Mad science

by: Amixard | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 15, 2022

A group of teenagers break into the mansion of a famous scientist for their after ball party. But when they take mysterious pills they found in a drawer, the doctor will do anything to get his miracle drug back. This is meant to be funny but still contains scenes of violence.

Chapter 1
The one and only

Chapter Description: There is only one chapter, what description were you expecting?

Kevin, Justin, Sally, Laura and Zack have just finished their prom dance and are going to celebrate their after ball. They decide to go inside a large mansion that belongs to renown scientist Dr. Saruza Von Schmitzer. They climb the metal fence surrounding his house and come in since the door was unlocked. They throw a party in his house while he is gone to work at a university. They brought alcohol because Justin and Laura were 18 so they were old enough to buy it while the other 3 were 17.  Kevin is wearing ripped jeans, a chain around his neck and a leather jacket like a real douchbag. Justin and Laura are still in their prom outfits. They are boyfriend and girlfriend. Sally wears a casual outfit and is very excited to start the celebration. She is loud when she speaks. Zack wears blue shorts and a shirt.

Kevin gets the many bottles of alcohol he has in his bag and says: "Time for the party to start." Sally screams: "Yeah." Justin says: "But aren't you still too young to drink alcohol." Kevin answers: "Those rules are for nerds. I am a bad boy I don't follow that." Kevin starts drinking his bottle, Sally chugs hers way too quickly. Justin and Laura sip their bottles slowly. Zack hesitates to drink at all and only does it once Kevin and Sally encourage him to. Sally finishes her bottle first and shares a second one with Kevin once he finished shortly after. Soon everyone finishes their bottle and there are none left in the bag. Then Zack remembered why he didn't want to drink with his friends. Because he is gay and as a crush on Kevin and whenever he gets drunk it starts to show. He hopes it won’t cause him too much embarrassment tonight.  Sally gets up and walks around shakingly saying: "Wow it feels like the floor is moving." Kevin starts talking about a girl he wants to impress called Mackenzie. He said: "Now that I have a cool modified car and a lot of gains, she is bound to fall for me." Zack says: "Yes you are so tall and handsome." While visibly blushing. Laura said: "I know Mack, she couldn't get a job this summer because the demand she made at a restaurant was refused so now she is stuck babysitting neighborhood kids for money. At least she seems to be good at it and she likes children, so it worked for her, I guess. But she is still bored." Kevin says: "That's because she doesn't do cool things like us." Laura says: "I am not sure I would call breaking into somebody's house for an after-ball party cool more like stupid but entertaining." Kevin answers: "Cool is just another word popular guys like me use to say stupid but entertaining in a better way."

After about an hour, Kevin complains that they don't have enough alcohol since he is not drunk enough to completely lose the little judgement he has and they don't have any left so after the buzz is over they will just have to sober out and that is unacceptable for an after ball. So he decides to look around the house for any drugs he could use to get a buzz. After opening some of the drawers, he found a bottle of pills with the inscription "immortality pills" on the bottle. He found it interesting, so he took the bottle and showed it to his friends. Since the bottle contained 5 pills, they decided they would each take one. But Zack didn't want to. He said: "We don't know what these pills are or what they do so this could be dangerous." Kevin answered: "If you are going to be a wuss than we will enjoy this night without you I guess. Kevin opened the bottle and him and Sally took a pill. Justin and Laura examined the pills for a while and took them when they saw their friends did. Zack said: "We'll at least one of us should stay off these drugs to take care of the others if ever the effects are too strong and you get a bad trip." Kevin said: "You worry too much, just take the last pill so you can have fun like everyone else. Besides the bottle indicates that the pills could give us immortality. You wouldn't want to pass up on a chance like that.  Would you?" Zack said: "I don't know if we should trust that. It seems like some sort of medicine to me and I don't think it's a good idea to take it." Kevin and Sally chanted "do it, do it" then Justin and Laura joined in. Kevin said: "Come on, give in to peer pressure, nothing bad ever happens when you follow peer pressure from a bunch of drunk teenagers." Zack said: "Okay, I will do it because you seem so confident" then he added in a whispering tone "and hot".  Zack then took the pill and swallowed it.

