decided what she would do.

She figured that the locals would not believe her. And she thought something weird was going on here. So she needed to get inside and see exactly what was happening. She took the diaper and pedaled back to her motel to find her older brother. She told him of her find, and what she wanted to do about it.

He told her she was crazy, but he thought it would be funny to see her in a diaper so he would do it. It took her a few minutes but she finally found the perfect outfit to wear, it was a short t-shirt and a pair of pink sweat pants. She slipped the diaper under herself, and closed the tapes. Fi couldn’t believe how loud the diapers were. Even after pulling the pants on you could hear the diaper underneath. And her butt looked huge. Fi took out her earrings and put her hair into pig tails.

Fi got to her brother and as they slowly drove to the house, he made several comments about her diapers along the way. By the time they got here Fi was very red faced, and almost felt like crying. Finally the fence came into sight and Fi felt her heart start to race, she was sure she would not be recognized from earlier. As the car stopped Fi watched as her brother got out of the car and walked around to her door to let her out. He actually picked her up under the arms and set her down on the side walk. Fi looked around her as she walked up to the door. Her brother rang the bell and they waited. After a few minutes the woman answered and smiled seeing the pair.

Fi listened as her brother explained that their family needed to work all night to set up the stage and asked if there was an opening in the center for her to watch little Fi as they took care of everything.

The woman smiled and said of course. She reached down and rubbed the side of Fi’s face as she looked her over.

Noticing the diaper bulge she asked if she was a special needs girl. Her brother explained that she was kind of immature for her age and needed a little protection. As he said this he winked at the woman, acting like he was trying to hide it from Fi. The lady seemed to get it and told him not to worry as she ushered Fi into the house. The first thing she noticed was the sweet smell of baby powder again as she was led down a hallway. Inside she could clearly hear her diaper crinkle as she walked.

"Now sweetie, it’s very late and time for all little girls to go to sleep." Fi was glad to hear that, she could wait a few hours and walk around checking the place out while the lady slept. She was taken to what looked like a large crib and set down inside it. "Now lets get these clothes off and get you in something nice to sleep in." Fi fought a little as her shirt was stripped off and then her pants. Leaving her in nothing but a diaper. "Good I see you’re still dry. So lets see, it’s kind of hot so I guess just a shirt will do."

Fi was placed in a shirt and found herself alone in the room. She took time to check everything out, the woman had taken her clothes into another room. Fi was wide awake, but she had to wait until she was sure Sara would be sleeping. But unfortunately there was no clock in the room. She just laid there in her crib and waited. Soon she felt the need to pee. She tried to hold it but it just got worse. She sat up and slowly let a little out. "I feel so weird, I hope Jack never hears about this." just after she wet herself, she heard someone walking outside her door. Then it opened.

"Hello honey, time for your diaper check." Fi’s face turned bright red, she tried to move away from her hands but she was too slow. "Just settle down, the faster I get this diaper changed the faster we can both get back to bed." As Sara said this she yawned.

Fi stopped struggling and laid back down, she was about to say something when Sara pushed a sippy cup between her lips.

"Drink up sweetheart."

Fi slurped away at her cup as she felt her diaper being removed. Her face got even redder as she listened as Sara talked to her. "Aww, looks like you just make a little wet for me. Still we don’t want any diaper rash do we.?" Fi jumped as a cold wipe was dragged over her diaper area. "Aww, sorry Fifi. Nanny forgot to warm it up for you."

Then Fi smelt the powder and felt another diaper being taped on her. "Ok, go back to bed. I’ll see you in the morning."

Fi still had her eyes closed, she listened as Sara walked out the doorway and closed the baby gate. She waited a few more minutes before she opened her eyes. She decided she had to get up and out of her crib, she was starting to feel tired and did not want to fall asleep. It took her a few minutes to see exactly how to get out of her crib. She found catches that were on either side of the rails. A normal baby would not be able to grab both at the same time but she could. As she clicked them the rail slid quietly down, and she dropped onto the floor. Now she could spend some time searching the room. First she went to the closet. But it was empty except for a table holding a few packs of diapers, and some boxes of wipes. Then she checked the diaper pail. She was looking for evidence of other girls, but all she found was her own slightly wet diaper.

