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Chapter 8
The Psychiatrist

Chapter Description: Sam goes for a second visit with Dr. Patricia.

I woke up around dinner time and crept out of my room. My mom was in the kitchen cooking some spaghetti and meatballs. As soon as a She saw me she smiled saying "Are you feeling better now?"

"Yeah I guess." I responded still ticked off at being treated like a baby.

"Hows your pull up holding up?" My mom asked.

Feeling the dampness between my legs I knew that i had wet while asleep. I didn’t want my mom to know that, so I complained "Mom don’t ask me that. I’m not a baby."

Without saying anything she grabbed my arm and pulled me close to her saying "let me check."

"Stop." I yelled trying to pull away, but i was far too weak to get out of her grasp as she pulled down my pajama pants to reveal my sodden pull ups.

She felt the front of them with her hand saying "They’re soaked. Lets go get you in some new ones before dinner. Without pulling my pants back up she picked me up and carried me to my room. She pulled the pants off my legs and set me down on the floor. She pulled the pull ups down my legs and had me step out of them. She left the room and came back a few moments later with another pull up and some baby powder. Too my dismay she put some powder on her hand and rubbed it into my private area before having me step into a fresh pair of pull ups. I was too embarrassed to even say anything.

I pulled me pajama pants back up when she was done and we went back into the kitchen where my mom put some spaghetti and meatballs on a plate for me and set it down at the table. I had to sit on my knees to reach the table.

My mom seeing this went on and got an old booster seat out of the basement for me to sit on.

After eating i watched some Tv out in the living room while Jacob did some homework on his laptop. When it was about 7 my mom told me it was bed time. "I don’t have to go to bed this early. i just took a nap."

"Are you arguing with me? Ill put you over my knee. Besides we have to get up early tomorrow for your appointment." She said in a stern voice.

I went to bed and my mom kissed me on the forehead before shutting the lights off. To my surprise i dozed off quite fast.


I woke up the next morning to my mom pulling back the covers to check my pull up. I was dry but I felt the pressure in my bladder. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom followed by my mom. As soon as I got to the toilet I released that I had gotten even smaller. The toilet bowl was up to my belly. I realized their was no way i was going to pee in a dignifying way. My mom seeing this picked me up pulling my pull ups and pants to my ankles at the same time sat me down on the toilet and just stood there. It was awkward going to the bathroom with my mom watching me but i really had to go. I peed and pooped. I couldn’t reach the toilet paper so my mom handed me some to wipe myself. Seeing i was having a hard time she took some toilet paper and had me lean forward and wiped my behind as i objected to this treatment.

After that ordeal my mom told me "We have to leave now. Lets get you dressed. We can get breakfast afterwards if you’re good." We went back to my room where my mom found a red t-shirt for me and a pair of jeans. It felt weird to put on jeans without any underwear. When i was all dressed we left to go to the psychiatrist.

When we got to the psychiatrist office my mom helped me out of my car seat. When we walked into the doctors office I was instantly greeted by Dr. Patricia who had me follow her as my mom waited in the sitting area. I followed her into a room with a couch and a chair as well as a table with different things on it. She asked me "So how are you doing Sam."

"Not good. I’m still getting younger and it hasn’t stopped yet." I said in distress.

"I can see that. You look 4 maybe 5 to me. How are you feeling though. You still seem sophisticated to me though. Are you having any problems?"

"Yeah I had a accident yesterday in the car."


"I wet myself." i responded blushing.

"Oh that’s understandable, your body is going through a lot of physical changes. Your speech seems find. How is your memory? Are you becoming forgetful?"

"No, not that i know of at least."

She went through some of the papers on the table and showed me a picture of a naked women asking "Do you feel anything? Are you aroused at all by this image."

"No," i said finding it strange that i felt nothing. I still remembered what i was suppose to feel looking at something like that, but i felt nothing.

"Huh, that’s interesting. Your cognitive skills seem okay. Definitely not that of a 4 year old. How are you being treated at home?"

"Like a baby." I said furiously. "My mom treats me as if i’m not an adult.

"I told her to do that. I told her to treat you how you look."

"what?" i asked confused as to why she would tell her that.

"If your treated like an adult and your maturity doesn’t match that your brain could start to deny what you feel and eventually your mind will be in conflict with itself until you forget who you really are. You might get stressed induced amnesia or your brain might just regress to where your maturity level is at. If you are treated how you look then your brain will accept itself and you will probably be able to retain a lot of your cognitive ability. Now the only question is, have you forgotten things since last we met."

I was given another test to fill out. I finished it in 20 minutes and Dr. Patricia looked it over saying "See it worked. Your brain hasn’t regressed any further since last we met. We will just have to see how young you are going to get and make sure that you retain your cognitive ability. I’m going to send you home with some exercises to help with your mind. Now wait here while i go have a chat with your mom." She left the room and i just sat there and waited.



End Chapter 8

Back to being the baby of the family

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated May 28, 2016


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