The Regression Anthology

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 25, 2015

Tales of Mental Regression!

Chapter 1
Miss Summers needs a Diaper Change

Chapter Description: Mike's teacher Miss Summers told him to act more mature, we'll see who's more mature when she starts asking him for a diaper change

Rachel Summers sigh, she rub her hand past her long dark red hair as she looked at her report of Mikey, who is sitting across from her desk with his mother, Jane as she cleared her throat.

’Ok your son has been sleeping in class and refusing to listen’ she said finally, ’I think he have some behavioural issues?’

Jane sigh, moving her long brown hair back, ’well ever since my divorce, Mike’s been feeling down’

’I know but he need to get his grades up, he’s almost eleven’

’The questions are stupid’ Mike said grumpily.

’That’s because you not paying attention to Miss Summers’ scolded Jane

Rachel frown, ’listen Mikey, you gotta learn to be more mature, you have to grow up sometime’ Mike huffed, ’Well maybe I could come by your house next friday?’ she face jane ’So I could maybe tutor him so he doesn’t fall behind’

Jane smiled, ’That would be lovely’

’I don’t want a tutor!’

’Well you getting one otherwise its the street for you’ she scolded, Mike whined as Jane stood up.

’Well thank you for seeing us, I’ll have a good talking to him when we get home’ she shook her hand as she and Mike left the classroom.

’Ok see you friday!’ called out Rachel as the door slam shut. She got up as she pack her purse and went out.

The week has past quite by, Rachel notices that Mike still isn’t listening to her, or doing his homework, infact one day she found a bit of baby food and drool on his homework.Hm maybe he has a baby sibling? she wonders But his mother didn’t bring it with her She continue to teach the other kids as the bell rang on late friday afternoon.

Rachel drove into his neighbourhood as she park on the kerb. She walk on the porch when she smell something horrible, she notice the bin on the kerb and it looks extremly full. She peek in and gagged as it is filled with huge wet and dirty diapers. ’Those are huge diapers’ she close the lid as she was on the verge to puke. She straighten out as she walk up to the door.

She rang the doorbell and waited as Mike answered the door. ’Hey Mikey!’ she said ’Its time for your tutoring, can I come in?’

Mike smiled, ’Ok but you gotta be quiet, the baby is sleeping’ he hushed as Rachel entered the house.

She sat on the couch getting the papers out as Mikey clean up the toys that are scattered everywhere. ’I didn’t know you have a baby sibling, is it a girl?’

Mike grinned, ’how did you know?’

Rachel smiled, she could tell with the girly toys he’s cleaning up. ’Ok we gotta get started’ Mike walk out and came back with a glass of drink, ’oh thank you’ she took the glass as she took a sip, ’You are completely different then at school’

’Well you could say I’m the grown up around here’ he chuckle as he sat next to her. They spend the next hour doing math, science and history. Rachel start to get drowsy as she finished her glass. She yawned heavily as she laid back, Wow I’m so tired! there were sounds of crying from a baby moniter as Mike got up. ’I be right back Miss, the Baby is crying’ he look to see Rachel dozing off as he quietly walk away.

Rachel fell on the couch as she started to drool. Think I’ll rest for a while she close her eyes as she slumbers. Soon she woke up groggily as she spots Mike slipping her jeans off her legs.

’What are.... you...... doing?’ she mumbles in the couch as Mike threw her jeans on the floor. Rachel then have something put in her mouth, her teeth clench on a rubber nipple as she began to suck on the pacifier.

’Come on Miss’ said Mike as he poke her and manage to stood her up, ’That’s better’ he step to get a good at her. Rachel stood with a daze on her face, her shirt unbutton revealing her pink bra and her pink panties on full display. Mike then grab her hand, ’Come on Miss, we better get you into something more suitible for your age’ he chuckled as he led her up the stairs.

Rachel never knew how big this house is, as she was being led past the hallways she looked at all the doors, soon she was led to two doors facing each other. Rachel suckle as she read the label on the door, ’Jane’s Nursery’

I think I know Jane she spat out the paci as she try to think, but Mike pull her arm as she was led into the door that said ’Rachel’s Nursery’

’Ok Miss, or should I say Rachel?’ he teased as they went to a big change table, Rachel was too busy looking around, there was a huge crib, a closet with baby clothes and a play area filled with toys and blocks and dolls. Mike pat her huge butt, ’Ok get that big butt of yours on the table’ he help her onto the table as she sat down and laid back. Looking up at the mobile as her panties were being pulled off. Mike started to giggles awkwardly as he stared at her vagina, but she didn’t seem to care, even when he starts removing her shirt and removing her bra, leaving her bare naked infront of a ten, going eleven year old.

Rachel started reaching for the mobile as her legs were lifted into the air, she kept them there as Mike powdered her butt. He then grab out a giant diaper as he slid it under her butt and pull the front over her waist. Soon Rachel were sealed in a nice snug adult diaper. Mike stood her off the table as he admire his handywork, Rachel just babbles as she waddle towards the toys.

Mike watch her as he remembers doing the same thing to his mother last week.

One week earlier

Mike sat in his room, as he is grounded and can’t go out and play. Jane was too busy washing the dishes. Mike sigh as he suddenly remember. He went under his bed and took out a special drink that he ordered online. It said that it can regress anyone, kids or adults. Mike was going to prank some teenagers wit it but he got a better idea.