Meanwhile, Dr. Saruza von Schmitzer just finished his presentation at the university. He now arrived at a hotel. He has messy graying hair and was still wearing his labcoat.  He talks with a German accent.  He says to himself: I am glad to have shared my new discovery with all of those students today. But I doubt that more than a slim few of those pea brains understood it. They usually don't. But I have yet to share my most important and newest invention. My new pills can reverse a person's age by 10 years. With this, we could achieve immortality. I just need to test them to make sure they work before I can profit off this wonder of science. But now I must go to bed so I can wake up early tomorrow to go work on my project. Every minute I don't attend to science is a minute of advancement humanity will lose.

A little later, Zack was in a room of the house, looking at a picture of Kevin on his phone. He says: “Oh Kevin, why can't you be my boyfriend?” Then he heard an high pitch scream coming from downstairs where his friends were. So he decides to go back downstairs to see what happened. Once he arrived, he saw something very surprising. 4 children were in the room and his friends were nowhere to be seen. One of them said: "I feel strange." Another looked around and said: "Why is everything so big? Is this the hallucinations from the pill I took?" Then Zack started looking at their faces. He asked: "Wait are you guys my friends?" One of the little boys answered: "Well yeah we came here with you but now you look much taller than before. Also my voice sounds much higher than it should be." Zack starts to feel a tingling sensation in his body. He says: "That's because you are now a child." The boy looks surprised and one of the girls look at him and says: "Yes you are a child." Then the boy looks at her and says: "Your a child too." Then the other girl says: "We are all children except Zack." But why, why are we all kids except Zack?" At this point, the tingling in Zack's body becomes stronger and it's making him feel very strange. Each of the kids say their names to confirm who they are. Kevin says: "Oh no. I lost all of my gains and I am so short now." Then Zack goes to the bathroom because he doesn't know if he will be sick. But once he gets there, his vision starts to blur as he feels his body change. He passes out for a short while.

When he wakes up on the bathroom floor, he no longer feels the tingling in his body but he feels different. He runs back to see his friends and tells them: "Hey you are back to normal size now." But Justin answers: "Actually no." Then Zack realizes that his voice came out more high pitch than usual. He says: "Oh no." Laura says: "Zack is also a child now." Zack says: "This must be because of the pills. I took one after you guys so I became a kid after you guys too. It's the only thing I could think of that could have caused this." Justin gets mad at Kevin and says: "This is your fault Kevin, we shouldn't have taken those pills you found in the cabinet." Kevin answered: "You don't know for sure it was the pills, maybe it's a curse that was put on the house that just takes time to take effect." Justin replied: "It was your idea to break in the house too so it's still your fault." Laura interrupted: "It doesn't matter who's fault it is, we need to find a way to reverse this." So they looked around the cabinets in the house sometimes having to use chairs to reach the higher ones. They couldn't find any antidote to the immortality pills. Zack said: "This is bad, we might stay kids for who knows how long now." Sally said: "But I like being a kid." while she is jumping in place. She then takes off her socks, puts them on her hands like gloves and starts running and jumping around the house. Kevin made an effort to make his voice sound deeper like it was before and he said: "Sally stop it. Just because you are now physically a child doesn't mean you have to act like one. We are still mentally mature right? Well as mature as teens who break into people's houses for a party can be." His voice cracked and he coughed a few times. Then Justin was about to kiss Laura but she recoiled and said: Eyww, I could get pregnant from that." Justin answered: "Oh right. I will just hold your hand then so we can really be BFFs." Kevin says, reluctantly using his normal child voice: "This is bad." Zack says: "Let's get to the car, we need to go back home now." Kevin and Zack go outside and Kevin gets in the driver seat of the car but realize he is too short to reach the pedals and see the road in front of him. Kevin gives up on driving and they both know they can't walk home this late at night as kids because that would be too dangerous. They still have to sleep here and head home first thing in the morning. Hopefully before Dr. Saruza von Schmitzer arrives. When they get back inside, Zack takes a soft polo shirt from one of the drawers in the house. He cuddles it and rubs it against his face to get comfort. Kevin starts crying and says: "Oh we are in danger." Sally is drawing smiley faces on the walls with a pencil she found in the doctor's office.

