My Sumo Challenge

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Chapter 2
The challenge

Chapter Description: The great champion, Cecilia Hachimoto, arrives to the arena. But I am just a feeble little boy! can I be able to defeat her? Let the Sumo Challenge begin!

What I saw was amusing: I was on a Sumo Arena. All the stadium benches, full with people whistling and shouting. Seemingly, they had come to see ME and I felt vulnerable about all those eyes looking at my feeble childish, almost naked, body.

A narrating voice repeated in Japanese about the “Great Sumo match”, and I felt nervous about filling their expectative. And in that moment, I realized, that in front of me, there was another door, exactly just like mine, in the other side of the arena. And next to them, there were a couple of great posters, just like hanging banners, depicting the photo of a mature, beautiful and bold woman. I could read the words in those banners: “CECILIA HACHIMOTO, SUMO CHAMPION”.

When the Japanese voice sounded again by the speakers, the people went almost crazy. It announced that the great champion, Cecilia Hachimoto, was coming to the arena. I don’t know if they were my nerves, but I could hear how the floor trembled when she walked to the door, stomping on the floor. That put my legs to tremble ridiculously.

And with a great howl from the people, Cecilia entered to the arena. She was tall, bold, curvaceous woman, wearing only a huge sumo thong, even tighter than mine. Her arms and legs were strong and thick, but spongy because her fat, and finished in cute little hands. Her huge, fleshy boobies, exposed to the air, bounced in their glory, with a brown big aureole demarking their center. I went stunned on her beauty: her skin was light and perfect, her hips wide and seductive, and her movements very graceful.

Cecilia’s face was warm and lovable, with a pretty shied nose, fleshy cheeks and gloss lips; her features were certainly almost not Asian at all, what made me think that she was only Japanese-descendant. Her eyes were precious, carefully highlighted with black mascara, what gave her an elegant look; and her hair was dark brown, straight and silky, tied in a mix between beehive and bun hairstyle. Her neck, pure and stylish, stood as a virginal column apart her hair. She looked just beautiful to me. But I didn’t know what was going to happen next.

Cecilia entered the arena smiling unworried, squatting down and stomping on the floor in a classic sumo ceremonial entry. I went nervous and tried to imitate her, what I didn’t do so well.

The announcer said the fight between the champion and “this month’s challenger” was just about to begin. Of course, the crowd totally supported the beautiful woman. And I was dying of fear... “was I really going to fight with that female mountain?” I didn’t know any of the rules of sumo, I had seen only a few moves in movies and video games, but not even with that knowledge I was going to take a chance against the champion Cecilia Hachimoto.

Whatever, I had to be ready. The referee rang the gong, that, I knew, indicated the beginning of the ceremony (not the fight). Cecilia repeated her squatting pose, and I did the same, breathing deeply to assimilate I had to fight against her. Cecilia smiled at me in an aggressive way, confident that she was going to win.

10 seconds after, finally the bell rang, indicating the beginning of the round, and I proceeded to start aggressively; I wanted that to finish soon. Somehow, I figured out that if I was able to manage trip her down to the floor, half of the match was won. And I knew that, as she was in bare feet, like me, and I was shorter, she’d be a relatively easy target.

I ran straight throwing pushes with my palms (as far as I knew, it was a legal sumo move), while Cecilia stood still. “Was I going to be able to defeat her??” Leaving that to my luck, I closed my eyes and hurried, in order to push her knees (she was way taller than me) and making her fall down.

But soon, I found something obstructing my way, and even I know I was running, I was not hoping forward anymore. My hands were pushing the thin air. I heard the attendants laughter, and when I opened my eyes, I found me just on front of Cecilia’s navel; by her position I realized: she had foreseen my attack and was holding me by my head, as easily as taking a bun with one hand. Despite how hard I tried to escape from the grip and tackle her, I just couldn’t. She was extraordinary strong.

