A New Perspective

by: Destiny | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 1, 2008

As a man and boyfriend, his girlfriend gives him a new perspective of life. NOT FOR THE SPRING STORY CONTEST!

Chapter 1
The Change

Chapter Description: The change is about begin.

Amery Johnson was a normal man. He was six foot three inches tall. 198 pounds, and a dashing man. He lives in Huge house. About three stories, white, with a big porch. Him and his Girlfriend Megan Rose, an attractive 26 year old, had been talking reciently about haveing a baby. Megan wanted to have a girl only, but niether were sure to get the chances of a girl to be one hundred percent, there was always a chance of it being a boy.

One day while Amery was at work. He worked as a lawyer which had good pay. Magan worked as a doctor, so the two combbined pay-checks had a good amount of money. They already made a nursery for a girl. So it had to be a girl. Megan searched every doctor in a 50 mile radius of their home in the town of Dothan Alabama.

Spring was just coming around and she knew spring time had a magical effect. Megan read online a place near there town that had a magical effect during the spring. She knew it would work. When Amery got back Megan jumped right to an idea to get him there. It had to work.

"I want to go on a picnic. There was a thing I read about online. It is a nice open field that we can go to." Megan smiled as she talked.

"Okay, we can tomarrow." Amery told her. It was late so the two decided to go to sleep. In the morning Megan woke up early to read how to change him.

"All you have to do is get an unexpecting person to go there and read the words Spring is magical before you say what you want to happen." The page read. As Amery woke up. The two got all packed up and left. It was about a two hour drive. Once there they got all the stuff laid out. Amery and Megan sat on the blanket. About ten minuts in Megan started saying.

"Amery have you ever noticed how spring is magical seems like you could just turn into our baby daughter instantly doesn’t it?" Megan smiled as Amery blacked out and passed out. The transformation was a slow process. When Amery was all regressed Megan moved her new daughter with ease. Amery became a two year old girl, kind of skinny but also pudgy with the baby fat.

Once home Megan put Amery in the crib. Megan also hung up letters on the wall which spelt out Amery’s new name. The sign read EMILY. Emily woke up a few hours later confused. Emily sat up looking around. Seeing she was in a crib she became more confused. She stood up and heard the crinkle. She looked down at herself only in a diaper. She toddled over to the bars. Emily saw Megan sitting in a chair in the cornor.

"Why am I in a diaper and a crib?" Emily asked in a babyish voice.

"Because, baby girls need to be silly." Megan responded now standing up and walking over.

"How did thith happen then?" Emily asked obviously she had a lisp.

"Like I told you spring time is magical." Megan picked Emily up moving her to the changeing table. Megan changed her diaper and put Emily in a onsie. She buttoned it up the crotch and looked down and smiled.

"But I am not a baby or a girl." Emily protested. Megan smiled and put emily on the floor. Emily stood up almost falling over. She tried walking in the diaper finding it hard.

"Why did you do thith to me?" Emily asked Megan.

"We wanted a girl so I found a place that turned you into one, a 100% percent you would turn into a baby girl." Megan smiled. "So you are now baby Emily and will live the life of a baby. I made it so after today you will lose all muscle functions as well. So you won’t be able to talk or know when you are using your diaper." Megan picked Emily up and carried her downstairs.

"But I am not a baby!" Emily started to cry. Megan got dowstairs and put a pacifier in Emily’s mouth trying to calm her down. It didn’t work Emily spat it out. Megan looked at her.

"First warning you do not behave I will spank you." Megan told her firmly. Megan put her new daughter in a playpen with all kinds of baby toys. Megan soon made dinner. It was about 5 p.m. Megan grabbed Emily and put her in the highchair. Megan laid out a sandwich. Emily looked in delight. Megan grabbed a jar of baby food and a baby spoon. "Open wide or I will spank you." megan told her. She gave Emily the food. Emily started spitting up. Emily was too afraid to talk she didn’t want to get spanked.

After it was all done Emily was sick of being a baby. As the time hit 7:00 pm Megan picked Emily up and carried her to the nursery.

"Nighttime." Megan told her.

"It ith till early!" Emily retorted.

"Oh well." Megan said putting Emily in the crib and walking out. She went to her room and fell asleep as well. Emily wasn’t sleeping though. Emily wanted to get out of the crib. She stood up she found the lock to the side of the crib. It wasn’t hard to get it up. It was hard to walk in a diaper. Emily found it hard to walk after she jumped down and messed the diaper she was wear.

"No, I am becoming more of a baby." Emily said in a very baby tone that barely sounds she was talking english. She decided to get downstairs to her old room with Megan. She crawled as best as she could but found the babygate blocking the way. "Let me out!" Emily said starting to cry. Megan heard it and went upstairs. She moved the babygate seeing Emily.

"What are you doing out hear. I told you to go to sleep." Megan said yelling a little. She put Emily back in the crib and locked it with a lock that was on the bottom of the crib. She gave Emily a bottle of warm baby formula to put her to sleep. Emily fell asleep after the bottle was done. Megan sighed and went back to her room and fell asleep as well.

To Be Continued...



End Chapter 1

A New Perspective

by: Destiny | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 1, 2008


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