The Regression Anthology

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 25, 2015

Chapter 3
Amy doesn't want to be a adult, she wants to be a baby

Chapter Description: When the regression virus hit, Amy is doing everything she can to look after her son, but she wants to be the one who needs to be taken care of

The sun shone through a nursery window, in it lies a big figure sleeping in an adult crib. A young women turn as she suck her thumb, long brown hair in a mess as she wore only a diaper, getting drool over her naked body. Her name is Amy, one year ago she was a mother looking after her eight year old son Jimmy, but found herself wearing a big diaper and needing someone to change her. She sat up as she feels the poop mush against her butt, she giggles as she got on her knees and poke her head over the rails.

’Jimmy!’ she call out "I made a boom boom in my diaper!’ she waited as her son walk in, yawning and rubbing his eyes. ’Ok Mum, I hear you’ he pull down the rails as he held his over grown mother in his arms, Lucky he have the strength to carry such a big baby towards the change table. He lay her down as he remove the big messy diaper.

Amy babble as she hit the mobile over her, giggling as Jimmy wipe up her big butt, then he powder her waist and pull the diaper up nice and snug around her. ’Thank you!’ she peck a kiss on her son’s cheek as she got off the table and waddle away. Jimmy sigh as he put her messy diaper in the bin with the other messy or wet diapers.

Amy sat on the couch, hold her pink stuffie Mr Rabbit as she turn on the tv and watch her baby shows. Jimmy was making breakfast, after a few tries he is a pro at cooking as he made himself some eggs and bacon. Amy couldn’t do the cooking anymore as she doesn’t know where to start. She remembers making the food and cleaning up when she was an adult, but those are stupid things, she just wants to sit around the house, wearing only her diaper and doing whatever she wants. She listen to the colorful music playing as she sings along. On the TV was Barney the Dinosaur, but instead of children it has diapered adults running around. Amy giggle as Barney sing with the adults. Jimmy finish his meal as he grab a warm bottle of milk, he sat next to Amy as he lay her n his lap and put the nipple in her mouth.

Amy drank her milk as she continue watching, Once she finish her bottle Jimmy sat her up and pat her big back, Amy let out a big burp as she dribble a bit on her bare boobs.

’Ok Mum, you stay here for a while’ said Jimmy ’I’ll be right back’ he left the room as he went onto his computer, just so he could play video games for a while. Amy smile as she continue watching, remembering that he was playing his stupid games when this whole thing started.....

’Jimmy I thought I told you to clean up your room!’ yell Amy as she pick up clothes and shoes. Her son was too busy playing that stupid game. She pull the plug as Jimmy yell in shock.

’Mum! I didn’t save it!’

’Too Bad!, Guess you have to clean your room now’ she grin evilly as she walk out, dumping the clothes in the basket and carry it to the laundry. Jimmy sigh as he pick up a few things, stuff them in the closet and put the plug back in. Getting back into the game so he could catch up.

Amy pull the wet clothes from the washer, then she carry them outside to hang them up. She sigh, Maybe this would be easier if his father is around, she shook her head, she doesn’t need that scumbag, and neither does Jimmy, She shook out the wet jeans and hang it up. Once all the clothes were hung up she walk back in as she turn the TV on.

’We just live as Teenagers and Adults are becoming big babies, Here we have our reporter trying out the water, but as you can see, it has change her into something different’ it cut to a naked woman crying in a big diaper, Amy watch, hoping this is a hoax but it looks real. ’Jimmy!’ she call up, ’Jimmy!’ her son walk into the room, ’What is mum? I’m cleaning!’ he complain, but Amy hug him

’Listen! we gotta leave’ she said as she walk away


’Because the world’s going crazy!, please sweetie just go pack your things’ she started packing her case as Jimmy went to pack his case.

Soon they drove off in the car, trying to get out of the city as quick as possible, but Amy spots everyone going crazy! A father and Mother being diapered by their children, a teen boy poking a teen girl’s boobs as they sat at a park wearing big diapers, the girl messing hers as she giggle blankly. Amy’s stomach churn, trying not to think of herself running around in a big diaper. Jimmy look at the chaos, ’Mum? what’s wrong with these people?’ he ask

Amy took a deep breath, ’I don’t know, maybe they can be help, but we have to look out for ourselves okay?’ Jimmy nodded as they drove out of the city.

