Kathryn's Gift, by StevenB

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Chapter 4
Kathryn's Gift, Part 4

Chapter Description: By StevenB

Anna drove to the K-Mart a few miles away. Kathryn knew that they would be picking out childish clothes for her and she prepared herself mentally for it. When they arrived Anna picked up Kathryn and carried her to the store. Kathryn liked being carried by Anna and relaxed into her arms. When they entered the store Anna put Kathryn down and held her hand as they walked to the children clothing area.

"Now stay close Kathryn, I do not want you getting lost", said Anna as she looked down at Kathryn.

"I will", smiled Kathryn back to Anna and walked closer to Anna.

Anna and Kathryn spent the next few hours picking out clothes and trying on outfits in the dressing room. After they had grabbed enough outfits for Kathryn for a while, they loaded all they had into a cart. Anna lifted Kathryn and put her in the child’s seat on the cart. Kathryn was still amazed on how big everything looked to her now as she tried to enjoy the ride in the cart to the cashier.

"What a cute daughter you have there", said the female cashier as she was ringing up the purchases and Kathryn blushed at the comment.

"Thank you but she is not mine, we are looking after her while they try to find her parents", replied Anna.

Anna and Kathryn headed back to their car and loaded up the bags into the trunk.

"We’ll stop by McDonalds and pick up dinner", said Anna as they drove out of the parking lot.

When they ordered the food, Kathryn accepted the fact that Anna ordered a Happy Meal for her. The food smelled good to her and her stomach grumbled loudly.

"Sounds like someone is hungry", smiled Anna as she looked at the rearview mirror.

Kathryn just smiled back as she held her stomach. Greg helped unload all the bags when they got back to the house. Anna went to the kitchen with the food and started setting the table.

"Now go and wash your hands for dinner, Kathryn", said Greg as he placed the last bag down on the floor.

"’k", replied Kathryn who also felt the need to use the toilet as well.

Kathryn relieved herself after climbing up onto the toilet. After wiping, Kathryn found a stool by the sink and used it to reach the sink. She washed her hands and headed back to the kitchen. Anna lifted Kathryn onto the booster seat and gave her the Happy Meal. Anna and Greg talked about the day’s events and the shopping trip to K-Mart. Kathryn sat and listened to her two guardians while she ate and was amazed how the small meal filled her up. She played with the toy that came with the meal for a bit until Anna and Greg finished their meals.

"Kathryn, care for ice cream?" asked Anna as she got up and gathered up the wrappings.

"ye’th," smiled Kathryn.

Anna scooped out chocolate ice cream for everyone. Kathryn was surprised on how sweet it tasted in her mouth.

’Maybe being a kid is not so bad’, thought Kathryn as she ate from her bowl. "Let’s go wash up and we’ll watch a movie together", said Anna as she walked with Kathryn to the bathroom.

Anna helped Kathryn wash her hands and face from the ice cream. Kathryn did not realize she got ice cream on her face and giggled at the thought of it. They walked back to the living room and sat down on the sofa. Greg put in the Lion King DVD and pushed play. Kathryn leaned into Anna who had her hands draped over her shoulders. Kathryn never watched it before since she was in her 30’s when it came out and was busy with her research to go watch it. She found herself enjoying the movie and did not realize she was starting to fall asleep on Anna’s lap. Anna smiled and stroked Kathryn’s head as she saw that Kathryn was falling asleep. When the movie ended, Anna picked up the sleeping Kathryn and carried her to the bathroom. Kathryn woke up when she found herself getting undressed by Anna.

"Time to take your bath before heading to bed, sweety", said Anna as she took Kathryn’s clothes off.

Kathryn felt embarrassed as she found herself naked in front of Anna when she pulled down her panties. Anna started to fill the bathtub with water and checked the temperature regularly. She also added bubbles to the water. Anna picked up Kathryn and placed her into the tub. Kathryn enjoyed the treatment Anna was giving her and relaxed as Anna washed her. Kathryn even giggled as Anna tickled her under her arms as she was washed. When Anna was finished, she pulled Kathryn out of the water and dried her off.

"I am glad you had fun Kathryn, it has been awhile since I could do that", said Anna as she thought about Crystal.

"Tank wou, I never been tweated so nice", said Kathryn as she let Anna dress her into her PJ’s.

"You are welcome little one. I promise you that I will take good care of you for as long as you are with me.", said Anna as she picked up Kathryn and gave her a tenderly hug.

Kathryn hugged Anna back as she was carried to her new bedroom and was tucked into bed.

