The Regression Anthology

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 25, 2015

Chapter 2
Mummy and Daddy are big dumb babies

Chapter Description: Brian and Chloe are now mindless adult babies who loves to go poopy in their diapers, and their poor daughter have to change them

In a nice neighbourhood, in a nice house lived a family of three, Sarah Williams sat at the table doing her homework while her Mummy clean the dishes.

’This homeowrk is stupid!’ she fumed as she drop her pencil, she wave her hand through her black hair, as the young 8 year old pouted. Chloe sigh as she turn the tap off and check her homework. The young 28 year old mother pat her daughter, sure she got pregnant young but she never regret it.

’Come on Sarah, just a few more questions then your done’ she told her daughter.

Sarah groan as she pick up her pencil when she hears the door open. ’Daddy!’ she squealed as she ran from the table as Chloe sigh and followed.

As Brian walk into the living room, Sarah jump into his arms, happy to see her 29 year old father hugging and smothering her. ’Hey! How’s my little princess?’ He hugged her as he gave Chloe a peck on the cheek.

’Horrible, mummy wants me to do my homework’ complain Sarah

’Oh so it’s mummy’s fault eh?’ Tease Chloe as Sarah was put on the ground, ’come on its nearly bedtime’

’but I wanna stay up more!’

’bed now!’ Chloe point to her room,

’Go to bed sweetie night’ Brian pat her back as Sarah sulkily walk to her bedroom, ’tough little girl, takes after you’

’yeah the stubbornness ’ she sigh

’still thinking of having another one?’ Brian ask as he held her close.

’nah, one baby is enough to handle’ she smile as they kiss, then Brian pat her butt as he walk towards the bathroom,

’well I’ll be in the shower for a while, as you can tell I smell horrible’ he took his tie off, Chloe grinned as she follow him,

’maybe I should join you, just to scrub your back’

’not unless I scrub yours first’ they tease as they jog to the shower, ripping off their clothes as they strip nude and went in the bathroom.

They both enter the hot shower, Chloe kissing Brian on the mouth as he peck her neck, water falling on them, suddenly they feel so giggly,

’hehehe, are you feeling this Brian?’ Ask Chloe as she stood under the water, mouth open as water fill her mouth. Brian clutch his head as the tinglies fill his body, he look at his wife laughing, her bare back to her cute butt, but somethings wrong.

Brian poke the big plastic behind, ’honey? Are you wearing a diaper?’

Chloe turn as she look down at her butt, sure enough she is wearing a big thick adult diaper, ’wha? What am I wearing?’ She pouted, she look towards his waist and burst out laughing, ’Ha! Your wearing one too!’ Brian look down at his own diaper, he couldn’t help but laugh as Chloe poke his front. Brian grin as he retaliate but slapping her butt. ’Oh your naughty boy!’ She giggles as she sat on the floor, Brian sat down as well as they became fascinated by the soft cushy feel of their diapers.

Sarah lay in her bed, still fuming about her bedtime and homework, just wishing that she doesn’t have to do all that. She nodded off as the sound of laughter fill the house, then some baby babble.

The door to the bathroom open as the water is still running and steam has bellowed into the hallway. Brian and Chloe crawl out, Brian drooling as he crawl behind Chloe, staring at her big padded butt. Chloe giggle as she wiggle her behind as she crawl away, Brian crawling after her.

Sarah woke wide awake as she sat up, she could hear loud noises coming from outside her bedroom door. ’It sounds like mummy and daddy are having fun’ she pouted, ’maybe they doing it’ she gasp, she heard about S E X but mummy never tell her anything, or daddy for that matter. She sat in bed, wondering about what’s going on in there, she just decided to catch them in the act, then they have to tell her. She smile as she climb out of bed and walk out.

Sarah peek into the living, she spots mummy just behind the couch, sure enough she is naked, she also sees daddy’s foot spread out. ’Oh my gosh what are they doing?’ She should go back to bed but her curiosity got the better of her as she crept towards them. She stop just behind her mummy then.....

’BOO!!!’ She grab her as Chloe screamed and fell back. Sarah started laughing but slowly stop as Chloe started to cry. ’WAAAWAAAAAAAAAWAAAAAAA!!!’ She wailed, Sarah started to feel bad when her daddy started to cry, they both wail and cry and wipe their noses, Sarah thought she was going to get into trouble, but that got push out of her mind as she look closer as her crying parents.

Not only are they both completely naked, she could see her mummy’s big boobies, but they each wore big baby diapers. ’Mummy? Daddy?’ They continue to cry, she got them into a hug, their faces over their little daughters shoulder as she rub and pat their backs. They began to calm down, Chole sniffing up her snot as Brian suck his thumb. Sarah then pull the, back so they are sitting next to each other on their big poofy butts. Brian sitting cross leg and sucking his thumb as Chloe drool as sitting legs spread apart.