They stop at a motel for the night, Amy and Jimmy check in at the counter, no one was there but she could smell baby powder, she grab a key and took her son past the room which held a bald man chewing on a box. They enter a room, Amy turn on the tv to check if they found a cure or something. Jimmy sat on the bed as he pull out his comic book. ’Sweetie you need to take a bath’ she said as she sat.

’But Mum!’

’No buts, go take a bath’ he sulkily walk to the bathroom and close the door. Amy turn back to the news

’We have scientist determine that the virus has came from the water, until we fix this problem, any adult or teenager shouldn’t get in contact with any water, especially if it enters your mouth’

Amy cover her mouth with both her hands, If she wants to keep her adulthood she has to never touch any water. She suddenly got an image of her running buck naked around sprinklers, Boobs and Butt jiggle as Jimmy comes over to put her back in her diaper. She shook that thought as she walk outside.

She grab some ice, hopefully she won’t get babified, but looking at it she doesn’t want to take the chance. She threw it away as she grab some cokes and walk off. She walk past a room and peek in to see a Guy and Girl playing patty cake. She look at their big diapers, at how comfy it must be wrapped around their butts, she frown as she quickly walk back in her room, Jimmy wearing clean clothes as he watch TV.

’Hey Mum! Where are we going?’ he ask

Amy frown, she never thought of it, where could they go in a world filled with big babies, it has to be somewhere where she can’t touch water, she was a girl scout and have been taught to filter water, they could go to a beach house, an empty one since obliviously the owners won’t use it. ’I’m thinking we go live near a beach’ she said finally as she sat next to her son

’The beach? cool!’ he smile in excitement. Amy smile as they watch a movie. She then had a thought, if she does find herself diapered and going off in ga ga land, Jimmy would have to look after her! That means he has to change her diapers, feed her baby food and give her baths. She shivered, she just have to try not to be a baby, she has her responsibilities as a mother. The movie ended as they fell asleep on the bed.

Amy toss and turn, hearing lullabies and baby laughter. Unaware that her thumb found its way into her mouth as she started sucking it.

They hey arrive at a beach house, Amy and Jimmy look at the big house, with a path in the back leading to the beach. Jimmy quickly ran inside to check it out as Amy grab their bags. She spots a teenage blonde girl threw her neighbours window, she was wearing a baby dress with a big diaper poking out. Her parents playing around in the playpen wearing big diapers. Amy cringed as she enter the house.

’look mum! A computer finally!’ He log on to his game, Amy sigh, at least it keeps him busy. She unpack her and Jimmy’s things in seperate rooms. Once she finish she walk down the hallway when a door caught her eye. She quietly open it and found a huge nursery. ’What the hell?’ She walk in, noticing its empty, but why is there a nursery? She shrug, maybe she can get rid of this room, it’s starting to give her the creeps. She walk over to a crib, feeling the soft mattress. ’Dam this is soft’ she sat it, the soft feeling around her butt, she lay back as she look up to the mobile hanging over her. She reach out her hand but she pull it back and quickly got off.

’Get a grip! You don’t need this!’ She storm out as there is a knock on her door. She walk down and answer the door to a old couple.

’Hi there!’ Said the old woman, ’I’m Sally, this is my husband George’ she gesture to the old man next to her, ’we notice you move into the harries beach house’

’Oh sorry!’ Said Amy ’I thought since it’s near the beach this must be a safe place’

’it’s ok’ said Sally ’do you have any babies by any chance?’

Amy shook her head, ’Don’t worry’ said George ’as long as you stay away from tap water’ he chuckle

’so do you mind looking after our babies?’ Ask Sally ’we need to get to the store to get supplies, so we can wait this thing out’

Amy about to say something but Sally beam as she yell ’wonderful! Come let us introduce you’ she grab her hand as she led her to their house. George wait by the car as Sally show her inside. Amy figure her son could be alright, since he’s playing that stupid game as she walk in.

