My Sumo Challenge

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I am a stressed business man that briefly returns to his home city to spend vacations. What I don't know is that my high-school's giflriend's call will put me in the greatest challenge of my life. But remember: every big challenge has its just reward.

Chapter 1
The preparing

Chapter Description: I return to California, my home city after 7 years. I haven't stopped thinking about Dania, my high-school girlfiend, is there a chance to fix our relationship? Her unexpected call will change my life forever.

After passing a few weeks of my last business travel to Minneapolis, I had grown really tired of only working and not fun. So, I felt too happy when my boss advised me to take a short vacation period, two weeks, in California, just after attending to a salesman convention.

The Convention week passed quickly and soon I found myself in what I had always wanted: a whole vacation week only to slacker and relax, with everything paid by the Company. I actually spent 4 days in a first-class hotel, eating the best food I could buy, visiting beaches, parks, cinemas and museums at morning and day, and taking snoozes when I felt it was necessary. For me, it was the paradise.

You should know that California is my home state; there I was born and spent the first 22 years of my life. Now I’m 29 and I still sometimes feel homesick, remembering my days at school and my high school girlfriends. I knew my last ex-girlfriend, Dania, was living and working in the same city I was lodged, and I even thought about phoning her or concert a date with her. But I discarded that idea soon, since I knew she was now an important CEO, even better businesswoman than I, and knowing her, sure she had a jealous boyfriend to watch for her.

“But, if she wasn’t...?”, I asked myself some times. I had only to remember how she had rejected me when she learned I was a very dependent boy, almost looking her as to my mother rather than as my girlfriend. I remember too how she went angry when, weeks after our relationship finished, I looked for her to support me in those hard moments. But those days were in the past; now, I had only to relax three more days before returning to Minnesota and to my job.

Now, you reader will be able to guess my surprise when my hotel’s room rang and I answered, only to find out that Dania herself was calling me. I tried to not appear very surprised, but I really was, with my heart beating at maximum speed. Dania told me briefly that she had seen me in the Convention, that she was happy to see me again, and after that she invited me to meet her in an important event of her company. And the best is that she had promised me to be with me personally again.

I wrote the address down and meticulously prepared myself for the night. I wanted to give her a good impression. Maybe she wanted to fix our relationship!

At 7 p.m. I drove my car to the point of reunion. For my surprise, it was a... big stadium. At first I thought it was maybe another businessmen convention or something, but I really surprised when I knew the event that was going to take place there that night: it was nothing less than a Sumo Fight!

Quickly I confirmed what I had figured out: Dania was running a Sports Events Company, presenting tournaments and plays of some exotic sports. And it was very successful, I knew when I saw how much people had come to see the fight; they were about five thousand, and much of them were Japanese or Japan American.

I was a little late, and the row to buy the tickets and enter the stadium was long as hell. So, I blamed myself for not coming earlier, and joined to the row. I waited for about the 20 most boring minutes of my life, yet excited for seeing Dania again, when somebody whistled at me. I went really surprised: It was the same Dania I had knew when I was young, but now wearing an elegant executive suit and high heels; she was exquisitely addressed. She told me hello enthusiastically, and with gestures she indicated me to come with her instead joining to the row. Stubbornly, I obeyed.

When I came near her, I felt joyful: she was practically the same as when we were at high school; long red hair, some shorter than me, with curvaceous feminine features in her well-built (a little fat) body and the most gorgeous face I have known in my all life. As always, she was perfectly made up, and her sweet perfume intoxicated me with love.

“Come here, Theo”, she told me, affectionately, and took my hand with her fine, little hand. She leaded me to a side entrance, that was guarded by her security team, and soon, she and I acceded to the building. I couldn’t believe it! Me, and only me, had the honor to be privately with Dania.

But the room where we entered wasn’t what I was expecting. It looked just like a football stadium’s player’s dressing rooms. Lockers, some benches, white towels hanging, doors that leaded -I figured out-, to the showers or bathrooms. My thoughts were interrupted by Dania, who instantaneously hugged me, reclining her head in my chest, and pushing me to the lockers. I almost couldn’t react, so I hugged her back. I was trembling for the surprise and excitement.

But that was only the beginning. Dania took me from my shirt’s lapels, and carefully, showing me her nicest smile, started unbuttoning my shirt, although giving me time to relax.

“I prepared all this just for you”, she told me, when I was still shivering. “I hope you to feel a lot happier after this”. She was talking to me just like a mother talks to his little son. Her voice tune was that sincere, that I forgot all my insecurities, and I hurried to unbutton myself, excited for having a lovely moment with her. Dania giggled and stepped apart from me, then taking me by my wrist again, and leading me to another room, one with white walls.

