Age TF Series

by: Dracoknight545 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 21, 2016

Chapter 3
Don't Play With Dust

Chapter Description: An AR/AP story featuring the girls of Team RWBY when Ruby gets her hands on some special dust and spilling it on her and Blake

One day after class, Ruby and Blake were walking back to their dorm rooms while Ruby was carrying a jar filled with a gold color dust.

“Ruby I’ve been meaning to ask you what’s with that dust?” asked Blake

“Oh well this is uh… this was something that Weiss had she had two jars of them. But she accidentally left this one behind while we were at Professor Port’s class so I thought maybe it would be cool if I get this back to her” Ruby replied as she played with the jar

Blake commented “Well I guess that makes sense, but what I would like to know is why does it have so much dust?”

“I don’t know but it” said Ruby as she shrugged her shoulders and then she tripped over causing her to accidentally drop the bottle and smashed into the ground as the Dust cloud came out of it

“Oh man Weiss is going to kill me” Ruby wined fearing Weiss’s Anger

Soon the dust cloud started to swirl around both Ruby and Blake as a strange sensation went over their bodies.

“Uh Blake, what’s going on?” asked Ruby

“I don’t know but this isn’t good” Blake replied as she noticed that her and Ruby were about the same height

Then her purple stockings begin to slowly slide off her legs. Soon the same happened with her black top as it began to slide off her shoulder. Blake didn’t been down to her knees as she kept getting smaller when she looked down at her chest she saw that her breasts were shrinking down into her chest. Then her arms and legs weaken and became chubby, she began to get scared while she watched the transformation continued. Then she felt a little pain coming from her butt crack when she turned around she saw a cat tail had grown back.

“Oh no Me not swinking Me getting Wounger” Blake cried

Ruby was feeling a tingling sensation like Blake but instead she began to grow bigger as her shirt began to tear apart from her waist exposing her bellybutton.

Then her breasts grew as large as Yang’s breast maybe even bigger causing her shirt to rip apart abit showing some cleavage. Her red stocking’s began to tear apart exposing her normal knees. Soon her shoes began to break apart exposing her feet and finally her hair began to grow very long reaching halfway done her cloak

“Wow my boobs look so big, they might be bigger than Yang” Ruby said looking at her adult body

“Wuby we weed to get Wang and Weiss and make me big again and you normal too” cried Blake getting Ruby’s attention

“Right but first let’s get you something to wear” said Ruby

Then she picks up Blake as in last of her clothes falls to the ground expect her white top that hang over Blake’s small body

“Awwwww Blake you were so cute when you were four” Ruby commented

Ruby then set Blake down and picked up some of Blake’s outfit and started to wrap the toddler cat Faunus in them.

“Me no want diapey” cried Blake shaking her little fist in anger

“Blake you have to wear it and I can’t let you run around the school naked. Come on we’re almost to our dorm the sooner we get there the sooner we can change back” Ruby said unknowing in a stern parental voice

“Okway” Blake said blushing as Ruby started to make a makeshift outfit for Blake

After 30 minutes of being carried by Ruby they finally made it to their dorm room. To see Weiss and Yang in the dorm room relaxing when Ruby and Blake enter.

“Weiss, Yang, Thank Oum I found you two; I have a bit of an issue” said Ruby

Weiss and Yang looked at Ruby and Blake in confusion, “Uh do we know you, lady” asked Yang

“Also how do you know our names and where are staying at” asked Weiss

“It’s me Ruby, your leader. I was messing with some of Weiss’ dust and then I dropped causing me to grow into an adult and Blake to became a toddler” said Ruby hoping that they would believe her.

“Yang take Blake please” said Weiss in a calm voice

“Uh okay” said Yang as Ruby handed toddler Blake to Yang

“Aww aren’t you a cutie as a little baby, Blake” Yang commented as Blake blushed in embarrassment

“Ruby, outside now” said Weiss as she dragged Ruby outside into the hallway.

“I howe that Weiss goes easy on Wuby” said Blake

“Yeah…I’m confused on what going on…” said Yang until she and Blake heard the sound of breaking furniture and Weiss & Ruby screaming.

Soon they looked outside to see Weiss chasing Ruby, “Oh my Oum, I think either Ruby did it this time or Weiss has snapped” said Yang

“Ditto” commented Blake

While Ruby was being chased by Weiss who was making death threats to Ruby for touching her stuff once again off into the sunset



End Chapter 3

Age TF Series

by: Dracoknight545 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 21, 2016


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