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On story: Malice Aforethought - chapter 8

MartyMan69420 Jun 29, 2024

Why didn’t he just call 911? Or whatever the South African equivalent is

On story: Someone Else’s Dream - chapter 4

MartyMan69420 Jun 28, 2024

this is too good not to keep going! This is wonderful, I need to know what happens next!

On story: One More Try, A Lullaby - chapter 1

MartyMan69420 Jun 28, 2024

welp i didn't think i'd almost cry from reading this but fuck. This was incredibly sweet, I always adored stories like this. You're a very talen ...

On story: For Your Own Good - chapter 1

MartyMan69420 Jun 27, 2024

It was really nice to finally see a trans protagonist in an AR story! I'm trans myself, though I am a trans man, and it's such a breath of fresh ...

On story: Xenaen - chapter 1

MartyMan69420 Jun 26, 2024

This is one of the funniest fucking things I’ve ever read, especially with that ending, though presuming he’s institutionalized outside of t ...

This was so sweet I thought I was gonna throw up

On story: The Heart of a Champion - chapter 5
MartyMan69420 Jun 26, 2024

This was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever read and everything from beginning to end was simply perfect. I almost cried at multiple occasio ...

does this story continue?

On story: Who saved Who? - chapter 3
MartyMan69420 Jun 26, 2024

if so, where can I find the next part? I looked everywhere but I can't find this story anywhere online other than here :-(

You ever gonna finish up that cliffhanger

On story: Well Wishes - chapter 13
MartyMan69420 Jun 26, 2024

This might be one of my favorite stories on the archive, but that cliffhanger ending left me so curious I finally decided to make an account! I ...

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