’Now we’ll just be gone for a while, and I can’t leave them like this alone’ they enter a huge nursery as three adult babies play on the ground.

The man is name Joe, he has dark hair as he wore only a diaper, he was too busy poking his wife Karen, who hand long dark hair as she giggles and dribble over her breasts. Their daughter Jesse lay on the ground babbling as she suck her toes. Sally thank Amy as she left her alone, leaving with George to the store.

For the next thirty minutes, Amy has change their diapers, fed them baby food, and now breastfeeding Joe and Karen as Jesse crawl around the nursery. ’Ok that enough for now’ she pull them off and pat their backs, they each burp loud as they crawl back toward the toys. Amy put her shirt back on when Jesse tug at her jeans.

’play’ she smile, Amy smile awkwardly as she bend down, ’sorry sweetie but I can’t play with you, go ask your mummy’ she point to the mother, who giggle as she and Joe crawl towards her. ’Play pwease ’ beg the mother, Amy sigh, they not going to give up.

’OK’ she wave her hands, ’you win, what do you wanna play?’

Joe stood up, ’lets play house!’ He said

’yay! ’ clap Karen and Jesse ’I know you could be the baby with Jesse!’

Amy gulp, regretting Ng his decision but they’re just mindless babies, they can’t turn me into one, can they? She shrug as she sat down, she gave her goofy smile as she coo ’Goo goo ga ga’

Karen and Joe giggle as Jesse hug Amy, Karen stood up, ’Hello babies!’ She said

’Hello mama!’ Said Amy and Jesse, Joe and Karen pull them to their feet, with Amy realising she goes up to Joes neck. Dam his tall she thought as Joe pat her butt. ’I think baby needs a diaper change’ he giggle as he led her away. Amy should run, leave them and ran away but she promise Sally she’ll take care, just hoping they get back soon. Joe lay her on the change table. Amy getting second thoughts as Joe remove her jeans.

’Hey I change my mind’ she began but Karen remove her shirt, the baby family soon strip her to nothing as she could ver her big breasts. Joe held her legs in the air as Karen powder her butt. Oh gosh! This is so humiliating she frown as Jesse bring the diaper over, they slid it under her butt as they tape it up snugly around her waist.

Amy sat up as she examine the diaper. She doesn’t feel shame, or fear or anything, she only feels freedom, she giggle as she poke the plastic, for some reason she has the urge to run around. Which she did. She started runner Ng around the nursery with the adult babies chasing her. She play patty cake with Jesse, blocks with Joe and dolls with Karen.

She play with a toy car as she made car noises, bending on her knees with her padded bum to the door, as Sally walk in. ’Oh my!’ She gasp as Amy turn her head, going red as what she looks like right now.

’Sally!’ She Yelp as she stood up, her legs spread apart from her bulky diaper as she frantically try to cover her boobs and diaper, ’I gotta go!’ She waddle out, but not before she grab her clothes and ran out of the house.

she quickly ran back in the beach house, Jimmy was eating some can food as he spot his mum running to the bathroom. He blink as he could’ve sworn he just saw her in a diaper.

Amy lock the bathroom door as she discard her diaper and sat naked on ground leaning against the door. She stare at the diaper, thinking it’s going to jump at her. She should be more mature, but she look at her toes and wiggle them, she never knew her toes are so fascinating, she drool a little as she snap to her senses.

Jimmy knock on the door which made her jump, ’mum? Are you ok?’ He ask

’Yeah Jimmy I’m fine!’ She call back as she stood, ’just had to take a shower’ she turn on the water as she step in. Still looking over to the diaper as she wash her body. She finish up up turning the water off, drying herself as she pull her panties back on, adjust her bra and put on her shirt and jeans. She step out of the bathroom as Jimmy was watching tv.

’So what you watching?’ She ask as she sat down.

