Age TF Series

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Various Age-realted tansformation short stories based on anime, cartoons, Movies, Video games and etc Noted this from my dA page at

Chapter 1
Team Rocket Blunder

Chapter Description: An AP/AR story involving Team Rocket, Ash and Serena Amourshipping is in this

One day, Ash and Serena were collecting fire wood for their campsite as they were on their way to the next gym and Serena’s next performance. The two kids were talking to each other as they collected the firewood.

"Wow Ash, sounds like you had a lot of fun travelling around the world. I hope one day I could see the place you have been" Serena commented as she thought about travelling to different places with Ash in the future

"Yeah, but it’s always fun to travel to different place but it more fun when you travel with friends” said Ash with a smile.

"So uh... Ash, just curious but what are your plans after battling in the Kalos league?" asked Serena

"Well I’m not sure, I guess I’ll go back to Pallet and start planning my next move so I can be a Pokémon Master" Ash replied

"Oh, but what about after you become a Pokémon Master. You even though about having a family one day" said Serena

Ash looked at Serena as he started to think about Serena’s commented, and was about to replied until both of them were knocked out by a psychic-type attack as it caused them to fell asleep.

When Ash and Serena were awake, both of them found out that they are tied up. "Serena, what happened?" asked Ash

"I don’t know, I just remember feeling sleepy suddenly while we were talking and getting the fire wood" Serena replied

Before Ash could say anything, Jessie and James of Team Rocket appeared in front of them;

"Aww the two lovebirds are awake now" teased Jessie causing Serena to blush.

"Okay Team Rocket, what you want with us?" Ash asked

"James and I had enough of losing to you and your merry band of twerps. So James managed to get something from our boss to out this silly fuss to the end" Jessie explained as James pulled out a ray gun with an hourglass mark on it and small knob on its side

"What’s that going to do to us?" asked Serena who was a bit scared

"Simple, it will turn you both into adult and then I’ll have Inkay use hypnosis on you two twerps thus making you both loyal members of Team Rocket. Once you join our side, we take over the Kalos region and the world" James explained

"We would never join you guys" shouted Ash

"We’ll see about that" commented Jessie as James aimed the gun at Ash and Serena and then as he about to fire, Ash’s Pikachu came to the rescue and used Thunderbolt at the ray.

Thus causing it to explode in their faces; once the smoke had cleared, Pikachu was met with a strange sight. Ash and Serena were much taller and bigger than before and as for Team Rocket they were smaller from Pikachu’s point of view

"I don’t want be to a twerpette" cried Jessie in a younger version of her voice as James was knocked out by the explosion

"Serena, we’re adults" said Ash in a more matured as he tried not to rip his clothes and thought of how to explain to his mother that he was a young man now instead of her little boy.

Serena was holding her dress with one hand and with the other as she gasped and blushed when she saw how Ash looked as a young man.

Ash, Serena and Pikachu ran back to camp as Bonnie and Clemont were surprised at what happened to Ash and Serena. Ash explained to Clemont what happened and show Clemont the destroyed ray to see if he could. Unfortunately Clemont couldn’t fix or even replicate it to reverse the affect to Ash and Serena until they arrive at the next town so Clemont can start fixing it.

Certainly things around Ash and Serena were going to the change, especially as Ash’s mind which was mainly on thoughts of battling and Pokémon prior to the transformation were about to be disrupted after Ash noticed Serena’s new adult body after they got change into their new outfits.

Ash decided to wear the same outfit he had on but was made for adult size but in a darker color. Also he opted to have his jacket opened like he had it during his days in Kanto and Jhoto.

As for Serena were something similar to her outfit that reached to her knees and she was able to find a pair of boots similar to her old ones that broke after aging into an adult

As for Jessie and James, Serena and Ash along with Clemont and Bonnie turned them to Officer Jenny in the next town they stopped by before heading out to Ash’s next gym battle and Serena’s next showcase, who promised to help reform those two now kids and hopefully they would be good citizens now instead of bad guys.

Well Meowth’s fate was either to call their leader Giovanni about the accident and be forced to take the punishment or join the winning side of the kids. So Meowth agreed to join the good guys while agreeing to never pull off of his dirty tricks again.

(AN: So for who owns Meowth, you guys can decide that. Personally I would say either Ash or Serena because two things can happen. With Ash, Meowth can become a stronger Pokémon and actually learn more moves especially Night Slash and Pay Day. With Serena, Meowth loves to live in the spotlight occasionally)

A few days later after Clemont, Bonnie, Pikachu and Meowth were asleep; Serena asked Ash if they could talk privately in the woods about something.

“So Serena, what you wanted to talk about?” asked Ash, who a bit curious on why Serena wanted to talk to Ash alone

“Well you remember my question about if you ever wanted to have a family one day after you become a Pokémon Master” Serena commented

Ash nodded and replied “Yeah, I was about I would like that because I never had a complete family before because my dad was never around when I was a kid before we were attacked by Jessie and James and turned into adults”

“Oh I guess we both had poor relationship with our dads” Serena commented as she remembers it was mainly her and her mom and also her mother’s loyal Rhyhorn and Fletchling before meeting Ash again

“Yeah; Serena, I wanted to wait to right time to talk about this because after we were turned into adults. I started seeing things in a different way” Ash stated as he looked at the moonlit sky as Serena slightly blushed a bit think what Ash was going to say

“Wait Ash, you mean” started Serena until Ash press his fingers on her mouth

“I’m not sure, Serena. But I did start to remember the couple moments we had together before the change and want to take things slowly so we don’t rush thing” Ash explained

“Oh Ash, of course I don’t mind” replied Serena as one of her dream started to come true

“Thanks, so let head back to camp before Clemont or Bonnie notice we’re gone” said Ash as he touched Serena’s hand as she blushed red

Soon as they started to walk back Serena quietly placed herself against Ash’s arm causing him to blush a bit as well. Both of them know it would be a long journey ahead of them as they continue adjust their new lives as young adults



End Chapter 1

Age TF Series

by: Dracoknight545 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 21, 2016


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