Age TF Series

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Chapter 2
Digital Swap

Chapter Description: An Age swap story between Tai and Kari during the Dark Masters Arc Also Role swap as well

During the battle with Puppetmon, Tai spends the early morning watching over the remaining few of the Digidestined as Matt, Joe and Mimi parted from the team as his little sister Kari wakes up to get a drink of water from a nearby river which was near their campsite and saw her brother looking over the horizon

"Tai, everything alright?" asked Kari as she approached her brother

"Yeah, it’s just I’ve been thinking on how to manage the team since Matt, Joe and Mimi left and now I regret being the leader now" Tai commented

"I know, you’ll figure something out. Remember you have the crest of Courage, you don’t have to doubt yourself and if you did we wouldn’t be here" said Kari

Tai smiled and then said "Yeah, you know sometimes you sound like you’re the older sibling here even though you’re the younger one"

Soon Tai and Kari felt strange as they felt they were hit by something, so Tai noticed that the forest was growing around and his clothes felt loose. “What’s going on here” said Tai as he gasped when he sound a lot younger than before while his goggles fell down and hanged from his neck

“Tai, we have another problem” said Kari but she sounded older than her normal voice.

Tai turned around to see that Kari was growing in size as her feet just exploded out her shows and her shorts were getting too small for her growing hips and thighs.

Kari was in shock at her shirt was destroyed as her chest started to blossom and her new breast grew causing the shirt to become some kind of tube top of some sort.

“Wow I’m almost as big as my mom’s chest” thought the growing girl as she remember the time when the family went to the beach during the previous summer or the occasional trip to the Water park and the bathing suit her mother would usually wear that would show off her chest as her and her brother would play.

Soon the strange feeling has left both of their bodies, leaving Kari as a young Teenager who around 14 small and tight clothes and a pair of broken shoes and Tai was about 6 years old in over size clothes. “Kari, what are we going to?” asked Tai was scared

“We better go back to the others at camp to tell them, what has happened to us” said Kari as she felt a bit more confident as she took lead and Tai trotted behind her leaving his sneakers behind so he could keep up with his now big sister.

Once back at camp, the remaining Digi-destined and their Digimon including Kari’s Gatomon and Tai’s Agumon were shocked at what happened to Kari and Tai. Kari explained to them what had happened that could’ve cause them to swap ages and unnoticing some of their personality traits; soon She suggested that Izzy since he was computer whizz, and Tentomon to go back to the river to investigate and they willingly agreed to go as she looked at Sora and asked her if they could some place to get new clothes for her and Tai.

The two rode on Birdramon and flew off to find a store even if it was abandoned or not to get some clothes for Kari and Tai’s new bodies.

Tai and Tk were left back at camp were ordered by Kari to stay there until either Izzy or the girl would return back from their venture. To pass the time, the two boy started to play around like normal kids do and relax for bit since they knew they would be safe for the time being from Puppetmon at the time.

With Sora and Kari, they had managed to find what would appear to be an abandon city as there was no one left and the buildings were abandon and left open. Kari and Sora managed to find a clothing store after some searching and surprisingly they had the clothes they need for both Kari and Tai.

Kari tried out a few different outfits and then ultimately decided on a light pink sleeveless T-shirt, a pair of light tan shorts similar to Tai’s old pair, and footwear, she wear a pair of dark red and white sneakers like her old ones before the transformation. She nabbed a yellow bandana to wear around her neck and pair of fingerless white gloves. Afterward she packed a bag of clothes for Tai to wear; she knew her brother would like what she picked out

“So how do I look, Sora” asked Kari after coming out of the abandon store

“You look beautiful, but I think you’re Missing something” Sora commented

Soon they heard a loud explosion, both of the girls gasped and worried that the boys might in trouble. They got on the back of Birdramon and flew back to camp but when they arrived, they saw the Puppetmon was on the attack. What surprised the girls the most was that Tai was using MetalGreymon to battle them.

“How come Tai can’t use WarGreymon?” asked Sora

“I don’t know, maybe the swap affected our Digimon someway” Kari replied

“Well there is one way to see, you have to make Gatomon, Warp Digivolve” said Sora

“Okay” said Kari as she and Gatomon nodded as they knew it was their only hope.

Soon Kari’s Digivice started to glow a light pink and a beam hit Gatomon.

“Gatomon Warp Digivolve to….” shouted Gatomon as she changed straight into her Ultimate form, Angewomon and started to change as dark teal green armor appeared on her body. Soon she sprouted 6 more wings give her a total of 8 wings, and she had a dark teal helmet with an orange tail on top.

Gatomon had become Ophanimon, her mega Digivolution as wielded a javelin

“Kari, what happen and how come I can digivovle to Mega” asked Ophanimon

“I don’t know maybe what caused me and Tai to swap ages might’ve also swapped our roles as well” Kari explained to the best of her ability.

“Okay, I hope Izzy and Tentomon figured something out while we were gone but first we deal with Puppetmon” said Ophanimon as she and the other headed into battle

To make a long battle short, Ophanimon managed to weaken Puppetmon for now as he fled after a few attacks. Afterward Kari gave Tai some new clothes to wear, soon he wear a light blue shirt similar to his old one, a pair of jean shorts, and a pair of kid size soccer shoes and like Kari predicted he loved his new look especially after Sora commented how cute he looked.

Soon Izzy started to explain his findings at the spot where Kari and Tai swapped ages and unfortunately he couldn’t find the source of it at all, but he also noted that the swap caused their Digimon to swap the ability to Mega Digivolve so making Kari and Matt the strongest on the team as of now. Also he wasn’t sure if the swap was either temporary or worse permanent

Later that night, Kari was keeping looking by the campfire that Sora made after Izzy’s explanation as she started to wonder if it was permanent and also how would their parents react to having their children swap ages but roles as well.

“Kari?” said a voice snapping Kari out of her trance. She looked towards the source and saw it was Tai holding his goggles in his hand

“Tai, you should be asleep now” said Kari as she let him sit next to her

“Sorry, Kari; I couldn’t sleep after hearing Izzy’s speech and I got scared” Tai explained as he sat next to his big sister

“I’m scared too, Tai; but we’ll find away to get things back to normal and if not we can make it through together as brother and sister” Kari said reassuring him

Tai nodded and then pulled out his goggle and presented them to Kari, “Kari I think you should have these then” said Tai

“But Tai, you’re the leader not me” Kari stated

“I know but I’m too small to lead us so I want you to lead us, Kari” Tai commented as he remember how she coordinated the group earlier after they swapped and during the battle with Puppetmon

Kari hesitantly grabbed the goggles and said “Alright Tai, I’ll do it for you and I’ll do my best for everyone” as she placed them on her head

“Thank you Tai” said Kari as she hugged him

“You’re Welcome Kari, and also Sora mentioned something was missing from your outfit so I thought the goggles would be a nice fit” Tai said before yawning

“Alright Tai and thank you again, but I think you should get some rest. We’ll need our strength tomorrow to fight Puppetmon” Kari stated as Tai started to doze off right next to her as he rested his head against her body.

Kari looked up at the sky and thought “Maybe this isn’t so bad after all”



End Chapter 2

Age TF Series

by: Dracoknight545 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 21, 2016


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