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Chapter 5
Kathryn's Gift, Part 5 - Conclusion

Chapter Description: By StevenB

In secret during the next few days, Kathryn tested out her new ability on the flowers in the garden when her new mother was not looking. She was able to make it older and younger at will. She grew excited at the thought of controlling aging. She found out that she had to touch the flower to change it and could not from a distance. After she had felt that she had tested the power enough, she was ready to try it on herself when she could be alone.

"Time for bed honey, tomorrow we are going to the zoo so you need your sleep", said Anna looking at the clock.

"k mommy", said Kathryn as they headed to her room.

Anna helped Kathryn change into her pajama’s and tucked her in.

"Sleep tight, have sweet dreams", smiled Anna as she closed the door.

Kathryn waited until Anna left and climbed out of her bed and went to the alarm clock. She set it so she could wake up early so she had time to test her age power on herself. Kathryn climbed back into bed and fell asleep. She dreamed of all the things she could do with her powers. Unknown to her, her right thumb had moved to her mouth and she began to suck on it.

Kathryn woke up quickly when she heard her alarm go off and quickly turned it off so her parents would not wake up. She noticed that her thumb was wet and giggled at the thought of sucking her thumb. She quietly opened her door and peaked into her parent’s room. She saw that they were sleeping soundly and sneaked back to her room and closed her door slowly. She then walked over to the mirror on the closet door. Kathryn took a look at herself. She was wearing a pink two pieces pajama with my little pony on the shirt.

’Okay, thinking on getting older’, thought Kathryn with her eye’s closed.

Kathryn felt a tingle that spread over her whole body. She opened her eyes and watched as she slowly started to grow taller. The gap between her shirt and bottom’s got bigger. When she reached about age 7, by her guess, she stopped. She did not want to do much the first time. Her panties were a little tight, but wearable. She walked over to the mark on the wall that Anna had done for her growth chart with the words Age 5 on it. She could tell that she was a few inches taller as the mark was almost at eye level. Smiling Kathryn walked back to the mirror.

’Okay, that worked now let’s try the other way’, thought Kathryn as she concentrated on getting younger.

The tingle returned. Kathryn watched as the gap between her shirt and bottoms slowly went down. Soon it was back to where it normally was, but Kathryn wanted to continue for the experiment. She watched as her face got more chubby and her pajama’s got looser. The tingle felt more intense than before, almost like tickling. Kathryn tried not to giggle as not to wake up Anna and Greg. Her pajama’s bottoms slid down her legs pulling her panties with them. She stopped the effect before she got too young. When she looked into the mirror she saw a light brown haired toddler wearing her big sisters pajamas. She guessed she was about 2 years old.

’I look adorable,’ thought Kathryn as she looked herself over.

She walked over to the growth chart and had to look up to see her age 5 mark.

"I’m tiny", said Kathryn, shocked by how babyish it sounded.

’Okay, time for the big experiment’, thought Kathryn as she took off her pajama shirt.

The naked toddler walked over to the mirror again. Kathryn concentrated on getting older and felt the tingle again. She noted that the tingle felt different when getting older than when getting younger. The 2 years old was soon 5 years old again and continued to get older. She watched as her baby fat slowly melted away leaving a skinny 7 years old. Kathryn watched as her pubic hair started to come in when she hit 11 years and her breasts started to grow.

’Puberty in seconds’, thought Kathryn with a smile.

Kathryn’s breasts continued to grow and her pubic hair got thicker as she went through her teen years. Soon a 21 years old woman stood at the mirror, when Kathryn stopped the effect. She looked over herself from her B-cup breasts to her long silky legs. Her brown hairs were down to her waist.

’I am back, though a tad younger than before and boy am I hot’, thought Kathryn as she posed in front of the mirror.

Kathryn took a look around her room and it looked different to her at her new height. She giggled when she picked up her childish panties, knowing that they would never fit her now. She walked over to the growth chart and noted that her age 5 mark was at her waist. Kathryn began to rub her hands up and down her body. She did not know if it was the rush of new hormones or not but suddenly she was very horny. She quickly walked over to her bed and laid down, her legs hang over the edge. Kathryn continued to play with her breasts and moved her over hand down to her lower lips. It was not long before Kathryn’s body was rippled with an intense orgasm. She had to hold her lips together as to not make a sound. It has been a long time since she had an orgasm, and relaxed in the afterglow. After about 10 minutes, Kathryn sat up and started to think about her situation.

’Should I leave and continue with my life’, thought Kathryn as she sat on the bed.

Kathryn liked the idea that she was an adult again, but she also remembered how much fun time she had as a kid with the Harrisons. She looked over at the picture on the childish desk by her bed. The picture had her and the Harrisons at the park. She could see the smile on Anna and Greg’s face. She then remembered how depressed they were since Crystal left them.

’I cannot do that to them. If I left, it would devastate them. They have already lost one daughter; I would hate to see what would happen to them if they lost another one. Besides, Kathryn Holts is dead to the world. How many people can have the chance for a second childhood with loving parents? I can make something more of myself; have a chance to do things different this time around’, thought Kathryn.

Kathryn heard a noise outside her room. Then she heard the shower running.

’Anna is awake and is taking her shower. I do not have much time, better change before she walks in and sees me like this’, thought Kathryn as she walked over to the growth chart.

’Well I’ll see this body later in a few years or sooner if I use my powers again’, thought Kathryn looking herself over one last time.

The tingle returned and Kathryn watched the mark on the wall. Her breast slowly shrank back into her chest and her pubic hair retreated as she left puberty behind. She watched as the mark on the wall got closer to eye level. As the mark past her eyes, she concentrated on age 5, hoping that it would work right. In a few seconds, the tingled stopped and Kathryn checked her height with the mark.

’Cool, it worked, right on the mark’, thought Kathryn with a smile.

Kathryn heard the shower stop and quickly ran over to her discarded pajamas and put them on. By the time she climbed back into her bed, the door opened and Anna stuck her head in.

"Kathryn, time to wake up.", said Anna standing in her robe.

Pretending to wake up, Kathryn sat up and looked at Anna.

"I’m ’wake mommy", said Kathryn with a childish tone.

Anna walked over and helped Kathryn take off her pajamas. Kathryn smiled at the pampering that Anna was giving her and let herself get into it. Anna picked out a pair of shorts and T-shirt for Kathryn to wear. Anna let Kathryn put on her new pair of panties and help with putting on the rest. Anna praised Kathryn as she tied her shoes while Anna watched, waiting to help if needed.

"You can play or watch TV while I get breakfast ready", said Anna when Kathryn was finished getting dressed.

"Can I help mommy?", asked Kathryn with a smile.

"Sure you can, sweety.", smiled Anna in reply.

As they walked downstairs to the kitchen, Kathryn thought about how her life was going to be growing up with her powers and new parents.

’I think I will have an interesting new life’, thought Kathryn.

The Harrisons had a wonderful time at the zoo. Kathryn Harrison was really enjoying herself. She would have interesting adventures in the years to come but that is another story.

The End



End Chapter 5

Kathryn's Gift, by StevenB

by: OldStories | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 16, 2017


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