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Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Chapter Description: Visiting a Strange shop

Leading her across the mall, Chase came to a stop in front of a strange little shop next to the food court. The shop itself was black, with red lettering spelling out “Magic and More,” with a slogan below stating “Whatever you need guaranteed,” below it. Examining the shop, the black curtains were old and ragged, covering where items would be displayed in the windows. Entering through the curtains, the shop was covered wall to wall in strange items and books, looking more like an antique shop than a novelty store. To her left were shelves and shelves of random items. Lily saw a cuckoo clock with a cuckoo that looked almost evil, and a huge chalice with an inhuman figure. One interesting looking piece was a pair of boxing gloves that looked to be taken straight out of the 1920’s, brown and worn and everything. Looking at the tag, Lily read: “Winners Gloves: Why Lose When You Don’t have to?”

“Ironically, those are for losers,” came a voice.

Turning towards the voice, Lily spotted a man behind the counter watching her examine the inventory. The man had long hair that was pure white, pushed back in a tidy manner complimenting his white beard that was almost too perfectly trimmed. The man was strangely young, even with his snow-white hair, yet his eyes gave away a certain aged look. The man began to move from behind the counter, as Lily searched for her friend, who was nowhere to be found.

“With those you aren’t allowed to lose, in whatever capacity you consider losing I suppose.” The man said, “Most people just use them for fighting, which I feel is pretty unimaginative,” laughing to himself. His smile warm, yet strangely unfeeling.

“What do you mean?” Lily asked, “How can you not be allowed to lose?”

The man laughed hardily at this and said, “Magic dear girl, this is a magic shop after all.”

Lily was a bit weirded out by this, but anyone who owns a shop like this must be a little weird.

“You did not come here for those did you my dear girl?” he asked, “Perhaps I may help you find what you are really looking for.” The man said as if he already knew.

“I came here with my friend actually, I know magic isn’t real so I doubt there’s anything I want in your store,” Said Lily with just the right amount of spite.

Laughing again, the man replied, “Well well, it would seem that you have me figured out. Look around dear girl, maybe you will find what you need instead of what you want.” As he returned to his position behind the counter.

“What a creep,” Lily thought to herself.

Moving over to the book shelves, Lily began to skim through the titles. She spotted one on containing dragon fire, and another on turning people into frogs-but none on turning them back to people again. Coming to the end of the shelf, Lily found a light blue booklet, Titled “Yearn.” Inside was a series of lines in a language she could not understand. The booklet was beautiful, and gave off an aura of strange want. Lily thought she was going crazy, but the booklet reminded her of those simple times she had so wanted to return to.

“Ah my girl, it would seem you have found what you needed.” said the man without looking up.

“What even is this?” she asked, a bit annoyed. “This isn’t even a real language!”

“A spell.” He said matter of factly, “written in a very old language, from a time no one remembers, from a land that everyone has forgotten.”

“Oh,” Lily said sarcastically, “What does this ‘spell’ do anyway?”

Dead serious, the man replied “It gives you what you want most. Take it girl, some magic will do you good.”

Confused, Lily turned to find Chase with his own book. Lily took the spell and placed it into her purse.

“Sorry I dragged you along to this place,” Chase said, “I know you think this stuff is stupid.”

“No it’s ok, that’s just what friends do.” Said Lily, only half meaning it.

Taking their magic items the two left the shop, and returned to Chase’s apartment.



End Chapter 2


by: Thunderflash | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 26, 2016


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