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by: Noah Kidd Last updated Aug 19, 2022

(Updated August 19th with Chapter Eight!) Viridia is a novel-length work inspired by Sebtomato’s Parkdale stories, which are based in a town where AR is used by the powers that be to keep the populace happy and peaceful. This tale imagines a similar village set in America’s Pacific Northwest and follows what happens to Will (a young, disenchanted lawyer) when he stumbles upon Viridia and ends up staying in the sleepy burg much longer than he expected. New chapters every Friday, link to the full eBook version below!

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On story: Viridia - chapter 1

Noah Kidd Aug 19, 2022

Thanks so much! With any luck you'll find the sort of stories you're thinking of at our deviantart pages, and madeofsp ...

On story: Viridia - chapter 3

Noah Kidd Jul 16, 2022

Thank you for reading, I'm so glad that you've been enjoying the story!

On story: Viridia - chapter 3

Noah Kidd Jul 15, 2022

You're very welcome, thanks so much for having such kind words for Viridia. The story's going to go some places that I think you'll like, so sta ...

On story: Viridia - chapter 1

Noah Kidd Jul 15, 2022

Viridia has been updated with chapter three - just wanted to make everyone aware as the story wasn't bumped to the top of the page for whatever ...

On story: Viridia - chapter 1

Noah Kidd Jul 3, 2022

Thank you so much, I'm very happy to hear that you enjoyed it! I should make it clear that Viridia was a joint effort between myself and another ...

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