’A superhero show’ he said as he watches, Amy smile as she watch the show with her son. Soon it got very late, Jimmy change into his pyjamas as he went to bed. Amy walk into her room to change, she strip down and put on pyjama pants and shirt and crawl into bed.

She he could barely sleep, she doesn’t know but her bed is so uncomfortable, she toss and turn, didn’t fall asleep until 3 am, once she did she started sucking her thumb out of habit, unaware that she is slowing peeing herself and wetting the bed.

The next morning Amy yawn as she feels wetness around her groin area. Her eyes widen as she remove the blanket and witness her accident.

’Oh no!’ She squeal, she jump out of bed, ’Oh no, I peed the bed’ she look around, hoping Jimmy is still in bed as she remove her sheets, her pants and panties, and put them in the basket. She change into clean panties and pants as she put the wet sheets and clothes in the laundry. Amy whimpered, she hasn’t wet the bed since she was five! Now what she’ll do? She went to the bathroom to find that diaper still there, angrily she threw it in the bin as she wash herself up.

Soon she was making breakfast, cause that what mothers do, she made some eggs and toast as Jimmy walk in.

’Here ya go sweetie’ she smile as she gave him a plate of food. Jimmy took the plate and sat in the living room. Amy smile as she sat at the table, noticing Jimmy turn the tv on. Right now it’s showing a commercial, it show a young woman in a big diaper as she play around. Amy turn her head away, trying not to think of that woman as her, running around, getting people to change you, she shook her head as she ate.

once she clean up the dishes, she realise that they are running low on supplies, so she grab Jimmy and they walk to the car. Amy try to start but it wouldn’t budge, ’come on!’ She yell as she hit the dashboard,

’I think it’s out of gas’ said Jimmy as he point to the gas needle. Amy groan as they walk to a bus stop.

A bus stop in front of them as they boarded, The bus driver was a old man as he welcome them and Amy got a big surprise. There were either children or elderly taking care of their big babies, who are sitting in car seats. Amy feels uncomfortable as they found a seat with one empty spot and one empty car seat.

’I’m not going to sit in that!’ Yell Jimmy, Amy doesn’t want to either, but in the end Jimmy sat in the empty seat while Amy sits in the car seat, all buckle up as the belt is securely around her chest and groin. As The bus drives off, she couldn’t help but notice how soft the car seat is. She adjusted her butt, which feels the cushion softness, she look behind her at the two teenagers sitting in two car seats, she look at the diaper around the young red head and thought maybe she should wear a diaper, it does look soft. She remember yesterday when she wore only a diaper, she felt so young and free, she smile at that thought as the bus stop at the mall.

Amy struggle as she couldn’t push the button, so Jimmy un-buckle her, she blush as she thank him as they left the bus. They went to the store to buy food, clothes and other supplies that they needed. Amy and Jimmy each carry a bag when Amy need to use the bathroom. She left the bags with Jimmy as he wait on a park bench as Amy enter the bathroom.

She walk in to find a old lady changing a adult blonde’s diaper. ’Oh sorry!’ she said as the old lady turn to her, the Blonde giggle happily as she drool over her bare breasts.

’Its ok dear’ the old lady said, ’I’m just cleaning up my daughter here, always needing her mother’ the blonde giggle as Amy went to a stall. Once she flush she wash her hands as the lady tape up a clean diaper on her adult baby. The lady then blew on her belly as she lift her up and put her back in her stroller, they were about to leave when Amy call out ’Wait’

She turn as Amy blush, ’can you put a diaper on me?’ she shyly ask as the lady smile.

’Ok dear, if thats what you want’ she grab Amy and lay her on the change table. Amy watch as she pull off her pants and pull her panties off her bare legs, the lady held up her legs as she slid a diaper under her bum, then she powder her privates. Amy couldn’t belive she actually ask for this, but once the diaper was tape on her she felt the same feeling of freedom again. The lady pat her diaper as she pull up her shirt and blew on her tummy, making Amy giggle and laugh. She thank the lady as she left with her baby, leaving Amy to admire her new undergarment in the mirror.