’why are you acting like babies? What’s wrong with you?’ Ask Sarah as she knelt in front of them.

Chloe jump up as she clap, she knows this answer! ’Mummy and daddy go dumb dumb’ she giggles as Brian nodded, ’we big poopy heads!’ She turn as she show her big diapered butt to her, ’see! We wear diapers cause we big dumb babies!’ She squeal happily

Sarah’s mind almost imploded, right now she is worried and scared, she has to call the hospital! She left the room as Brian start to pat his wife’s butt, she grab the phone, dial 911 and wait.

Sorry we are busy with emergencies right now, every police, fire brigade and ambulance are busy, please stay on the line

Sarah hung up, if they busy then who will help her parents? She can’t drive them or carry them, nor know the way to the hospital, she could take care of them until they get better. She walk back in the living room, smiling a bit as Chloe and Brian held each other as they lay on the ground, snoring and gurgling as they enjoy dreamland. Sarah grab the big blanket from their beds, cover them up and slid pillows under their heads.

Sarah turn the light off as she collapse into her bed, hoping this was just some crazy dream.

The morning light shone on her face, she yawned awake as she climb out of bed, maybe mummy and daddy are feeling better, she walk into the living as SpongeBob SquarePants in playing on the big Tv. Chloe and Brian sitting on the couch as they spot Sarah walking in.

’Sarah!’ They squealed, Sarah groan as they still in their diapers, meaning they are still big babies

’Sarah could you make us babas?’ Ask Brian as Chloe smile, ’we are hungry’

’Ok daddy’ she sigh as she walk in the kitchen, leaving them to watch her favourite, now their favourite, kid show. She open the fridge and grab the milk, luckily she found two baby bottles in the cupboard as she fill the bottles up and heat them as well. She made sure it’s warm enough, after all she doesn’t want another tantrum. She carry the bottles into the living when Chloe started grunted.

She held her legs in the air as she grunted, face going red. Sarah wonders if she’s ok when she sigh a breath of relief, Sarah then figure out what she did, especially with the smell.

’Mummy? Did you.....’

’Boom Boom!’ She yelled ’I went boom boom in my diaper!’ Her face smile in trumpth, Sarah drop the bottles as she clutch her nose, Brian just laugh at the brown spot around her diaper.

’You went poopy!’ He poke ’poopy baby!’

Chloe giggles, sticking out her tongue at him, Sarah quickly ran around the house looking for diapers, ’Oh man!’ She moan, she can’t find any, big or small, she has to go out to buy diapers, and more stuff. Chloe start to sob as the gross mud squish against her butt. She start to wail as Sarah came up with a solution.

She walk over to the couch and grab her hands, ’come here mummy, let’s get you changed’ she stood her mother up and led her to the adult bedroom. ’Ok get on the bed while I go find some diapers’ Chloe climb onto the bed and lay down, legs spread apart as she waits for her first diaper change since she was a baby herself. Sarah open her drawers and pull out her mummy’s black lace panties, ’maybe if she wore this she will be mummy again’ she hope as she got on the bed.

Sarah hesitated as she grab the tapes, Chloe just suck her thumb as she carefully rip them off, releasing the horrible smell. She gag as she grab some toilet paper and carefully wipe her butt. Chloe just relax, not seeing anything wrong, just her little eight year old daughter wiping her big adult bum and changing her big poopy diaper, Sarah roll the diaper up as she grab the panties, she grab her leg and put one through, same with the other as she slide it up and onto the naughty parts.

Chloe sat up as she frown, ’why ami wearing big girl underwear?’ She ask

Sarah groan, ’Because you are not a baby! You are a big girl’

Chloe shook her head, ’me don’t wanna be big girl, me wanna be baby!’ She cross her arms as she huffed, Sarah had a urge to hit her when when her daddy call out from the other room, ’Sarah! Me make poopy!’ She whined, she doesn’t wanna change diapers!

Soon she got her daddy in clean underpants, he and Chloe sat on their bed complaining about how ugly it is, and how the diaper is much more comfy. Sarah grab some clothes, she might as well go to the shop and buy diapers, otherwise they are going to go poopy or peeing in their clean underwear.

Sarah put the adult clothes on the bed as they watch her. ’Ok Daddy lay down’

’but I don’t wanna wear stupid big boy clothes!’

’You have to! I can’t take you to the shop nakie! People are gonna see you!’

’But I wanna be nakie!’ He demanded as he stood up and grab the sides of his undies, Sarah slap his hand.