After they regained their senses, Zack and Kevin tell the others it's time to go to sleep so they can wake up early tomorrow. They all go up to the room with the beds on the second floor. There are only two beds but they are large enough for multiple children to sleep in one. Sally jumps on one of the beds a few times before tucking under the covers. Kevin sleeps with Sally and Justin, Laura and Zack sleep together. Laura says: "I am scared, this room is so dark." Kevin answers: "Come on now, you have been sleeping in the dark like this for many years. We can't let it get to us now." Justin asks: "Aren't you afraid Kevin." Kevin says: "Of course not. I am not afraid of the dark. I am a bad boy not a little kid." Laura answers: "Kevin, you have been overcompensating ever since you became a child. This won't make you 17 again. Stop trying to look cool." Kevin replied: "Hey, I will have you know I was overcompensating long before I became a child again." Then they go to sleep and Laura and Justin pull the covers up to their noses to protect themselves from the dark. Sally is already passed out on her bed and Kevin is pretending to be brave but occasionally nervously looks at the windows and door in case a monster comes.

The next morning, the children awake and go downstairs to find that Sally is already in the kitchen making toasts for them. However, the toasts are badly burned to the point of being black. Zack asked her why she cooked them all this much and she answered that this toaster cooks much faster than regular ones. Zack said: "But didn't you learn that after the first one or two toasts? Why did you burn all of them?" Sally answered: "Even when I knew the toasts were ready I put them back because the toaster makes a funny sound and emits a pretty light whenever it finishes cooking." The 5 kids ate their toasts because there were no slices of bread left since Sally used all of them. Justin said: "This is disgusting. Toasts shouldn't be black like this." Kevin answered: "Why not? Are you racist?" Justin said: "No but..." Kevin answered: "But nothing. Eat your toast no matter what color it is and be glad to have food at all." Most of them couldn't finish both of their toasts but Kevin forced himself to eat it to appear tough and Sally finished her toasts before the others even started. Laura looked in the cupboards for anything else to eat and she eventually found a pot of sugar. She brings it back at the table and all of the gang pours a little bit of sugar in the palm of their hand and lick their palms to eat the sugar. Kevin says: "This tastes a lot better than I remember." Justin says: "This is probably the best part of our breakfast." Kevin answered: "Of course it is, because it's white isn't it?" Justin replied: "I am not racist." Kevin said: "Of course you aren't. Of course you aren't." Sally lifted the pot to her mouth and poured sugar directly in her mouth. Some of it was spilling on her cheeks and chin. Zack said: "Ok Sally you had enough now." Sally answered: "But it tastes so good." She puts down the pot and licks the sugar on her face.