It had been awhile since she had been changed, Fi was sure Sara would be asleep by now. She crept up on the gate, and slowly opened it. She walked to the front door and made sure she would be able to open it if she needed to. It had what looked like a regular lock, so she got back to checking the place out for more clues as to where the girl that she had seen earlier had gone. She walked back down the hall, and started checking doors. The first was a utility closet. And the other was the room she had been in.

Fi kept checking rooms, but they all looked like her own, set up to take care of large babies. She was running out of doors when she finally found what she was looking for. The room was empty, but the diaper pail had several used diapers in it. She pulled them all out, and saw that they had sizes on them. The ones on the top, where basically toddler diapers, but as she got closer to the bottom the diapers got bigger, till she found diapers that a teenager could fit into. She didn’t want to, but she opened the diaper to see how badly it had been used. Fi could tell that the diaper had been wet by a girl. So she figured she had found what she was looking for, evidence that a large girl had been in the house recently. She walked back out into the hall and looked into the last two places she hadn’t been, one was a stairway going up. And the other down.

Fi decided she would check upstairs first. She could hear noises coming from there,so Fi carefully went up the steps, walking on her hands and knees to be quieter. The stairs had carpet on them so that made it easier. As Fi got closer to the top she could smell the sweet smell of baby powder and dirty diapers. The smell only a well used baby nursery could make. At the top she stuck her head around the corner. She could see several normal sized cribs. And what looked like a baby monitor. She would have to be quiet.

Silently she walked up to the cribs. They were all empty except one.

In that one crib was a small baby that looked to be 6 months old. There was an ankle band on the baby. Fi gently read it. Amber, that was the baby’s name. And she was about 6 months old. Fi quickly checked the room, trying to be quiet because of the monitor. Finding only regular baby things she checked the diaper pail. Fi squatted next to the can and looked through it. Just wet and messy diapers. The smell almost made her gag. But she found something odd. Just like the other room the diapers went from smaller on the top, to toddler sized on the bottom. She put it all back and stood up. She was surprised when her diaper slid off and hit the floor. Fi grabbed it and pulled the plastic garment back up, but found it was too loose to stay in place.

"Must have stretched." She thought. She almost opened the tapes but remembered the baby monitor. With one last look at the baby she went down stairs and was about to try the last door when the infant started to cry. A light turned on behind the door and Fi quickly ran to her room and jumped into the crib.

As Sara went upstairs Fi was pulling her railing back into place. When the railing locked close she started to look at the loose diaper against her waist again. She wondered why it was so loose. Even the leg bands where loose. She heard a diaper being taken off in the distance. Fi knew she should be asleep and that Sara would probably check her as well. She needed a reason to be up. She put her hands on the railing and sat up. Then, relaxing, she felt her diaper grow warm as she emptied her bladder completely. This time it felt weirder, the diaper started to sag, and just as she finished the diaper leaked. Pee ran down her leg and onto the mattress. Fi wondered why that had happened, the diaper shouldn’t leak so soon. She looked down at her diaper and touched it.

As she did Sara popped into the room, "I see I was just in time, looks like someone needs a new diaper?"

Fi couldn’t look her in the eyes, as she was lifted up and lowered onto the changing table in the corner. The diaper hung off her. Sara just lifted her legs and pulled it off. "I see your diaper got a little loose, lets get you a nice new one."

Fi watched as Sara retrieved another diaper. But it looked different, "See sweetie this one has numbers on it! Now you can count yourself to sleep!"

Fi weakly smiled as the new diaper was taped on. Then she was set down onto the floor as Sara removed the old wet sheet in the crib and replaced it. While she sat on the floor, Fi looked at her new diaper, it looked much more babyish.

Sara finally had everything ready, "Ok, everything is clean, lets get you back to bed." Then she lifted Fi up, and back into the crib. "Night nights little one."