’Guess I could wear it for a while’ she grab her panties and hid it in her diaper as she pull her pants over her bulky diaper. Hoping that Jimmy won’t notice she walk out as he gave her some bags.

’Finally, I’ve been waiting for ages’ he sniff the air for a bit ’why do I smell baby powder?’

’Oh... there was a baby in there getting change, the smell lingers for a bit’ she quickly explain, hoping that Jimmy doesn’t notice the bulge around her waist. Jimmy shrug as they carry the bags but how will they get it home? Amy got an idea as she quickly went in a store, Jimmy wait outside with the bags as Amy found what she was looking for.

A big pink adult stroller was on sale, Amy admire it, this is perfect to carry the bags, she feel the cushions as she felt so little at the moment, she bought the stroller as she notice the packages of diapers on sale. Tinking back to her accident she bought a pack and hid it under the pillows, Jimmy was a little shock but happy that he doesn’t have to carry the bags anymore. They push the stroller as they re-enter the bus. Amy sat back in a car seat, her bum feeling more comfy due to her diaper as she relax, her tummy start to rumble but she let go as she enjoy her squishy feeling.

’Ewww’ Jimmy cover his nose ’I think a baby poop their diaper’ Amy shook awake as everyone smell it, they each check their adult baby’s diaper but so far they are all clean. Amy shifted as the bus driver look around for the source, after stopping the bus of course. he came over to Amy, ’Mam, did you had an accident?’

Amy blush but Jimmy stood up, ’My mum didn’t do it, she doesn’t wear diapers like a big baby’ Amy cringe, she just want to run out crying but she’s trap in her car seat. The bus driver was going to pull her pants but decided against it and went back to driving.

The whole ride the smell remains, until they stop at the street at the beach house. Amy and Jimmy quickly walk out, pushing the stroller towards their house as she turn to see a diaper woman giggling at her, ’Poopy baby!’ she call out as the bus drove away. Amy should feel ashamed, but instead she feels giddy, she just shit her diaper and she got away with it, not only that but the poop feels so good rubbing against her bum. Once they enter the house Amy quickly grab the package of diapers and ran upstairs, leaving Jimmy to unpack the supplies.

She quickly ran into the nursery, seeing its the only room with a change table as she pull down her pants. She step out as she pull her now dirty panties out of her diaper, she gag as she threw it in the bin and got onto the change table. She look at her diaper, figuring out how did she change a diaper before? she couldn’t remember. ’Dammit! I can’t stay like this or my son will find out’ she peek out the window to see Sally and George outside with the three babies. She bit her finger as she hesitated, but she quickly walk out.

She knock on the door as Sally answer and shock to see Amy in her attire. ’Um... HI Sally can you do me a favour?’ she shyly ask

Sally smile as she pat her hand, ’awww you want me to change you?’ Amy nodded as she was led inside and towards the nursery. She lay on the table as Sally untape her diaper, Amy shivered as the cold tissue wipe her butt, then as she roll up the dirty diaper, she held her legs and slid the new diaper under her. Amy dribble a bit as her privates got powdered again, then she was back in a new diaper.

’Thank you’ she said as she stood up

’Your welcome dear, if you need a change just come and ask’ she happily pat the back of her diaper as Amy walk out.

She walk back in the house, Jimmy playing his stupid game again as she went to her bedroom. She pull off her shirt as she grab a dress, ’Maybe this will help cover the diaper’ she pull the sundress on as she look in the mirror. Her butt looks big but it doesn’t show the diaper. She sat back on her couch as she watch tv.

That night, both mother and son sleep in their rooms. Amy toss and turn again, why is this bed so uncomfortable? She sat up as pull her nightie over her diaper. The last time she slept so comfy was that crib in the nursery. She knows she doesn’t need it but how will she sleep on this bed?

She creep past Jimmys room as she enter the nursery. She pull down the rails as she climb in and instantly feel tired as her hands touch the soft cushy mattress. ’Oh my this is so comfy!’ She lay on her belly, enjoying the comfy mattress as she quickly fell asleep. You could say she’s sleeping like a baby right now.