Meanwhile, Dr. Saruza von Schmitzer had already left his hotel room and he planned on going to a restaurant to get a quick breakfast before heading home. Luckily, there were only two people in line and his turn came quick. He then gave his order: "I would like a bottle of dihydrogen monoxide accompanied with pig and turkey muscle tissue placed between two slices of bread." The cashier looked visibly stoned and stared at him strangely. He said: "Whoa that sounds deep man. Could you please repeat that for me?" The doctor repeats his order. The cashier answered: "I don't understand what you are asking for. Could you use simpler terms please?" But Saruza von Schmitzer replied: "No I refuse to use the pea brain terms just to appeal to the lower intellect people of society." The cashier proposed to tell the manager about this. The manager answered: "Who is the Karen who wants to talk to me this time?" The manager comes out to meet Saruza von Schmitzer. He hears his order and takes a moment to analyze what it means. Then he says: "You mean you want a bottle of water with a ham and turkey sandwich right?" The doctor says: "If you insist on using the terms for the simple minded, then yes that is what I want. Now hurry, I must dedicate my time to science." Saruza von Schmitzer receives his order and the many people in line behind him are relieved that they can finally stop waiting because of him. He quickly eats his sandwich while looking at an application he created that monitored different things about his home. He checked that the temperature and humidity wasn't extreme enough to damage his important chemical susbstances. Then he saw that the doors weren't locked. Of course, he was so focused on his amazing work that he once again forgot the basic details of everyday life. But not locking the doors while he is away and there are valuable inventions in the house could cost him a lot. So he activated his electric fence from his phone and hurried to finish his meal. He brought the rest of his water bottle in his car. He then drives back home.

Justin, Laura, Kevin and Zack are getting ready to leave on foot while discussing how they will get the car back home. Then someone asked where Sally was and they realized they couldn't find her. They began to panic because they knew the owner of the house would return soon. And he will be mad. They split up to look around every room of the large house for Sally. Eventually Kevin finds her in the bedroom. She has a pencil up her nose and a pot of paint next to her in which she dipped her hand in and she was placing her hand against the wall to make multiple handprints. Zack removes the pencil from her nose, grabs her arm and says: "Sally stop. We have to go now. The mister who owns this house is coming back soon and he will be mad." Sally says: "I just want to leave a pretty mark so this mister will remember us and it will make him happy once he sees my cute art." She says it really fast because she is on a sugar rush. Zack says: "Sally, that will probably make him even more mad. Let's get out of here as fast as we can." He grabs Sally's arm and drags her downstairs with him. The group heads out together, planning on walking back home. Once they reach the iron fence, Kevin tries climbing it but he is electrocuted and falls on his back screaming in pain. The other kids step back not knowing what to do. Kevin says: "It's electrified." Zack says: "But how, it wasn't when we came in?" Laura answered: "The doctor who owns this house must have been informed we broke in and activated his security system. That must mean he is on his way soon." The group panicked and Zack proposed that they look around the yard for a tree near the fence that would allow them to bypass it without touching it. But they had no such luck. They stood there for a while not knowing what to do. Then Zack yelled: "We have to hide quick." They all went back inside and hid in the house." Sally went in a drawer. Laura hid behind an opened door against the wall. Justin went in a closet. Kevin went under one of the beds and Zack hid under the other.