Fi was back in the crib and, still wondering what was going on, she had an idea. But first she needed to see what was in the basement. Again she got out of her crib, but this time she felt something on her ankle. She looked down and was surprised to find she now had a baby ID band on her. It said "Fiona", but the weird part was the age. Instead of 12 years, it said 12 months.

"Must be some kind of type-o." Fi thought, then let the side of the crib down and continued on towards the last door. It opened easily with no sound, and she crept on down the steps. What greeted her was some kind of lab. There was a desk, a few file cabinets in the back area, and a table with several chemicals on it to her left. To her right was another room with a door that was closed, she could hear quiet snoring coming from it. She walked up to the table with the chemicals and smelled one of the beakers. Almost immediately she started to feel her diaper get warm. Fi was so surprised she almost dropped the beaker. She set it back down and looked at her diaper closer. "Oh my gosh, it’s soaked!" she whispered. "It’s as if smelling the liquid caused me to pee." She was trying to find notes or something when she felt another even worse problem.

Fi needed to poop. And bad. She could never remember having the need come up so fast. She took a step towards the stairs when a cramp hit her, causing her to fart. She took another step and felt another one squeeze out, but this one felt different. It left her bum feeling slick. She was about to try the steps again when she heard the snoring stop. She quickly hid under a desk and watched as Sara walked up and out of the lab. Fi waited till the coast was clear and went for the stairs. She could barely hold on, every step she took she could feel poop slide out and into the diaper. In small amounts at first, but she was losing the battle. As soon as she got to the top of the stairs she made for her room. But just inside the door, she felt her body relax. Fi grabbed the door frame and bent her knees slightly. As she started to deposit a massive load in her pants Fi got a faraway look in her eyes.

She never heard Sara as she walked up behind her. Sara smiled as she watched her newest little baby fill her diaper. To her this was the best part. When they had their first bad accident. Normally she regressed them mentally first. That way she didn’t have to worry about escape. But she wanted to teach this one a lesson. She was curious, she wanted to see what she did here. Well she would find out. "Awwww, looks like Fifi made a messy in her dydee! Time for me to make it all better."

Fi couldn’t move, she was still pooping. She turned her head to say something but before she could Sara stuck a pacifier in her mouth. It tasted sweet and Fi started sucking on it. Sara lifted Fi under her arms and carried her farther into the room. Fi could feel her diaper sag and sway as she was set back down on the floor. She wanted to cry but held it in. Finally after what felt like ages she thought she was finally done pooping. She looked up at Sara and blushed while pointing towards her diaper.

"Yes, I know sweetie. Time for your diaper change. I think we’ll pull it off with you standing, it should make less of a mess." At that she grabbed the top of the diaper and pulled softly. It slid easily down Fi’s legs, as if it too had stretched. The smell was horrible. "Aww, lets get you wiped clean honey." Fi felt the cold of the wipe as it moved across her bum. "There, most of it’s gone, time to get you up on the table so I can finish."

Fi was lifted onto the table and laid on her back. She brought her legs up and without thinking about it put her thumb in her mouth as Sara finished cleaning her.

"Well Fifi, I think you need a little more protection during the night. We better use a thicker diaper so you don’t make a mess."

Fi could feel the diaper being set on her, then her legs where lifted up. Sara carefully pulled it under her, and over her crotch. As it was pulled close she felt like a pillow was between her legs. She couldn’t even get her knees to close right. She was about to say something when she felt her thumb pulled from her mouth and a plastic nipple placed between her lips.

"Now drink up honey, you need your formula to grow up again." Fi felt her doing something to the band on her ankle. "Just a little change here and we’ll be done for the night." When Sara finished Fi was lifted into the crib, and as she stared at the ceiling she felt the crib being rocked. The warmth of the milk and the motion of the crib put her quickly to sleep. Sara covered her with the blanket and left the room. She wanted to laugh, but she needed her babies to sleep tonight.