"Do you want me to read you a bedtime story?", asked Anna.

Kathryn could tell that Anna really wanted to read to her and nodded her head. Anna picked up a book from the nearby shelf and started to read it to Kathryn. About halfway through the book Kathryn fell asleep with a smile on her face. Anna bent over and kissed Kathryn on the forehead and turned off the light.

Kathryn spent the next two weeks enjoying the love Anna and Greg were giving her. She was letting herself get into the role of their little girl and forget her troubles. Tracey came by and was pleased that Kathryn was doing well. Kathryn’s love for her new guardians grew during this time. One day about a month since the explosion, Tracey came for a visit with some news. Kathryn listened from the hallway.

"Anna, Greg, there has been no luck in finding Kathryn’s parents. We think they abandoned her in the woods or died in the explosion." said Tracey sadly.

"That is horrible, are you sure there is no trace of her parents?", asked Anna hugging Greg for support.

"Sorry no, we tried every avenue in the search and no luck. I have looked into your request for the adoption of Kathryn if her parents could not be found. I have good news that your request has gone through and all that is needed is for you to sign these papers.", explained Tracey.

"That’s great, but it is sad that her real parents could not be found", said Anna as she picked up the papers.

"Before we sign, I think that Kathryn should be let know of it first.", said Greg as he looked over the adoption papers.

"Kathryn, please come into the kitchen, we have news about your parents", said Anna loudly.

Kathryn walked into the kitchen and saw the sad look in their faces. She knew that they would not find her parents, but tried to act the part of a little girl.

"Kathryn, I am sorry but I could not find your Mommy and daddy", said Tracey sadly.

"They gone?", said Kathryn with some tears, playing the part well.

"Yes I’m sorry. But I have some good news, Anna and Greg have requested to adopt you as their little girl and part of their family.", said Tracey hugging Kathryn.

"Kathryn I will only sign it if you really want me to be your new Mommy. I know I am not your real mother but I promise I’ll be the best mother I can", said Anna with tears in her eyes.

Kathryn knew that Anna and Greg loved her and she had grown to love them as well. She also knew that she had no way as of yet to return to her old self. Kathryn knew that she would have a happy childhood if she stayed with Anna and Greg. With tears also in her eyes, Kathryn walked over to Anna.

"I want wou to be my new Mommy", said Kathryn as she hugged Anna.

Anna, Greg and Kathryn hugged each other as Tracey smiled at the lovely scene. After a few minutes, they stopped hugging. Kathryn watched as her guardians signed the paperwork to become her new parents.

"I’ll file this paperwork with the state as soon as I get back. Kathryn with this paperwork you are now Kathryn Harrison and the daughter of Anna and Greg", said Tracey as she was handed the papers from Anna.

"Mommy can wou tuck me in for my nap. I am sleepy", said Kathryn as she looked up at Anna.

"Sure thing. I am glad I am your Mommy", smiled Anna as she picked up Kathryn and carried her to her bedroom.

Greg walked Tracey to the door and then followed Anna to Kathryn’s bedroom. He stood by the door as he watched Anna tuck Kathryn in.

"She really is a special little girl. She has filled the hole in our lives that Crystal left when she died", said Greg as he hugged his wife.

"I want her to have the happiest childhood I can. She deserves it", smiled Anna as she watched Kathryn sleep.

Kathryn listened to her new parents as they talked and was glad she was able to help them as they had helped her.

The next few days Kathryn, Anna and Greg got into the role as a new family. Kathryn smiled inwardly as every time she called Anna Mommy, she would glow with happiness. Then one day while Greg was gone at work, something happened that changed Kathryn’s life even more. She was out helping her new mother take care of the garden in the backyard. Kathryn was wearing a pink sun dress with white sneakers. As she saw a withered flower, she imagined how it looked like when it was newer and fresh. Kathryn felt a tingle in her fingers and a small blue glow came from her index finger as she touched the flower. She watched is amazement as the flower grew greener and fresher. Soon the flower was back to the peak of its blooming.

’The time anomaly must be part of me’, thought Kathryn as she watched the flower’s transformation. Her scientific mind started to comprehend what had happened to the flower.

’I must have done it with my mind. I was thinking about how it looked like when it was fresh and then it grew younger when I touched it. I can control the temporal energy with my mind, how interesting. I must see what I can do, I might be able to make myself older", thought Kathryn.



End Chapter 4

Kathryn's Gift, by StevenB

by: OldStories | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 16, 2017


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