Shortly after they were all hidden, they heard the door to the house open. Dr. Saruza von Schmitzer had just walked in and he looked around for any sign of a break in. He found a sugar pot on the table. He thought it was odd but maybe he forgot he used it so he didn't put it back. Then he saw the smiley faces on the wall and knew he didn't do that. Someone broke in and must have tried to taunt him. He quickly checked that each of his inventions were in their place and was relieved to see that they were. But what about his newest invention? His heart pounded at the idea of losing his immortality pills. It was his most important and useful invention rivaled only by his toaster that could make evenly cooked toasts in 15 seconds. People often underestimate how annoying it is to wait so long for toasts that aren't evenly cooked. He nervously looked inside the drawer where he kept the pill bottle and his heart sank. It was now empty. Someone had stolen his valuable anti-aging drug. He worked on it for years and forgot the formula to make more. He always thought he could just analyse the contents of those pills. He didn't want to risk keeping a recipe in his laptop in case someone hacked it. He didn't want this idea to be stolen until he profited significantly from it. And now it was stolen and he couldn't even gain anything from it himself. He screamed in anger. He viewed the footage of his security camera at his entrance and saw that 5 teenagers came in by jumping the fence. But nobody came out. So there might be still hope. Maybe they are still on the property and he can take back his valuable pills from them. He yelled: "You will rue the day you stole from Saruza von Schmitzer." He went to his car to get a special gun. This would help him capture the crooks. He looked around the house and saw the paint hand prints on the bedroom wall. They were small as if a child made them. But the security cameras showed older teenagers coming in. Unless the pills made them like this. So they just went in and took the pills without knowing what they did. Saruza von Schmitzer screamed: ""How much of an evolutionary sink hole must you be to break into a stranger's house and steal random pills? Show yourselves. Who is the evolutionary sink hole who did this?" Sally slowly perked her head out of the drawer and then she came out. She said: "We took your pills mister, and we are very sorry. I can't give them back, they are in my tummy now." Saruza von Schmitzer said: "You can't give them back, but I think I can extract their essence out of you." He then shot her in the chest with his pistol. She fell to the ground unable to move. Saruza von Schmitzer grabbed her and took her to his lab in the basement. Her eyes expressed panic but she couldn't speak or move. He sat her down on a chair. He cuffed her hands together and chained them to the handle of the chair. The children heard him say: "This experiment calls for 50 kilowatts." Then they heard Sally scream. Doctor Saruza von Schmitzer patrolled the house to find the others but he couldn't see them. While searching, he shouted: "I won't let you get in the way of science." He then had an idea. He went to grab a sound emitter from his lab and brought it upstairs. He set it to a specific frequency and turned it on. The kids heard an ear splitting high pitch sound that took them by surprise. Justin and Zack let out a short scream in surprise. They hoped that the doctor couldn't hear them with the high pitch sound covering them up. But the doctor didn't hear the high pitch sound. Older people couldn't hear sounds as high pitched as children could. Dr. Saruza von Schmitzer knew this and set his device to emit a sound that would bother the children but wouldn't affect him. Since Justin was the closest and yelled louder than Zack, Saruza von Schmitzer tracked him down and opened the closet doors. Justin tried to run but the doctor shot him with his special pistol and he fell paralyzed on the ground. Saruza von Schmitzer took him to the basement with Sally. Shortly after his scream of pain resonated in the house too. The doctor reactivated the machine but this time the children were expecting it and held in their screams. Saruza von Schmitzer had forgotten the