’No! You are going to wear clothes or I’m gonna spank you!’ She yell

Brian sniff as he nodded and climb onto the bed, Chloe realise she is going to be next as she try to crawl away. ’And where do you think your going?’ Huff Sarah

Chloe towards her daughter, ’I hate big clothes, I wanna be Nakie!’ Sarah point to the bed, having a angry mother look. Chloe sob as she reluctantly climb on the bed and lay next to her husband.

Sarah start with her daddy first, she pull the shorts up his waist, then grab one of his collar shirts, she sat him up and wrap him in the shirt and manage to button it up, Brian stood as he look in the mirror, to Sarah she looks like daddy again. Her mother loves to make it hard as she keep moving her long bare legs away, Sarah gave her thigh a big slap which stop her, once she got the jeans on her and button it up, she grab the bra, Chloe sat up as Sarah put the bra on her, She complain about how she wants her big boobies free but Sarah knows that boys love to stare. One she got the pink thing on, she put a t shirt on her.

Soon Chloe and Brian sat on the couch while Sarah tie their shoes. ’Sarah this is so uncomfortable!’ Whimpered Brian

’I hate big girl clothes, I wanna wear diapers!’ Yell Chloe

Sarah sigh as she pat their knees, ’look, we are going to the shop to buy diapers, and anything stupid baby thing you want’ The parents cheered as they were stood up. Sarah grab their hands as they left the house. She buckle them in the back seat, making sure they’re secured as she grab a couple of big books, and sat in the front sheet, her feet just touching the pedals as she drove slowly to the shop.

Sarah just manage not to crash as she park the car in the carpark. ’Huh, that was easier then I thought’ she look back as Chloe and Brian are trying to take their belts off. Sarah got them out as they walk hand in hand inside the store. ’Oh my Gosh’ she gasp

It seems her parents are not the only ones sick, everywhere there are either adults taking care of their kids and babified teenagers or adults and the other way around. There is a mother with her two kids and baby husband in the trolly. ’Mummy when is daddy going to stop being a baby?’ ask the daughter

’I don’t know, just go help your brother look for more toys’ the mother complained, Sarah grab a trolly and put her parents in, it is a big trolly as they walk through the store. She could see a crying asian teenager being hugged by her little brother while the mother crawl along the floor in a big messy diaper. She gave some toys to her parents so they can shake and play, she found some adult diapers, bottles, binkies and anything else, they’re all adult size so it could be a little easier. She push them out of the store when Chloe start to go tinkies.

’Mummy!’ she pull her mother out, making sure she didn’t get on the stuff, Chloe laugh trumpithy as she stood there in her soak jeans. Sarah took them towards the change room, they waited behind the mother they saw earlier, who is changing her husband diaper.

’Oh hello!’ she smiled, she was a pretty woman, long brown hair, dress in a blouse and pants, she looks like a mummy to Sarah. ’Which one is a baby?’ she ask

’My mummy and daddy’

’Oh you poor girl, looks like she already went tinkies huh?’ she gestured to the soak Chloe, ’My hubbys just like that, only wants to be in his diaper, ain’t that right?’ she coo to the babbling man.

Sarah sigh, ’Its just so hard! I miss them being stubbon and mature’

The woman sigh, once she put her husband in a new clean diaper, she put him on the ground, ’I’m Sky, this is Chas’ she point to the man, ’My kids are waiting outside so I could help you with their diapering’

Sarah nod as Sky grab Chloe while she gets Brian on the ground. She remove his pants and underwear, powder his butt and tape the new diaper up snugly, Sky did the same with Chloe, blowing on her tummy as she giggles. Now the three adults, Chloe and Brian in their tops and diapers and Chas in just his diaper as they babble on the bathroom ground, playing with the sink.

’Thank you Sky’ said Sarah

’Its no problem, maybe we can get them to go on play dates’ she joke, ’Ok Hubby, time to go’ she walk towards him

’But I wanna play in sinkie!’ he complained

’Come on, the kids are waiting’ she grab his arm but he struggle, Chloe and Brian was busy playing with the running water, Chloe look at Sky and Sarah, then the couple started splashing them, ’Splash Splash!’ they screamed

Sarah and Sky got their shirts soaked, Chas laugh at his wife, who gave him a glare, then start to feel tingling, Sarah look up at her, ’are you ok?’

