by: Noah Kidd | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 19, 2022


Chapter One

On his way to his new life in Seattle, Will stumbles upon the sleepy town of Viridia and the secret it holds.

Jul 2, 2022


Chapter Two

Will joins Viridia's fifth-grade class and begins to realize the depth of the town's regressive conspiracy.

Jul 8, 2022


Chapter Three

After surviving his first day as a fifth-grader, Will meets with the school's guidance counselor and discovers the connection they share to his new adoptive mother.

Jul 15, 2022


Chapter Four

Though Will finally gets a moment to catch up with Liam, their time together is interrupted by a familiar bully who threatens what remains of Will's maturity.

Jul 22, 2022


Chapter Five

Will fights off Abby's smothering affection and struggles to maintain his mental maturity during a quiet night at home.

Jul 29, 2022


Chapter Six

Will gets caught snooping and faces the disastrous consequences.

Aug 5, 2022


Chapter Seven

Will clings to cherished memories as he joins Liam in second grade.

Aug 12, 2022


Chapter Eight

Will's reunion with a friend is interrupted by bullies new and old.

Aug 19, 2022

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