location where Zack's scream came from so he couldn't find him. He turned his device off and on again and said: "The power of science compels you to reveal your location to me." But nobody made a sound to alert him. He kept switching his device on and off and the children didn't know how much longer they could take it. So Kevin and Zack whispered to each other and came up with a plan. They came out from under the bed when they heard Saruza von Schmitzer's footsteps moving away from them. Then they took all the pencils in the room and put them in the stairs while being as quiet as possible. Kevin went to get a book case from one of the upstairs room while Zack finished placing the pencils. But while he was placing the last pencil, Saruza von Schmitzer walked by the stairs and saw him. Zack ran upstairs carefully avoiding the pencils but the doctor shot him and he became paralyzed once he reached the top. Saruza von Schmitzer climbed up the stairs to get him but slipped on one of the pencils and barely managed to grab on to the ramp in time. Then Kevin arrived with the book case and hurled it down the stairs. Saruza von Schmitzer was hit and came tumbling down the stairs. Kevin yelled for Laura to go destroy his device and she quickly came out of her hiding spot to smash the sound emitter while the doctor was recovering from his fall. Kevin carried Zack away as fast as he could. Saruza von Schmitzer got back up and saw Laura nearby. He shot at her but barely missed as the bullet passed right beside her. He ran after her and took another shot that caught her leg. She fell paralyzed to the ground and the doctor took her to the basement with his other victims. By then, Zack and Kevin were hidden again and Zack was starting to feel his limbs. His movement was slow and clumsy but he was regaining function of his limbs. Saruza von Schmitzer lost his sound emitter and had many bruises including a bump on his forehead from the fall downstairs. He decided to wait them out because they had to come out eventually. Zack and Kevin made a plan to escape this place. If they could just get out of the property, they could warn the police and their friends could be saved if it wasn't too late. Once Zack regained the full function of his body, they sneaked out of the room and into the bathroom. Saruza von Schmitzer saw them and shot at them but missed since they began running. They slammed the door to the bathroom shut behind them and locked it. But Saruza von Schmitzer had a key which he used to unlock it. Kevin pushed against the door while Zack filled a large glass with water from the sink set at its hottest temperature. Kevin couldn't keep the door shut for too long since he was only a child pushing against an adult but as soon as the door swung open, Zack poured nearly boiling water all over the doctor who screamed in pain. The boys used this moment to try to run pass him but he still managed to grab Kevin as he was running by. He tried to shoot him but the special pistol had electric circuits which have been short circuited by the water so it no longer worked. Kevin squeezes out of his grasp but Saruza von Schmitzer manages to grab him by the collar of his shirt before he escaped. He grabbed the boy who was thrashing and wiggling to try to escape. He took a bottle of chloroform from his lab which he drenched a tissue from his pocket with and placed it over Kevin's face. This knocked the boy unconscious and allowed the doctor to cuff him to a chair like the others. While Saruza von Schmitzer took Kevin away, Zack was sneaking out of the house he made it out the front door and was heading towards the fence. The doctor must have deactivated the electricity when he came in he thought. But Saruza von Schmitzer saw him and came running after him. Zack broke into a sprint towards the fence. He climbed the fence slower than usual since it was harder to do this as a child. Right when he reached the top, Saruza von Schmitzer pulled him down by his leg and pinned him to the ground. He pulled out a tissue which he had already drenched with chloroform and placed in on Zack's face. The boy held his breath and struggled against the doctors grip in vain. Eventually he had to breath and fell unconscious.