He sneak into the kitchen as Jane was outside putting clothes on the line. He spots her drink as he quickly grab it and pour some liquid into it, making a lime green color. Once he hears her coming in he quickly ran back to his room. ’Now lets see if it works’ he lay on his bed as he took a nap.

His eyes shot awake, he jump off the bed and ran to the living room. ’Mum?’ he called out, he look around as he hears giggling outside. As he walk past the kitchen he sees her pants, panties bra shirt and shoes discarded on the floor as he open his mouth in shock. His mother Jane were playing in the sprinklers, she was completly naked as her big boobs bounce around. She look over to Mike as she yelled ’MIKEY!’ she jogged over to her son, ’Mikey! Me Nakie Mummy!’ Mike smiled

’Ok Mum- I mean Jane’ he held out his hand ’Lets get you into a diaper’ Jane smiled as she took his hand and waddle inside.

Mike watch as Rachel played happily, soon after his mother is regressed, he bought adult diapers online, along with adult baby accessories. Since she is a bank manager no one will think trice when he send them a text saying she’ll work from home.

Rachel start to build a tower with the baby blocks, but she can’t help but think something is wrong. Mike hand her a rattle as she gleefully shake it. Then he left the nursery, locking the door as he went to check on Jane.

Rachel shook her rattle with a stupid look on her face, then she look at the rattle, then she looked around and at the huge adult diaper she’s wearing. ’What the hell?’ she drop the rattle as she stood up, the diaper spreading her legs. What’s going on here? why am I in a nursery? she waddle to the door and try to open, but it is lock tight. ’Dammit!’ she look around for a way out when she notice the window. She grab it and pull it open, the cold air brushing against her exposed breasts. She looked out, its too high but she climb out and hang onto the ledge, if any neighbours decide to look out, they’ll see a diapered naked adult hanging from a ledge. Rachel count to ten as she drop, landing on her big padded ass.

’Well guess it’s good for something’ she stood up as she looked around. ’I’m still at Mikey’s House!’ she gasped, Oh my god what did I do? last thing she remembered was falling asleep on his couch, she quickly ran to her car, but discover that she doesn’t have her keys. ’Of course I left them in my bag’ she tip toed towards the door. It was lock so she went around the house, she went through the back door as she quickly went to the living room.

’Where is it?’ she search through the couch cuishens. She whimpered when she hears footsteps coming from the stairs. She quickly hid in a broom closet as Mike walk past her, holding a huge empty baby bottle. Rachel quietly crept out when she hears babbling upstairs. I shouldn’t do this! I shouldn’t do this! but she climb up the stairs, walk through the hallway till she came up the two doors.

She stared at the door that said ’Rachel’s Nursery’, ’Hey is that mine?’ the babbling came from behind her as she went through the door that said ’Jane’s Nursery’

Once inside Rachel covers her mouth in shock. Jane was sitting in a huge baby bouncer, her long brown hair tied up in pigtails as a bib were tied around her bare topless breasts. ’Oh my god.. Jane?’ she waddle towards her ’what happen to you?’ suddenly she remembers the dirty diapers in the bin.

Jane gape up at her, ’Miss Swummers! YAY!’ she clap happily, ’Now you can be my baby sister!’

’What? What do you mean?’

’Daddy promise you will be my new baby sister!’ she gurgles, ’Now you in diapees we can PWAY!’

Rachel had too much of this as she try to run out but Mike stood at the door. ’So there you are, I thought you went and left us’ he smiled

’Mike stop this! I’ll call the police!’ threatened Rachel as she stood her ground

’big talk coming from a big poopy diaper baby’ he teased

’I AM NOT A BIG POOPY DIAPER BABY!!!!’ she stomp her foot, ’I am your teacher, an adult and you will treat me as such!’

’No I don’t think so’ he walk past her as he gave the milk bottle to Jane who drank it greedily, ’See I’ve been busy this past week, Once I studied the regression drink, I made some adjustments to it’

Rachel back away, ’What....What kind of adjustment?’

Mike grinned, ’Well I study magic of course, and made like an improvement, like whoever drinks it, Adults only or course, they will not only regress but diapers will appear on them, so they don’t make a mess of themselves’ Rachel slid her hands behind on her plastic padded butt, ’And I also put that drink in the water source’ he smiled cheerfully

Rachel gasped, if any adults drink that they will be adult babies! She has to get out of here, warn everyone! She ran but Mike grab her wrist. ’Let me go! Please!’ She begged but Mike shook his head.

’Sorry Miss Summers, but your not acting mature enough’ he mocked

’Please! I’ll give you an A just please don’t make into a baby!’ she sobbed but her belly began rumbling.

’I know that sound’ he cooed as he put his hand on her belly, ’It means you have to go poopy’

’NO!’ she panicked but she couldn’t hold it in, she started pushing the poop into her diaper, expnading it with the mush and smell. Jane drop her bottle as she laugh at her, ’Poopy Baby!’ she teased, Rachel face went red as she stood there, legs spread apart as she push more poop into her diaper. She cried as she fell to her knees.

’It’s not fair’ she sniffed ’Its just not fair’ Mike stood over her as she look at him.

’Do you want a diaper change Miss?’

Rachel wanted to scream, she could change her own diaper, she doesn’t need him but the shame and humliation were too much, she sob as she nod her head. Mike led her up and towards the table, where she sat on her messy bottom and laid back. She looked out the window, knowing that the world is ending.

Where was I when the world ended? She cried silently I was getting my diaper changed



End Chapter 1

The Regression Anthology

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 25, 2015


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