Fi slowly woke as sunlight fell across her face. The sun shined brightly as she tried to remember where she was. She felt something hard wedged up against her and she reached over to remove it. It was a baby bottle, instantly she was awake. She had fallen asleep! She threw her blanket off and sat up. All she was wearing was a diaper, and it was soaked. She pulled at it and was surprised at how much room there was at the waist. She stood up in the crib and the diaper slid off. It was way too big to have stretched. Something was going on. Fi tried to remember what had happened last night. She blushed as she remembered pooping in front of Sara. Then she remembered something along the lines of drink this, to grow up again.

Then she had fallen asleep. She sat down again and remembered her ankle band being messed with. Now naked she could easily pull her foot up to her face close enough to read it. It looked the same but she read it again. Then she spotted it, instead of 12 months it now read 6 months. Fi tried to figure out what was going on. She thought she might be shrinking but that wasn’t possible. She must be getting hypnotized or something. Whatever was happening, she was leaving as soon as she could get to the floor. She reached out for the latches just as Sara walked into the room.

"Good morning sleepy head, I see you got your diaper off last night!" Sara reached in and pulled it out, "Oh, and I see it was good we put you into thicker di-dees this is soaked." Fi was about to ask when she was leaving when another bottle was pushed between her lips. "Now drink that honey, as I put you into a fresh new Pamper." Fi could barely hold onto the bottle as she was picked up and put on the changing table. "I see you have a little diaper rash here, let me put some cream on that."

"Diaper rash?" Fi thought. Boy her brother would never let it go if he heard she had diaper rash. That reminded her of what she wanted to ask, with a pop she pulled the bottle out of her mouth. Fi tried to sound as childish as possible, "Will my broder be heres soon?" Fi thought he should have come back last night, but he probably thought she could take care of herself. It felt like noon and if it was he should be back anytime.

"Oh, I guess you can’t tell time yet, poor baby. That clock there says 6 am, so it’s very early in the morning. "

Fi wondered when the clock had been installed, until she felt powder finally being sprinkled on her, then the tapes of the diaper being closed. Sara played with her legs a bit and Fi remembered the wrong age on her ankle tag. She Smiled up at Sara, " I readed my tag, and it say 6 months. But I’m not. Could you fix?"

Fi expected Sara to grimace or frown, but she just clapped her hands and smiled. "Good girl you read your tag. So you don’t want to be 6 months old?"

Fi just smiled back, "No, not. Can you peas fix?"

"Sure. For you, anything sweetie." She opened a drawer and started to type on something inside it. The sound of printing and the smell of melted plastic filled the room. Sara reached out and clipped the old band off Fi’s leg. "First let me sanitize this one ok?" Fi watched as she pulled a cup off a high shelf and dipped the band into it. She slowly pulled it out and carefully blew on it. "Ok it should be ready." Fi expected it to still be wet, but it was pleasantly warm and dry. The band wrapped around her leg and she heard it snap shut. It surprised Fi, it was so loud it caused her to pee a little. The plastic of the changing mat seemed to pull on her as she felt the diaper get warm.

Fi looked up at Sara and saw her looking intently at her diaper. Fi had finally finished the bottle and let it drop to the floor. She felt like her stomach was going to explode.

"Oh baby, I forgot, you must be full." Sara reached down and picked her up, and then set Fi across her shoulder. She felt her back being slapped and then she belched.

Fi was surprised by the amount of milk that she puked up. But Sara didn’t seem to mind, she wiped her mouth off and carried Fi into the other room upstairs where the baby was. There was a play mat on the floor and several baby toys. She was left alone in there as Sara went to get clean clothes. Fi stood and walked over to the cribs, they seemed a lot different to her now. She looked through the bars into all of then but could not find the other girl. Then she heard soft cooing coming from behind her, she turned to see a bassinet in the far corner. And it was occupied.

Fi slowly toddled towards it. "The diaper must be throwing off my balance." she thought. She almost fell several times. But she made it. When she looked inside she could see there was a tiny baby in it. Almost a newborn, it smiled toothlessly up at her as it drooled. Fi smiled and carefully pulled the blanket back, there was her band. She carefully turned it and read the information. The baby was another girl, and this one was also named Amber, but she couldn’t be the same. The girl was only a week old. The band said so, and she looked it. As Fi pulled the blanket back into place, a partly full baby bottle came into view.

