Kaylie (Remake)

by: Destiny | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 1, 2008

Chapter 3
As the World Turns...

Chapter Description: More changes happen...with a suspensful ending.

I sat there trying to be good. Kaylie already said it was going to get worse from swearing. I would hate to see that. I looked at the time it was 9:30. Kaylie stood up. "I’m bored with this." She said.

"So you will turn me back." I said eagerly.

"Nice try but no." At least I tried I thought. The thing was the said they were going to be back at about 10:30 so in another hour it was going to be all over. I looked up at Kaylie but she wasn’t there.

I stood up and waddled around trying to find her. I couldn’t see her. I ran as fast as I could to the door. I grabbed some blacks and other things. I piled them up to the knob and tried opening it. As it swung open Kaylie was outside it.

"Fuck." I said without realising it. Kaylie knocked the blocks down as I dropped with them.

"Well, your not a baby yet,but..." She started. "I will take your language away." Kaylie said pointing at me. I tried to talk, but it all came out as coos and baby talk. I crossed my arms in anger. "Also, there is one more thing." Kaylie told me as she helped me stand. " Within the next few days I will put a spell on the four of us keeping us the same age for ever!" Kaylie said. "I told you, I do not like the language." She was obviously mad.

One thing I couldn’t figure out was, why the next few days. Why not tonight. I ignored that fact. I waddled to the couch and pulled myself up. I was shrinking again. And like every other time I shrunk before or after I went in the diaper. I only shrunk a year so I knew I was only going to pee in the diaper.

Kaylie came out of a bedroom a few minutes later. She must have been putting the dolls away. She walked over sticking two fingers into the leg of the diaper.

I tried kicking her off. I tried talking again but it didn’t work.

"Stop!" Kaylie said sternly. "I am your older sister now." Kaylie laughed. "As soon as you go poop." She said. "It will be all over." Kaylie laughed. I looked at the time. 10:00. A half hour. Or sooner the way she was talking.

Kaylie went into the bedroom again. She did put the doll away but she was also making a bottle of warm milk with poop - a -lax in it. She was going to make me poop a lot judging by the amount she was putting in it. And of course I couldn’t see what she was doing.

She came back out and handed me the bottle. I started drinking it. It was all done and Kaylie took it. She showed me the can of the formula she put in it. It was empty. "Make sure you get it all out." She said. It was about 10 minuted when I shot a load and kept going. Every minute I shrunk. In about 3 minutes everything went black.

((To be continued...))

((Based on the story Kaylie on the Ar Archive.))

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End Chapter 3

Kaylie (Remake)

by: Destiny | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 1, 2008


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