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Chapter 3
Chapter 3

Chapter Description: Lily experiences some magic for herself. Chapters should get longer from here on out

Back at the apartment, Lily began to think about her spell. It couldn’t really know what she wanted, right? Touching the sapphire booklet sent a shiver up her spine, images of diapers and babyhood flashed in her mind.

“No this is crazy,” she thought, “Magic isn’t real.”

Curiosity got the best of her of course, and while Chase was away in the kitchen, she began to read the lines aloud. As she read, and to her great surprise, the booklet began to glow blue. The more she read, the more intense the glow. As she finished the page, the shine faded, and the book settled. Looking around, it appeared that nothing had happened.

“I can’t believe I actually thought something would happen,” She muttered aloud.

Suddenly, she felt very strange, as if she had just stood up to quickly, and her vision faded to black.

Her vision returning to her, Lily sat up on the floor. She was still in Chase’s apartment, and nothing had changed in his living room. Feeling herself, Lily determined that there was nothing strange about her body, everything seemed to be in place. Her clothing was the same, her hair seemed in order and all was well. Deciding that she needed some water, Lily began to stand and walk toward the kitchen.

As she stood, something was off. It was as if she knew how to stand, but could not quite figure out the proper way. She attempted to get to her feet, but only ended up falling on her butt. Trying again, she crouched like a catcher using her hands as support, and pushed herself to her feet. Standing in of itself was not a problem physically, but keeping herself upright was taking all her concentration. Wobbling forward, Lily took two steps before falling, hitting her head on the floor. Though the fall had not hurt, Lily felt an incredible amount of fear and distress and began bawling uncontrollably like a toddler.

“What is wrong with me???” she wondered.

While she continued to bawl, Chase came rushing in from the kitchen to find Lily on the floor crying her eyes out.

“What happened baby???” Chase exclaimed worriedly.

“Baby?” Lily thought, as she cradled in his arms.

“It was just a little fall you’ll be alright,” assured Chase lovingly.

For some reason his voice calmed her down, she felt safe and protected. Lily absent mindedly nuzzled her head into his arms, feeling the warmth of his body. Even with his comfort, Lily was still scared and confused. Something strange was happening to her, and she couldn’t control her emotions or her body.

“How did you get out of your diapers Lily billy?” asked Chase.

“DIAPERS???” cried Lily’s mind. How had he known about her secret???

Grabbing her hand, Chase helped her to stand. Leading her by the hand, Chase helped Lily toddle to a room she was sure had never been in his apartment before. Entering into the room revealed a gigantic nursery.

The Nursery was a bright pink color, much like the one in her old pictures. A changing table was situated in the far corner of the room, and looked as if it could hold an adult. Bright pastel colors adorned the table, and the foam covering looked almost inviting to Lily. In the center of the room sat a huge crib, easily big enough to fit lily and even one more. Above the crib sat a mobile with all sorts of plush animals, that spun methodically in rhythm with a strange nursery rhyme playing in the background. On the ground lily spotted a pink rug with several blocks and babyish play things. Lily could not help but want to walk towards the blocks, but was led towards the changing table by her deranged friend. Lifting her up with ease, Chase placed her on the changing table.

Lily attempted to protest this, but only managed to babble, “I notta baab.”

“Yes you are sweetie,” replied chase, “and babies like you need diapers,” as pushed her onto her back.

Chase wasn’t that much bigger than her, but she could not figure out how to get her body to resist as she lay on her back and was strapped down to the table. Opening the cabinet below the table, Chase pulled out a very large adult sized diaper, with babyish flowers adorning the front and back. Upon seeing the diaper, Lily grew scared, clearly the spell had done something to her and her friend. But even in fear, she could not ignore the growing thrill at the sight of a diaper once again. As she lay down, Chase tenderly removed her jeans. Next her reached for her panties, an act Lily had never imagined him committing. As he pulled them down her legs, she felt a pleasurable sensation in her crotch. She couldn’t believe this situation was turning her on! With her panties gone, Chase lovingly rubbed baby oil across her butt, and dusted her with powder.

“alright baby now lift your legs,” commanded chase.

Lily’s legs moved on their own, lifting as the thick plastic padding slid underneath her, though she wasn’t sure if it was even involuntary. As her ass came down onto the thick plastic, she could feel the softness of the diaper, making her feel safe and comfortable. Chase brought up the diaper and taped it tight, pressing the padding on her crotch, causing her to rub her hips onto the padding slightly. Her bra had since disappeared, and she could feel her nipples pressing against the fabric of her crop top shirt. With her diapering complete, Chase removed the strap from Lily’s waist and picked her up by the underarms. Placing his arm under her diapered butt, he carried her to her crib.

“It’s getting a little late baby, time to go to sleep.” Cooed Chase.

Though still scared, Lily felt strangely comforted by his words and tone. And as she sat in the crib, legs splayed out by the diaper, she stared up at the mobile. The animals eyes spun around slowly and rhythmically, trapping her eyes. Watching them spin made her feel strange, her mind felt slow, thoughts went but didn’t seem to come. Her diaper grew warmer but she couldn’t understand what it meant. It felt good. Without taking her eyes off the mobile, Lily rubbed her hips into her diaper, elevating the feeling. The nursery rhyme seemed to grow louder and her eyes grew heavier. Her eyes closed, and she drifted to sleep even as she humped her crib.



End Chapter 3


by: Thunderflash | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 26, 2016


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