Fi was instantly starving. She couldn’t wait to get some warm milk into her mouth. She felt something wet hit her chest. She looked down to see drool running down her belly. She had drooled. No, she was still drooling. She couldn’t stop! "The Ankle band!" Fi almost screamed. She dropped to her butt and looked down at her ankle. The band almost seemed to be glowing. Fi was scared, she had to see what was on it, but she didn’t want to. The sudden warming of her diaper shocked her into action. She quickly grabbed the band and turned it so she could read it. This time it was harder, her fingers were slick with spit. But finally she had it. She could see a 1 but she couldn’t make out what was after it. Carefully she wiped her fingers on the floor and carefully dried the band. As Fi made out the word she felt her body relax, then her head lolled as she found she couldn’t sit up any more.

Fi rolled over and tried to get up again but the strain just caused her to poop. Just as the room started to get fuzzy and grow bigger Sara entered her vision. Fi tried to tell her to stop but she couldn’t even coo. As she was again lifted up into the air, her diaper slid off and her belly button started to itch very badly. She could hear water hitting the floor, then she realized it was her peeing again. A moment later Fi could feel the cold changing mat on her back as Sara started to talk.

"I was going to give Amber here a twin, but then you wanted to be miss smarty pants again, so I hope you’re happy now." she said angrily. Fi tried to keep looking at her, but her head felt to heavy, it rolled over to one side. Sara continued to talk. "Sure, I know at 6 months you’d still be pissing and shitting yourself, but at least you could sit up, or move your head. Now being just a newborn you can’t even do that. Plus your wittle belly button will itch for awhile, but the rest of the cord should drop off soon." Sara started to wipe Fi off, and then she stopped and laughed.

"I wish I could leave you like this. But it really wouldn’t be bad enough for you. Soon you’d start to lose your self and become just another baby. Poor little Amber became a baby before she was even out of her bra. It’s so cute seeing a teen walking around mouthing her fingers in a wet diaper. But you wouldn’t even remember being bigger, so I guess I need to try something else, something special. Hmmm... You were acting like a special needs girl when you came here. Maybe that will be enough."

Fi tried to concentrate on Sara’s voice, but she found it harder and harder. Everything felt so weird. She saw something move and she couldn’t take her eyes off it. Even as it got harder and harder for her to focus on it. Then she blacked out.

Fi awoke to find herself back in a regular bed. "I see my little angel is up, and just in time. Lets get you ready to go back home." Sara softly cooed.

Fi reached to grab the blankets but her hands wouldn’t hold on. She looked down at them to find they were encased in thick mittens. She tried to pull the velcro but couldn’t get any grip. She tried to use her teeth to grab it and received a huge shock.

"Ma teef r goawn!", she ran her tongue around her mouth. Nothing. She looked scared up at Sara.

"Oh, sweetie. I guess you accidentally bit yourself too much, so they had them pulled. And they couldn’t have you keep taking your diapers off and touching yourself. So they keep your hands wrapped like that."

"Gez gep peeee!!!" Fi looked shocked, she couldn’t talk right. "Noooooo, peeess ahbeee goooo."

Sara just smiled more. "Sorry honey. I’ve already set the spell. Everyone remembers you as you are now. And I don’t think it will be changing anytime soon. I even made a special little spell so you don’t slip into the role over time." There was a knock at the door. "I bet that’s your brother here to get you. Lets not keep him waiting."

Sara pulled Fi to her feet. She could feel the diaper around her waist droop from the weight of all her pee. She tried to use her hands to pull it off again, but couldn’t. Sara walked her closer and closer to the door, Fi felt drool roll down her face. "This isn’t right!" she screamed in her head. "I just wanted to help! I just wanted to help."

The End



End Chapter 1

So wet, by Long_Rifle

by: OldStories | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 18, 2018


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