She yawn as she sat up in the bright morning. ’That was a nice sleep’ she smile as she stood up, instantly feeling her wet diaper. ’Oh no I went tinkle!’ She gasp, she quickly ran downstairs and knock on Sally’s door again.

Sally open it and nod as she led her inside. Amy spots George bouncing Jesse on his knee as she walk into the nursery.

’be quiet dear, the young ones are still sleeping’ hush Sally as she point to the two adult babies in the crib, both sleeping like babies. Amy giggle as she slept like that last night as she hop on the table and got her diaper changed.

’you know you could start asking your son to change you, but m sure he won’t mind’ said Sally as she pat her butt

Amy shook her head, ’No, I don’t my son to think I’m just a big baby like everyone else’ she stood up as she walk out

’ you the way dear, you really need a shower’ wave Sally as Amy walk back to her house and into her bedroom. As she took her nightie off, she wonder, why can’t she be a baby? She can do whatever she wants, someone is always there to change her and play with her. She stomp her foot, no! I can’t think like that! She is a mother first so she should start acting like one. She grab the sides of her diaper as she rip it off, feeling the cold breeze around her vagina, she threw away the diaper as she grab her panties and slid it on. Then she put on a tank top and short jeans. Satisfied with how adult she looks she left her room.

She made breakfast as Jimmy came downstairs, ’Jimmy! I made eggs’ she call out as Jimmy sat at the table. Jimmy ate as Amy had her breakfast, they talk when they hear music. They look outside to the huge park area as a party is being held, and lots of diaper wearing people are playing on the park. Amy watch hypnotically as the adult babies play around, the caretakers sat around as they talk.

’hey Jimmy, wanna go over there?’ She casually said

’no, I wanna keep playing my game’ he argue

’well too bad! You could make some friends there’ she point to the children but really she is still looking at the babies, thinking some of them could be her friend. Jimmy argue but Amy manage to drag him out to the park.

They said hello to the children, Jimmy started talking to some of them as Amy watch the adult babies play. She talk with the oldies as a woman around 30 walk up to her. She has short brown hair that is a mess and wore only a diaper like the others. She poke Amy’s shoulder as she playfully ask ’wanna pway with me?’

Amy didn’t think, she just yell out yes as she got up and walk with her new friend. Jimmy saw her as she sat in a circle with the other babies as they roll a ball to each other.

’what is she doing?’ He wonder as he watch, he should feel embarrass but nowadays this could be consider normal, he shrug as he went back to his friends. Amy is having the time of her life, sure she is the only one wearing clothes but she feels she is one of them, and why shouldn’t she? Once they stop with the ball she chase after them as they play tag. Amy laugh as she ran around, stopping only to notice a sprinkler was on near them.

An idea pop into her head, she could be like them forever! She was about to run to the sprinkler when Jimmy grab her hand. ’Mum don’t, that will make you into a baby’ he beg

’let me go!’ She yell as she pull her hand and ran to the sprinkler, Jimmy calling out for her but she doesn’t care, she wants to wear diapers, and play, and be naked, and always not being responsible, she cheer as the water sprinkle all over her. Everyone watch as Amy’s clothes disappear, leaving her buck naked, but then a diaper poof onto her. Amy giggle as her mind regresses, running around without a care in the world, soon her baby friends run around with her. Then they all remove their diapers as they running around the sprinkler. Amy laugh, finally being the big baby she always is.

Jimmy sigh as he grab her diaper and try to get his new baby home.

One year later, Amy sat on her adult high chair with a pink bib around her. Feeling happy since today is her first birthday, well it’s really the anniversary of when she became a baby again. All her friends sat around her as her son brand out the cake. Amy clap and squeal as she blew out the candles. Everyone clap as Jimmy help her cut the cake.

As as they all ate the delicious cake, Amy grunted as she started pushing the poop into her diaper.

’mum!’ Sigh Jimmy as Amy giggle, he took her out as he grab her hand, ’come on, let’s change that diaper’

Amy held his hand as she was led to the nursery, never regretting giving up her adulthood.



End Chapter 3

The Regression Anthology

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 25, 2015


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