Wicked Witchery

by: Seiniyta | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 31, 2008

Chapter 3
The wicked and the sweat

I can do that myself too” Rob protested as Kayla helped his naked body in the costume.

“I’m doubting that” she giggled as she finally put the zipper up and let it magically disappear without him noticing it. As final touch she put the hood that was attached to the costume on his head.

“You look so sicken adorable” Kayla hugged Rob so hard he almost choked him.

“You look cute as well” Kayla smiled and tried to pick him up.

“oeh, you’re heavy” she responded as she put him down again.

“At least I’m still heavy enough to not be carried around” Rob said with a smile, more as a comfort for himself.

“Are we ready?” Rob asked as the urge to get some candy began to rise.

“Yes, there’s only one thing left to do.” Kayla said as she saw a old face-paint box.

“No-no, that’s not necessary” Rob didn’t want to get painted like some small kid, not even if he had the appearance of one. Inside he still was a big boy.

“Come on, not even a little bit?” She said with a sly grin.

“no” Rob simply answered as he crossed his costumed arms.

A while later, when they finally inhaled the fresh air of the outside world started their tour of trick and treating. As he passed a closed shop with a lot of mirrors behind the window Rob saw himself, face-painted.

Kayla had painted her own with the help of a mirror and the use of sneaky magic. Without magic, she wouldn’t be able to face-paint someone.

“I feel so small” Rob said as he passed other kids that were way taller than him. In normal circumstances it had been the other way round and he would had been the bigger kid. However, today the circumstances were pretty far from being normal.

The streets were decorated really neatly; everywhere there were pumpkins and other decorations like witches on broomsticks, large plastic spider webs, and a lot of creepy masks. And the full moon that was quite large this evening made the scenery perfect.

In his own mind he was commenting other children their costumes, most of the comments weren’t really positive.

He found all those costumes so incredibly juvenile. However, each time he passed something where he could see his own reflection he was reminded that he was wearing a costume that was more juvenile than many, many others.

Those thoughts were quickly put to the back of his mind though as they began to trick and treating, at first he blushed uncomfortable as someone called him a cutie or adorable but every time the reward of more candy let him forget about those things. He even began to like the attention he was getting from the elders.

It was when the clock struck 8 pm that Rob began to feel strange again, it was a feeling he couldn’t put a finger on and he shrugged it off.

“Enjoying it Robbie?” Kayla said after awhile as their bags were getting heavy.

“uhu” he simple said as he took a candy from the bag and chewed on it. One smile and a ruffle in his black hair later they were walking toward home again to put down the bags and take another pair of to fill with the oh-so-precious candy.

It was when Kayla had taken a empty bag she let them drop directly again as she saw her hands. Somehow she had failed to notice how her hands got covered in brown fur and had the appearance of a raccoon.

?ok, this is getting odd.’ She thought to herself as she took the empty bags and acted as nothing ever had happened. Rob in the meantime was getting sweaty as it was getting very warm inside the costume for him. He thought that was because they were in a warm stoked house. The truth...however was far more alarming.

With their new bags and leaving their old ones at home they continued their quest of gathering as much candy as possible. However, Rob was now sweating heavily. His face paint was already alighted due the sweat.

“Kayla, I don’t feel good” Rob finally said to Kayla as he didn’t want to show himself weak toward her.

“Well, we better go to home then” She said as they changed direction back to where they came from.

They were lucky nobody had been around when they arrived home or they would have to explain things that are rather unexplainable. It was at the doorstep when a loud ripping noise emitted from Rob’s costume. The fake Skunk tail had been torn in pieces a real much larger skunk tail appeared. Before Rob could even be shocked, or stare in wonder he was pulled inside the house.

“I have a tail!” Rob said, half shocked, half fascinated. Half forgetting he was close of losing conscious because of the extreme heat in his costume.

Normally Rob would have resisted of being stripped but now he didn’t care. He let out a sigh of relief when the last of the costume was removed from him, leaving him naked again. Rob had been a very modest person but now he seemly didn’t even care about modesty anymore.

“Geez, now I understand why you had it so warm” Kayla said a while later while she stroked the fur on his back. Rob’s neck, back, behind, and the backside of the legs where covered in mostly black fur. The only exception was a white stripe that came from the neck until it reached the tip of the tail.

In the meanwhile Rob had trouble finding the tail “cool” and “totally wicked”. He should be worried, something he aware of but couldn’t be for some odd reason. He knew transforming wasn’t really normal to happen. He even seemed to shrug of the thoughts of what his parents would say. However, that was because Kayla would explain everything to them so he wouldn’t be blamed for something he had no control over.

“Man, I never take such stupid bets anymore” Kayla mumbled to herself when she was in the bathroom and putting the costume off.

“I don’t understand it” She looked to her tail. It didn’t look bad but it wasn’t something she wanted.

“Be gone!” she whispered to it as the tail simply vanished. Her joy was short lived though as moments later a raccoon tail sprouted and destroyed her panties.

“Oh, great! “ she rolled her eyes and decided to conjure some new clothes. With a small popping sound a white blouse and Jeans appeared from thin air. After dressing into them she returned to the living room where Rob was playing video games. And to Kayla’s surprise he didn’t even had put on the pajama she had given him.

“Say, Rob, shouldn’t you wear your pajama?” Kayla asked, amused at the naked cross legged boy who was seemly in the middle of a intense gaming experience. Absently he answered “uh, after this level” and then continued playing.

“Robbie, may I ask you something” Kayla ruffled in his hair.

“Sure” he answered whilst keeping his focus on the game.

“How old are you?” That was a easy question of course.

“um 7..I mean um 15” was his response.

?Interesting’ she thought to herself whilst slowly starting to distract Rob by stroking his tail. For a brief moment he lost his concentration and that resulted in a game over. Not that it mattered much since modern games had checkpoints every two steps.

“15 eh? You look small for a fifteen year old” Rob became a bit uncomfortable as he tried the impossible task to do two things at the same time; playing the game and thinking about what she had said.

“You sure you’re fifteen year old?” She continued as she saw the confusion in his eyes.

“I think so” he said a bit unsure.

Kayla decided to stop questioning him and bring confusion and instead brought the bags full of candy to him.

“Only if you dress in your pajama you get some.”



End Chapter 3

Wicked Witchery

by: Seiniyta | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 31, 2008


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