Wicked Witchery

by: Seiniyta | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 31, 2008

After a dare a young witch plays with her victim. However, on Halloween Magic ain't what it's usually is *finished*

Chapter 1
The witch and the dare

“No! You wouldn’t dare that”

“Bet I dare?”

“Sure, for a decade of humanity loss...for both of you”


Rob was lying in his bed, throwing a tennis ball against the wall. It was Halloween, but at the age of fifteen he deemed himself too old to go out trick or treating. Or that was what he told his mom.

He was alone home now; his mother was out to some party for the adults having their midlife crisis. Long he couldn’t lay down in his bed as the bell rang.

“Great, I don’t have candy” Rob muttered as he got up and walked to the front door, scratching in his hair.

He opened the door and in less than a split second his mood changed 180 degrees as Kayla was standing there and thus not the kids asking for endless amounts of candy he wasn’t in possession of.

“Hey” She said as she looked straight in his eyes.

Rob had met Kayla at the start of the school year, according to her she had moved from America to England. Rob wasn’t the most shy kid of the class, but very sure of himself he wasn’t either and it was a surprise, a great surprise she just rang at his house. Unlike him she was in a true Halloween mood wearing the classic witch outfit with black pointed hat.

Clumsily and nervous he responded to her, his answer was simple yet powerful: “hey”. Deciding to not create a long silence Rob added. “Umm, so, how you’re doing?” His tongue almost tripped over the words.

“I’m doing great, been busy trick and treating with my little sister, she’s too young to leave her alone.” Rob looked to the left and right of Kayla.

It went not unnoticed and Kayla smiled.

“She’s now in the house next of here, playing with friends”

“oh, ye,yes. I see” Kayla giggled a by the nervous talking of Rob. She placed her finger on his nose. The cheeks of Rob were becoming red.

“you’re such a cutie” Rob was speechless, he muttered some things even the best translation device would not be able to translate.

The door behind Kayla closed as after what seemed for Rob an eternity she had released her finger and had closed the door herself. Once they found themselves in the living room and Kayla sat down and looked at Rob he noticed something unusual about her, it was subtle, almost invisible and it was gone in a second. He had sworn her eyes had glowed for a moment. He however, completely forgot about it when her lips began to move again, speaking.

“Nice house you have.”

“well, thanks” Rob responded.

“You’re alone tonight?” she continued, looking at the decoration.

“Yeah, guess so” he responded.

“My mom is gone to some kind of party”

“...and you decided to just stay home for the rest of the evening? Weren’t in the mood for trick or treating?”

“Yeah, I really never like Halloween” Rob confessed. After a loud “O” from Kayla Rob feared he had said something wrong.

“Why not?” she stood up and decided to sit down just beside him. That didn’t make him really less nervous.

“umm, well, not sure...” Rob muttered. Kayla giggled again and decided, to Rob’s surprise to put her hand under his shirt and began to massage his shoulder.

“Don’t be so nervous, I won’t bite” Slowly, but surely she felt how he became calmer. Out of his view she grinned.

A shudder went through his body as he failed to realize that his hair was growing longer and the colour of his hair turned from a brown to a jet black and slightly curled at the tips.

“Come on Rob, there must be some reason you don’t like Halloween.” She put her hand from underneath the shirt and started to play with the curled locks a bit. She saw the troubled face, she knew he was hiding something to her and she wanted to know it. Really bad.

“We-“ he started to notice that it wasn’t normal she was playing with his hair as it had been too short to play with it.

“Come on, tell me. I won’t tell anyone else.” She hushed. Rob, now distracted by the new question forgot about the hair for now.

“Well-“ he gathered his voice whilst he brushed a lock of hair to the sides.

“When I was much younger, I don’t remember how old I was then I had been trick or treating with a friend. Don’t remember his name, he moved away a couple of year afterwards. And we rung at a house, a ordinary looking house and when we opened we saw a grumpy old man. The kind you don’t want to meet...”

He breathed deep before continuing, Kayla holding a lock of hair, too focused on what he was saying to play with his hair.

“That man began to hit us, he was senile we heard afterwards, he hit us hard. That friend had been in a coma for two weeks.”

Kayla’s heart skipped a beat and by accident Kayla had made Rob’s hair much longer until it reached the couch.

Rob now really had noticed it something had happened with his hair. He took a long curled lock and looked at it with shock.

“what-the-“ Kayla remained calm and looked straight in Rob’s eyes. She put her finger on his nose and went downwards to his lips.

Rob felt weird looking at her, she was so pretty, almost mysterious pretty. Those green eyes, they did something to him, it sold his soul to her.

“What’s the matter?” she asked, for Rob it felt like the voice came from a distant, the lips moved but the sound seemed to come from far away.

“my-my hair” he muttered as he felt really weird. Yet, he couldn’t put his eyes from hers.

“Don’t you like your hair?” she stroked it.

The voice was echoing in his head, it made it hard to think really clearly and when she smiled the only thing he could respond was “I think I like it, but-“she moved her face closer until both of the noses made contact with each other.

An odd, but pleasant sensation went through his nose and to his brains, his vision becoming a bit blurred and he felt really slow.

“what’s with your hair?”

“What’s with your hair?”

“what’s with your hair?”

That many times that sentence echoed through his mind. Vague and he could barely hear it.

“It’s changed” Rob answered. His own voice barely audible.

“Changed? When? “ Kayla smiled and gave a small kiss on his lips, making thinking impossible.

“I don’t know.” Rob was getting confused.

“Your hair always looked like that” Kayla said, in a concluding tone.

“It didn’t” Rob replied, that was something he knew for 101%

Kayla giggled.

“Tell me, how did ya hair look like then?” She grabbed some hairs and curled them around her fingers, making sure he could see it.

Rob tried to remember what haircut he had, but his mind felt so slow and foggy he could’t find it.

“I can’t remember” he truthfully responded.

Of course you can’t, you didn’t had a new haircut to begin with” she said in a hushing voice as she tickled his nose with his own black hair. He flinched and looked confused at Kayla, his mind was crystal clear now, but without the knowledge of a old haircut.

“Dozed of eh?” she gave a giggle and kissed him on the lips, it was over before he wanted it to be it over.



End Chapter 1

Wicked Witchery

by: Seiniyta | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 31, 2008


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