After seeing me try fruitless, and Cecilia almost snoring when containing my attack, the crowd laughed hysterically, each time louder. That made me lose my balance and stop. Cecilia decided not prolonging more the show, and, as I was too tired to defend myself, she took me with her other hand (two or three fingers only, actually) by my thong, pulling it and me up, making me separate from the ground and stay hanging in the air at her mercy.

The crowd laughed even more by her occurrence, that left me shaking my legs in midair, in an attempt to free from her grapple. Cecilia smiled lordly, again, and turned round to see her public. By looking at her confident glance, I felt doomed. And when she turned round again, she laughed loud next from my face, actually making mock of me. And the assistants made her a chorus. With two of her fingers, Cecilia pulled my thong off, while holding me by my neck and shoulders with her other big hand. Now I was naked in her hands, hanging in midair and defenseless.

“Look at this weakling weenie!”, Cecilia said, laughing excentrically, and indicating me, and all the assistants made mock of me while I still tried to free. Right there, I was being so hardly humiliated; Cecilia threw my little thong to the floor of the arena, and I felt the cold breeze introducing in my privates, highlighting my vulnerability.

But when she laughed again, I knew I had to do better; Dania was trusting in me, and I was not going to give up and be defeated by that cruel woman. I did what I could only do: I shook my feet even more frenzy, what provoked the assistant’s laughter. I had a chance: Cecilia was still laughing, and she wasn’t paying attention to the fight; in other words, she was defenseless.

With a swinging, pendulum move, I could let my foot reach her spongy bare armpit, and I quickly tickled it with my toes. That single movement surprised Cecilia, who trembled and loose her grip over me. The public couldn’t even react, and I landed safe in the floor of the arena. Now, I was on the advantage. Cecilia took her hand to her armpit, trying to recover from the shiver, while I quickly crawl under her spread legs, using my arms to wrap her ankles and I pulled her down with all my strength.

Unexpectedly, it gave a result, and Cecilia’s body collapsed down, disorienting her for a brief moment.

“What was I going to do? Should I climb over her, like in wrestling?” I surely was not going to be able to stay more than 2 seconds over her, and I actually didn’t knew the sumo rules, so I had to think in other strategy. I glimpsed at my lost thong, still on the floor, and I stretched my hand to reach for it. Fortunately, Cecilia’s hands had fallen so near, and I quickly wrapped her wrists inside my thong, finishing with a quick knot, effectively binding them.

Once I finished, and feeling the great Cecilia was about getting up, I hurried getting up and taking a defensive stance. The assistants were totally surprised; “had been legal what I had done?”. Cecilia struggled to wake up, but after two tries, she was able to stand in her feet without using her hands, that were tight bound, resting on front of her body, but unable to be used.

The referee didn’t say nothing; instead that, he rang the bell for the second round. Cecilia got up, breathing deeply with her chest bumping up and down, and with her eyes filled with anger. I had managed to make her lose control and self-confidence. And I had regained mine. Maybe I would be able to win, after all.

Cecilia ran to me, trying to catch me or maybe crush me with her body; fortunately, she was too slow, and I had recognized the fighting circle, so I didn’t baited and ran inside it (running outside would have made me lose the battle instantly). For first time, the assistants’ laughter and their support to Cecilia stopped filling the air; now, the air was cut by a tense silence. Nobody in the whole arena knew who was going to win the fight.

I managed to evade Cecilia’s first charge, and I ran in other direction, but soon she returned with all her fury, tackling like a bull. Luckily, I was able to dodge her attack again, but I finished almost kneeling against the border of the arena, and I quickly became an easy target for her.

Cecilia bent down, looking to the floor, she closed her eyes and prepared herself to the last assault. Her huge womanly mass was at one step to crush me, but I had managed to almost get up; at the last moment, I was able to roll away, and hitting with my own feet Cecilia’s ankle.

Cecilia lost balance and fell down again, this time face down with her enormous butt aiming to the air, on the middle of the arena. I knew that time her collapse had been even harder, and I had to take advantage; it was maybe my last chance to defeat her.

