For Your Own Good

by: Reina Watt | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 25, 2014

Sometimes a punishment can be for your own good

Chapter 1
For Your Own Good

Chapter Description: Sometimes the punishment can be for your own good

~Reader may adapt the main character to their liking, this is just a general default character~

We all make mistakes throughout our lives, from the most minor of mistakes to the most unforgiveable ones. I made one such mistake, an unforgettable one that has only one punishment – Death.

My parents would say that women don’t commit murders, that we are of the fairer sex. The thing is though that such an ideal is completely untrue, women can be just as deadly as the men and my actions proved that.

The mistake was three months ago, a mistake that couldn’t even be called a mistake, it could instead be considered cold blooded murder. And I find myself having no regrets over my actions, I should but I feel nothing.

My victim, or rather victims, were rich people. Their greed and lust for power cost me my home, my job and my hope for a future. Normally I am a pretty level headed woman, my anger is rare, I tend to usually be quite calm. But losing so much in such a short space of time and being denied my future was the last straw.

Now I’ve been through a lot, maybe not as much as others but I have still been through a lot. It doesn’t help, of course, that my body was born ill-matching to my internal gender. Being raised as a boy until I told my parents at the age of seven that I wasn’t a boy left some rescidue damage.

My parents supported me, thankfully, and the reminder of my childhood was spent being raised as a girl. I was accepted for testosterone blockers just as my puberty was hitting and once I was ready I began hormone replacement therapy.

The simple delight of my breasts finally growing may seem like a minor thing to cis-gender girls, but to me it was the beginning to something wonderful. And as the changes increased and I began to look more and more like I knew I was meant to be I felt a strong sense of peace within.

No amount of bullies and transphobics could take that inner peace away from me.

Until I lost my job and my only source of income, and I lost my home.


Their excuse was that I made them feel uncomfortable, that I was too new and much more acceptable to be laid off. Their excuses were hollow and smacked of ignorance and greed, I was the most qualified for my job after years of study in college and university.

It got worse from there, within a week my home was taken from me, everything I had worked hard towards was taken. And my anger only grew.

The final straw was when I was told that I should have stayed a man, at least then I would be deserving of the respect simply for having a penis. I was disgusted by that comment, how arrogant and hateful of them.

So I decided to make them pay for what they had done, I managed to get hold of a gun and a lot of bullets and I went to their houses, murdering them point blank. I felt a sense of satisfaction for ridding the world of such disgusting people.

It didn’t take long for the police to find me and arrest me, mobs of people demanded that I be killed for my actions. An eye for an eye so to speak.

But when I explained my reasons without shedding a tear, they gave me an option, one that sounded impossible.

My choices were poor though and as much as I felt that I deserved to be executed for my actions, I did see the benefit to the option being offered to me.


So I lay here on a soft hospital bed and the doctor and nurses are ready to get started, I must admit to feeling some trepidation to this. What if it went wrong?

They ask if I am ready and I nod, I can see a police guard outside the room. The doctor approaches me with a syringe and I wince, needles have always been a bit of a pet peeve. I can feel the cold needle going into my skin and it seems to stay there for an eternity before withdrawing.

At first I don’t feel anything but where the needle had penetrated my skin, then I begin to feel a kind of tingling around my body, as if thousands of tiny legs are wandering all over me. Then my clothes, a hospital gown, start to feel loose and I feel my body begin to contract, I would have thought it would be painful but it wasn’t.

The bed seems to become bigger to me and I feel my breasts melt away as well as all aspects of my adulthood, within seconds I am as flat chested as I was when I was just beginning to enter my puberty.

The feeling increases and I feel this urge to reach out, as I do I see how small my hands and arms have become, I must be around eight years old now. To my delight I do not feeling any direct changes in my groin, the birth defect wasn’t returning, I was really being made fully female.

I start to laugh, the laugh turning into a giggle then something like you would expect from a toddler, then a cry as I slip into infancy. I can see how chubby my arms and legs have become as I squirm on the bed and in my oversized gown as I kick it away, leaving me completely naked.

Not that I cared, I was much too young to care about modesty.

My mind feels fuzzy and as one of the nurses places a thick nappy on me and lifts me from the bed I coo at her, baby drool dripping from my mouth.

“There’s a good girl, maybe your new life will be a lot better this time round” The voice is gentle and I cuddle against her, my adult mind disappearing. The last thing I feel is knowing that I am fully female at last, as promised.

Even if it meant growing up again I would have a new life and maybe, just maybe, things will work out so much better.

“It was for your own good” The nurse remarks as she gently pats my padded backside, cradling me against a breast.


They had given me the option of having my life erased, since my parents were long since gone, both had been killed by a form of cancer years ago. It was an experimental formula that hadn’t received any human tests yet and they wanted to know how it would affect humans.

Knowing that my choices were death by various means then I had accepted.

They had also told me that it could cause some changes to my body outside of becoming younger, they weren’t sure but they believed that if a person’s internal gender was different from their external sex from birth then the formula would have a chance of causing a reset to the physical sex and have it matching to the person’s internal gender.

I had accepted the risks and now I am being raised again, my adult memories are all but gone, I am growing up as fully female at last and I have a chance for a better life.

Maybe there is hope after all, after all who I was is no longer around. The murderer is gone and replaced by a tiny, innocent baby of barely a year old.

And from what I have learned there are those who don’t want me dead, they regard me as a hero to the people for fighting back against those who had taken so much from me.

Well I guess that’s my story, my nappy is wet and I could really do with a change. The last of my adult memories will be gone soon, another day or so from what I was told.

And here comes mama to tend to me.

It really was for my own good.



End Chapter 1

For Your Own Good

by: Reina Watt | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 25, 2014


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MartyMan69420 · Jun 27, 2024

It was really nice to finally see a trans protagonist in an AR story! I'm trans myself, though I am a trans man, and it's such a breath of fresh air to have an AR story with a trans character, and not only that but it being incorporated into the story so well! I definitely need to check out more of your work, as even beyond the transness of it all it's an incredible story!

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