He woke up in the basement with a device producing an electrical arc in front of him. He heard the buzzing sound of the current and panicked. He couldn't get out of the chair because he was cuffed to it. He noticed his friends next to him with terrified faces. Laura was unconscious. Then doctor Saruza von Schmitzer arrived. He said: "Now you will help the good cause of science." He then pulled out a needle. This surprised Zack who was expecting to be electrocuted. But the doctor simply put the needle in his arm and extracted a blood sample. He then said: "Here we go. Now I have what I need to recreate my immortality serum. I just have to analyse all of your blood samples and find the unusual substance that is present in all of them." Zack said: "Wait you mean you are not going to electrocute us?" Saruza von Schmitzer replied: "Of course not, the electricity is just for ambiance. It inspires me to do important scientific research. Zack said: "But why did I hear screams?" Sally and Justin answered: "Because we are afraid of needles." Zack is now relieved. He asks: "Why did those pills turn us into children?" Saruza von Schmitzer answered: "These pills make anyone who takes them 10 years younger. They were supposed to be used by old people to extend their lives. When you take them as a teenager this happens." Kevin said: "Hey mister Samaza what's your name. Is there a way to reverse this?" The doctor replied: "If you are having trouble with my name you can just call me Greg. Gregory is my first name and I only use my family name to sound more impressive really. Same thing for my accent, I was born in Canada and so were my parents, I just heard this accent from a group of very smart people and decided I wanted to sound like that too. I wouldn’t have bought such an expensive house here if I didn’t live in this country.  My grandparents came from Germany and Russia so that's where I get my family name from. As for the cure, I am afraid there isn't one. Since it was design to extend life and health of old people I never though it was necessary to find a way to reverse it so I never did." Sally said: "Yay. I get to be a child again for many years." Kevin told her: "But you don't have to act like one." Dr. Greg replied: "Oh yes you do. Because I designed the pills to rejuvenate the mind of the user just like the body. Or else the users would just eventually get Alzheimer's disease. Therefore you now all have the minds and maturity of 7 or 8 years old children." Then the analysis finished and doctor Greg proceeded to recreate his immortality serum. He didn't have time to put it in pill form so he just injected himself with a dose he calculated to be enough to make him 20 years younger. After a while, his gray hair turned brown again and his wrinkles disappeared. He said: "Thank you for testing this by the way, I had only done mice trials so I wasn't sure if it had terrible side effects on humans but now you showed me that it is safe to use without my organs melting away. So I can use it myself." Laura asked: "Why did our clothes changed into children's clothes when the pills took effect? Shouldn't only our bodies change and our clothes would have been too big for us?" Dr. Greg answered: "Ah yes the power of science is sometimes hard to explain. I am not sure why it works like that but there must be an explanation. Perhaps the author of this story just didn’t want to write a text in which a bunch of children spend most of the story naked to avoid looking like a pedophile and he was too lazy to come up with a proper explanation." Zack said: "Well I am glad that you just wanted a blood sample and that you didn't submit us to deadly torture for your scientific research." Dr. Greg answered: "Well I wasn't going to but now that you mention it, that sounds like a great idea. You did cause me a lot of trouble after all so it's only fair." He then stick a wire in Justin's mount and said: "Experiment #21 how much electric current can a human survive in their mouth." He then turned on an electric current that put Justin in great pain and turned it up more and more. The kids tried to escape but they were all cuffed to the chair. Then Kevin remembered he always keeps a paper clip in his pocket to pick locks. He lifted up his leg and managed to grab the paper clip with his cuffed hands after a lot of effort. By then, Justin died and Dr. Greg noted the information he wanted on a note pad. He then set Laura's hair on fire and said: "Experiment #22. How long will it take for the fire to burn someone's head to death if we use the hair as a fuse?" Kevin was trying to pick the lock while Dr. Greg focused his attention on Laura. It took him a lot of time because his hands were cuffed but he eventually succeeded and silently sneaked out of his seat. Laura was now dead and Dr. Greg noted the information on his pad. Then he approached Zack with a drill and said: "Experiment #23. How long will it take for the human brain to dissolve if we drill a hole trough the skull and pour sulfuric acid through it." Zack struggled against his cuffs as the drill approached his forehead. Right before it began drilling, Kevin said: "Experiment #24. What happens when you give someone enough immortality serum to rejuvenate them more years then how old they actually are. He then injected Dr. Greg with a dose of serum big enough to make someone 40 years younger. But Dr. Greg was now only 37 years old. He screamed in terror and nothing happened at first. He said to Kevin: "How did you pick a lock with your hands cuffed?" He answered: "I had practice. I am a bad boy." Then Dr. Greg's body began to dissolve into water until only his lab coat was left. Kevin said : “Dying because of an immortality serum, ironic.” He then grabbed the key for the handcuffs on the desk and freed his remaining friends. They used Laura's cellphone to call Mackenzie so she could hopefully pick them up. They waited in the yard until Mackenzie arrives.

Once she arrived, Kevin said: "Hey Mack, did you see my amazing car? It looks like it could be in fast and the furious." Mackenzie answered: "Are you talking about your hot wheels? Also, I don't think you should be watching that movie." Kevin said: "No I am not supposed to be a child, I am supposed to be tall and muscular and have really cool clothes." Mackenzie said: "If you want to grow big and strong just eat your vegetables and go to sleep at bedtime. I am sure you will be tall and muscular some day." Kevin starts crying. Mackenzie hugs him but he doesn't have any sexual desire anymore so it's not as pleasant as he expected it to be. She brings the kids to her house to babysit them for a few days after which they will go to summer camp.



End Chapter 1

Mad science

by: Amixard | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 15, 2022


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norhrd · Nov 4, 2022

Is this AR?

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vended · Nov 6, 2022

You really, really need to properly edit it. As it is, it's basically a wall of text, which is a big no-no in terms of story writting, as it make it a hassle to read. You have to add spaces between each lines of dialogs, and between parts of the narration as to make paragraph. Look up any book you have for example.

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