So, I quickly ran to her and climb up over her head, while the attendants exploded in applauses and hails; I knew that time they were supporting ME. I spread my legs, placing my naked bum just over Cecilia’s nape, and I was able to reach her great butt, still embraced by her magnificent champion thong. With every strength of mine, I pulled it off from Cecilia, exposing her big champion butt to all the attendants, who started whistling in excitement.

Cecilia Hachimoto was still stunned, but when she heard all the whistling, she began to shake her head, trying to wake up; I knew I had to act quickly. So, I used her own thong to bind her feet; since she had landed in foetal position, with the butt aiming to the sky and the legs together, I was able to bind her ankles together quickly and make a knot on it. I did that with singular mastery, and when I considered it was safe, I got up and woke Cecilia up by spanking soundly her huge buttocks.

The crowd went crazy in excitement; in their lives they wouldn’t have imagined that night they’ll see their great champion defeated, down in the floor and bound in hand and feet, exposing all her highest womanhood to them. Neither Cecilia.

Cecilia Hachimoto woke up, alarmed by listening to the people that excited without her doing anything. Then, she realized the breeze that caressed her exposed butt and privates, and she tried to get free, nervous. And she couldn’t, no matter how she tried. Her tremble only made her butt shake even more, for the attendant’s delight. She was totally defeated.

Desperate, Cecilia growled in anger, desperately making an effort to break her binds, and after I gave her two more swats in her butt, she started to cry. The referee rang the bell again to indicate the end of the round, and in the great screen my victorious face appeared, crowning me as the new champion. As confetti filled the arena, all the attendants got up from their chairs, applauding excited.

I walked around Cecilia, admiring her great body, that I had just defeated. Her butt was, indeed, the most beautiful thing I had seen in my life. It surprised me in all her majesty and goodness; she was just like a divine goddess. And she was crying. This time, at the same time wondering about her greatness and feeling pity for having humiliated that perfect woman, I bent down to see her crying face. She looked to my eyes too shy, like feeling embarrassed, and I give her my glance back, gently and smiling at her.

For my surprise, she started to smile again, so big, by looking at me. I crouched down and helped her to free from her bounds, and the first thing that she did was picking up in her arms and kissing me repeatedly in my cheeks.

"You are the boy I have always been looking for", she said, kissing me excited, "no one had been able to defeat me in the way you did. Now, I can mother a true boy".

In her arms, she made me spin in circles with her, under all the applauses, and I started to appreciate the softness of her body and the warmness of her skin. And her goodness moved almost moved me to tears. There I was again, with my 6-years-old naked body, well sheltered in that perfect’s woman warm arms, breathing the scent that her huge soft breasts emanated. I was now in paradise.

Dania came out from the door, only to see me, at my full happiness, in the arms of that big, strong woman. both naked. She greeted us both, and to me specially, pinching my cheek for last time. She said she had always known I was nothing more than a kid, a brave and sweet kid, that only needed a true mother to be happy forever. She said that she knew I would be able to fight with all my heart for that, and earn my final happiness. And with an affectionate swat in my little buttocks, she told me goodbye.

All the assistants went away. The lights in the arena went off, and Cecilia Hachimoto, a sumo champion and my ultimate mother, walked naked, in darkness, silently, to take me to our new home. I felt more peaceful than ever in my life, warmly hosted in her chest and resting in her motherly infinite breasts, tranquilized by my mother’s sweet caresses. I loved Dania and I love Cecilia.

Finally, she placed me in bed, and we together tucked up in bed, hugging each other, knowing that was what we always had waited for. Together we slept, waiting to wake up tomorrow to start our perfect life together.

That was my sumo challenge, and tomorrow my new life waits for me. That was what I deserved, and this is what I won.

"Good night, Cecilia... I mean, mom".

[size=4]THE END[/size]



End Chapter 2

My Sumo Challenge

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 22, 2014


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