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Grand theft kiddo

by: Amixard Last updated Jul 31, 2022

An elite police detective teams up with a master car thief to stop a powerful woman from oppressing a strange isolated town. Contains comedy, action and mystery.

Mad science

by: Amixard Last updated Jun 15, 2022

A group of teenagers break into the mansion of a famous scientist for their after ball party. But when they take mysterious pills they found in a drawer, the doctor will do anything to get his miracle drug back. This is meant to be funny but still contains scenes of violence.

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On story: Grand theft kiddo - chapter 1

Amixard Aug 1, 2022

This chapter is now finished. The story won’t be updated until chapter 2.

On story: Grand theft kiddo - chapter 1

Amixard Jul 29, 2022

I will when I have time but the sad part is that you weren’t even supposed to be able to see this story yet. The first isn’t quite finished ...

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