I finished taking my shirt off, when she indicated me a bed, which was just in the middle of the room. It looked so nice, and judging by the shelves and baskets of its side, I thought it was a massage table, and I laid down face up. Pleased, Dania, standing before me, began to unbutton my pants, pulling them down after that. After she had taken my shoes off, she had to raise my legs to pull my pants out; I was feeling pleased of being in her possession, absolutely sure that she was going to take a good care of me.

With an inner sigh, she pulled down my briefs, taking from me my ultimate piece of clothing. I felt so vulnerable, yet so safe, in the hands of that precious lady. I imagined myself there on the bad, completely naked, only sheltered in her sweet scent.

With a graceful move, Dania caressed my hip; with that first touch, I felt like entering in Heaven. After that, she slipped her other hand under my low back, indicating me to turn round. “What was she doing that for?” For me, that didn’t matter; I was totally in agreement with her manipulating me in every possible way she would like.

When I was turned round, exposing my naked bum to her, she let me go. Dania retreated for a moment, in what I could guess:

“she was preparing me to give me a full massage, since she knows I feel constantly stressed by my job”. I could glance how she opened one of the shelves and took out some objects from them, before closing the shelf.

“Maybe massaging oils and that”, I thought, breathing deeply and relaxing to enjoy my massage.

Certainly, she started up by pouring some oil in my buttocks, than rubbing them affectionately, with me almost dying in pleasure of being possessed by her. Her caress prolonged for minutes, when I could even guess her peaceful, lovely smile. Then, I could feel how she poured something else in my buttocks. “Powder?”, I guessed.

I actually didn’t know too much about massages, but every that was in Dania’s thinking was right for me, so I enjoyed being powdered like a baby. After depositing a great amount of powder in my buttocks, she introduced her hand under my buttocks, rubbing with the remaining oil my little, contracted scrotum, and my flaccid little penis. Her caresses started to revivify them. And then, rubbing so soft, she covered my butt and privates with a soft layer of powder.

“Almost ready, sweetheart”, she told me in the ear. I felt melting when she said that; it had been a very relaxing experience, and I prayed for it to be only the beginning...

Then, she took one more object from the shelves, just before pushing my hip up and indicating me to bend myself. I obeyed, rising my bum to the air, while still face down, without being able to see what she was preparing to do, and then, I felt how she started to wrap my butt in something... In that moment I realized: she was putting me inside a sumo diaper!

I felt how she adjusted the Mawashi to my butt, and just after that, I had a strange sensation. I felt how the room was going larger, when I was somewhat getting shorter... I turned round to see Dania, and I saw her smiling sinisterly, yet lovefully, when she saw me surprised by the changes. I saw her face getting every tame further and taller, finally eclipsed by her sweet big breasts, still in that elegant businesswoman suit. And then, everything stopped.

Dania hugged me again; I was that surprised that I couldn’t even move, and for a new surprise, she picked me up, carrying me out of the bed (Now I knew! It was just a changing table!). She was not too taller than me; I felt myself in a 6-years-old boy’s body. And it was confirmed when she took me just on front of a full-wall mirror: I had turned into a silly 6-years-old version of myself.

“Do you like what you see?”, Dania said, still holding me in her arms.

I had to say: NO. At that age, I was short, skinny and weak as hell. It was not pleasant to me look inside me again in that weenie body, and felt even more ridicule when I saw I was only wearing a sumo thong, that even exposed my bare buttocks and long, skinny legs. And judging by my hairstyle, I looked just another like a Japanese sumo-fan kid.

Dania deposited me in the floor, giving me the chance to walk, held by her hand, naturally. I was nimble, and I felt weak, vulnerable, yet somewhat more agile.

Once I got accustomed, Dania walked me in front of a big door. She crouched to hug me again, now telling me: “I have always known what you wanted, but I can’t give it to you by myself”, she told me, exactly in the way a mother talks to her little son, “listen, Theo: you have to earn it by yourself. It’ll be hard, but I am confident that you are able to win. I trust you.” I felt like wanting to cry; Dania had chosen perfectly my new body: I was maybe at mental age of a 6-years-old boy, and now I wanted to cry for being separated from my mom.

I hugged her back, begging her to not abandon me; she kissed my cheeks and face a lot of times, caressing my head, and letting me vent myself. When I almost finished crying, she kissed me neck and pushed me through the door.

[size=4]TO BE CONTINUED[/size]



End Chapter 1

My Sumo Challenge

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 22, 2014


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