A New Perspective

by: Destiny | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 1, 2008

Chapter 2
Day #2

Chapter Description: A new father is introduced and an older sister as well.

Morning came about 5:00 am Emily woke up. She tried to talk but all that came out was baby giberish. Emily tried to yell but she started to cry. Megan came in and looked at her. Megan smiled seeing her diaper was messed in. Megan changed it for her and put her in a dress.

"Now, I think it is time to go see a friend, hopefully a new dad for you." Megan said. "You should know him very well. Your good friend Tom Rogers." Megan told the infant on the changeing table. It was true Tom Rogers was a good friend to Amery. Tom was a tall man and also worked as a lawyer in the same firm as Amery. Tom had golden eyes and blonde hair. "Also you will have an older sister. Remember his 12 year old daughter. You two were friends too weren’t you?"

Emily started to cry again. "Calm down, I told them what happened to you." Megan told the baby girl. Megan walked downstairs with the baby in her hands. She grabbed a diaper bag, and walked outside. She put Emily in a carseat, straped her in, sat in the front and began to drive out of the long driveway. Almost to Tom’s house Emily tried to talk again, but all that came out was babble. She started to cry, her diaper was messed and wet in.

"I will change you at Tom’s Megan said. She reached in the back and put a pacifier in Emily’s mouth. Emily had a death stare at Megan. Megan pulled nto the driveway and parked the car. Megan got out of the car, went to the back and pulled Emily out. She grabbed the diaper bag and proceded to head in. Megan knocked on the door and was greeted by Sarah, Tom’s 12 year old daughter.

"Hi!" Sarah said. "Is this Amery, or waits her new name?" Sarah asked grabbing Emily from Megane. "Uh, oh someones dirty." Sarah said.

"Her new name is Emily, is your dad here?" Megan asked Sarah. Tom just started walking to the door.

"Who’s here?" Tom asked.

"Megan and Amery, err, Emily." Sarah told her father. Tom came over and picked Emily up into his arms.

"Someone needs to be changed." Tom said handing Emily back to Megan. Emily started crying. Megan went inside and started to change Emily. Emily was so embarressed.

"It’s okay, we will all be family soon." Sarah said trying to calm her down. Emily never noticed from her point of view as a man how developed Sarah was. That wouldn’t do anything now. She was her older sister, well, soon to be at least.

"We planned the wedding." Tom said excited. "It will be small and next month." Tom added. "Megan and Emily will be moveing in next week. Emily yawned as he was saying this. Once all changed Emily was handed to Sarah. Saharah started singing a lulliby to Emily. Emily soon fell asleep. Emily was put in the carseat carrier that Megan brought in.

When Emily woke up she didn’t relize she fell asleep. Sarah, Megan, and Tom was looking at her. Tom picked her up this time and put a pacifier in her mouth. Tom looked her in the face. "I see you have a new prospective now. Instead of being friends your my daughter." Tom smiled a little. Megan looked at the time.

"Almost time to go. I will just get Emily changed and head home." Megan said taking Emily laying her down putting her in a new diaper. She picked Megan up who was still half asleep and carried her to the car after giveing goodbyes. Megan couldn’t wait to move in.

At home Megan sat Emily in the crib with a bottle of infamil and a teddybear. Emily looked peaceful. Megan thinks she was getting used to being a baby. The next few weeks are going to be big for her. A new perspective in life.



End Chapter 2

A New Perspective

by: Destiny | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 1, 2008


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