’Yeah, I feel.... good’ she giggle as she wave around, Sarah then notice her waist expanding, Sky sat on the ground as she peek in her pants, ’Look!’ she squeal as she open her pants to expose the big diaper, ’I’m a baby now!’ she laugh and clap, Chas got on the ground as he pull her pants off, Sarah gasp, so it was the water that making grown ups be babies. Sky happily kick her pants off as she started removing her blouse, ’Me wanna get nakie!’ she announce

’Me too!’ yell Chloe but Sarah grab her and Brian’s hand as they left the bathroom, as the kids walk in to find out that mummy went to big baby land as well.

Once they drove back home and got back in the house, Brian and Chloe immediately took all of their clothes off, wearing just their diapers as they ran around the house trying to tag each other. Sarah sigh as she pick up the clothes and got the baby stuff in the house.

It took a few hours but she manage to turn her parents master bedroom into a master nursery. The king size bed now a king size crib, it now has a change table and a diaper pail, also a playmat so they could lay for a while. She walk out into the living room to find Chloe and Brian drinking their baby bottles, both have satisfied looks on their faces. Sarah took the bottles as they babble and giggle, she hug them both and pat their backs, making them burp real loud.

’hehehe, milk taste good’ gurgle Chloe, Sarah then set up a playpen around them so they don’t go anywhere. Seeing as they are now trap Chloe and Brian started to play with the stuff toys and baby blocks. Sarah sat on the couch and turn on the tv, showing the news.

’it the epidemic is continuing to plague not only this city, but the world as children are beginning to find themselves as the new grown ups’ said the news reader Samatha Holland, Sarah gasp, so it is a virus! ’Research show that people affected are ages 13 to 50 as many fall victim to diapers and other humiliating scenarios’ Sarah couldn’t hear any more so she switch it to a baby show. Chloe and Brian stop and watch, mouth agape as the Teletubbies dance around. Sarah just went on the computer to see if they found a cure or something.

Chloe and Brian went back to playing as Chloe grab the bars, she shook and shook till the side fell over. ’Freedom!’ She happily cheer as she crawl out, Brian look at her wagging butt, he felt a tingle in his naughty part as he followed. Chloe stop at the back glass door as she got on her knees. ’Look honey!’ Brian look out to the big open area, ’let’s play outside!’ She giggle as she stood up

’but should we tell Sarah?’ Ask Brian as he stood up next to her

’Nah lets just play outside for a little bit, she won’t notice’ she open the door and ran out. Brian shrugged as he follow her into the bright sunshine. Brian felt the grass sheeting between his toes as he spots Chloe ripping her diaper off.

’what are you doing?’ He gasp

Chloe look at him, ’well we gotta be naked silly, it’s more fun that way’ she pat her own bare ass, Brian look back at the door as Chloe waddle to him, ’oh what’s wrong? Afraid She’ll spank us’ she grab the sides of his diaper and rip it off, ’there! Now we nakie babies’ she then ran happily, with Brian chasing after her. Chloe laugh as she ran, her boobs and butt jiggle as Brian watch her intensely, his pee pee getting harder, he manage to catch her as they fell on the glass, his dick on her vagina.

’Oh!’ Moan Chloe ’that feel good’ she gasp ’do it again!’ Brian smile as he thrust, and thrust, Chloe wrap her legs around him as she thrust as well. Brian rub her breasts and grab that big ass of hers as he thrust harder, Chloe moaning in pleasure. Then they exploded, Brian and Chloe huffing hard as they lay side by side on the grass.

Sarah walk out as they look up at the sky, she sigh as she grab their diapers and walk towards them. ’Mummy Daddy put your diapers on!’ she yell, she lift up their big legs as she slid each diaper under them, once their diapers are on snugly she led them inside the house. Brian and Chloe still giggling as he started squishing her boob. ’Beep beep’ he coo, Chloe drool as they were sat back in the playpen.

Later that night, Chloe and Brian sat in the big adult high chairs, she is wearing a pink bib that read ’Baby Mummy’ while Brian wore a blue one that read ’Baby Daddy’, They faces messy with baby food mush against their faces while Sarah finish up feeding Chloe.

’Last one Mummy’ she coo as she held the spoon, ’here comes the choo choo train’ Chloe ate the spoon, shallowing the mushy food as Sarah threw the jar in the bin. She then clean up their faces and remove their bibs, then went to have her dinner, which she cook by herself.

’this isn’t so bad’ she wonders, ’I’m the grown up, I can tell them what to do and they have to listen’ she giggles as she look at her parents, Brian sucking his thumb while Chloe close her eyes and push out a big poop into her diaper. Sarah giggle as she finish her dinner, ’Did mummy went poopy?’ she cooed as she pull back her diaper, ’Yep, you need a diaper change’ she giggles as she took her mother out and led her towards the nursery, where she’ll get a fresh new diaper on her big bum.



End Chapter 2

The Regression Anthology

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 25, 2015


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