Kaylie (Remake)

by: Destiny | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 1, 2008

Chapter 4
The End: My New Life

Chapter Description: The Epic Ending of a classic AR/TG story. But not to worry, I will have more!

I still couldn’t see anything, but I could hear voices. It sounded like they were talking about something being born. Was it like that. Was I inside Jenny? I couldn’t believe what that bitch did to me. And I couldn’t even do anything. And it’s not like later on I will be.

I heard Jenny’s voice. "Kaylie, come here feel, I think she’s kicking." Jenny said. It was like I was emotional tied or something. I felt warmed and happy when she said that.

"Cool." Kaylie said in the baby tone voice. She had to be at least 5 now. She acted as if she didn’t know anything. The worst part would be that I wouldn’t be able to do anything. Jenny and David wouldn’t believe me. That is if I ever learned to talk.

I started to think. Didn’t Kaylie say something about putting a spell around everyone? That would totally suck. At least I would be out in the open though right. Not stuck in here.

It was a few days, I think, maybe two, I know she fell asleep two times. Then I heard her say my water broke. And all I could think, finally. I was free. I felt all kinds of moving.

I can’t remember how long, not like I had a watch. I knew it was a while. As soon as I saw light I was glad. David cut the umbilical cord and I was breathing on my own. I heard the doctor. "It’s a girl." Then something happened. I started crying. I wasn’t sure why.

I was then taken by a nurse to some kind of nursery. I was diapered and given a bottle of formula. Man it tasted nasty I knew it was going to get worse. Especially if Jenny breast feeds me. Once the bottle was done I was taken back to Jenny. I was placed in her hands.

A doctor came up. "Her birth certificate. What would you like her to be named?" Jenny took the pen and paper and started writing. "Emily Emerson Smith." She smiled.

I may have not known it then, but looking back at David, Jenny and Kaylie smiling at me, I would be happy for a long time. And judging by Kaylie’s looks so would she.


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End Chapter 4

Kaylie (Remake)

by: Destiny | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 1, 2008


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