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Chapter 2
Has the whole world gone crazy?

Chapter Description: Even her best friend seems strange today..

Jenny gave Kirsten a curious look, one eyebrow pulled up like a question mark. Kirsten grabbed her wrist. “Jenny! You’ve got to help me! I think there’s someone in my house!”

Jenny’s eyes went open wide. “You mean like a burglar or something? Did you see him?”

Kirsten shook her head. “No, but I heard this noise when I came downstairs, so I ran here without even looking what it was. It was SO creepy!”

Jenny raised her hand to touch Kirsten’s shoulder. “Oh my god, Kirsten! You must have been so scared!” Then she looked down. “So is that why you’re dressed like this?”

“Well.... yes and no..”

Kirsten hesitated. How was she going to explain exactly what had happened? It was kind of embarrassing too. She would leave the bed wetting part out of course, but still...

“See... I got out of the shower... and then my towel was gone.. and when I opened my drawers, there were these... these...” Kirsten just couldn’t say the word.

Jenny opened the door and grabbed Kirsten’s hand. “Here, why don’t you come inside. I’ll give you a glass of water and you can sit down to get over the shock, ok.? And you can tell me everything that happened calmly. How about that?”

Kirsten nodded weakly.

The door swung open wide and revealed Jenny, who was apparently still wearing a pink bathrobe. Her dark hair was still a mess too, standing out in every direction. Jenny’s brown eyes followed Kirsten’s stare. “Oh, right. I was just about to get dressed, see. Why don’t you come upstairs and tell me your thing while I get my clothes on. We can go back to your place after that if you want, to see if there’s really anyone there.”

Jenny turned away and started marching up the wooden stairs. Kirsten followed her to her room and shut the door behind them. Jenny grabbed a hairbrush and started brushing her way through the impossible jungle on her head while Kirsten sagged down on a purple bean bag.

“So tell me” Jenny said, while pulling the brush which had got stuck, making a face. “What happened to make you run up here dressed like that?”

“Well, as I said, I came out of the shower and I wanted to get dressed normally, you know. So I opened my drawer.. But the only normal clothes I could find in there were socks and t-shirts!”

Jenny turned around, staring at the big maple leaf t-shirt. “And that’s the only one you could find?” Kirsten shook her head. “No, there were more, but this was the only one big enough... I’m not wearing anything underneath it." She felt her face heat up as she said that, knowing that she was probably beet red by now.

Jenny frowned. “Wait... you’re not even wearing a diaper?”

It took Kirsten’s brain a few seconds to process what she had just heard. “W..what?

“A diaper” Jenny repeated. “Are you wearing a diaper?”

“No...” was the only thing Kirsten could say, shaking her head in disbelief.

“Oh dear...” Jenny seemed to think for a moment. “Well I don’t want my bean bag all wet... I know! You can just use one of mine. We’re the same size after all!”

“A diaper...” Kirsten mumbled, hardly making any sound. “... of yours...?”

“You don’t have to repeat what I’m saying. I’ll just get you one in a sec, ok?”

Jenny turned away to pick up a t-shirt which was hanging from the back of a chair and appeared to be untying her bathrobe. Slowly, the pink fabric slid down her shoulders and onto the ground. Kirsten’s mouth sagged open in shock.

Around Jenny’s slightly brown shoulders and below were the white straps of her bra. Even further down, however, something else was revealed that looked white. It was smooth, had sky blue tapes to hold it together and it crinkled when Jenny bent over to pick up her bathrobe. Jenny was wearing a diaper.

Jenny turned back towards Kirsten and pulled the t-shirt over her head. Then she seemed to notice Kirsten’s stare and waved her hand in front of Kirsten’s eyes. “Hello! Earth to Kirsten! Are you all right? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost! It’s not like we haven’t seen each other without clothes before, is it?”

That was true. Jenny and Kirsten had been having sleepovers together since they were toddlers. But Kirsten was pretty sure she had never seen Jenny wearing one of those... diapers... Or had she..?

Suddenly, for reasons unknown to her, Kirsten wasn’t so sure anymore. Memories of the slumber parties seemed to become vague and blurry, as if something she was trying to remember tried to escape from her mind. Maybe.... Then the strange feeling occurred to her that this was all familiar, even though her mind kept telling her that it wasn’t. For some reason she started to feel like she’d seen Jenny like this many, many times. Like diapers were the most common thing in the world on a fourteen year-old. And even stranger: she felt like she was supposed to wear one herself too, feeling naked without it. Kirsten shook her head violently. No! This wasn’t happening. But when she looked up, Jenny was still standing in front of her, holding a diaper in her hand now.

“Kirsten? Why are you looking at me like that? Are you all right? Oh god, you don’t need to go right now do you? You better get that diaper on real fast.” Jenny handed Kirsten the white, fluffy, crinkly thing and Kirsten accepted it awkwardly. She turned it around in her hands, not sure what to do with it.

“Do you need help?” Kirsten looked up into Jenny’s eyes. Jenny rephrased her question. “Can you put it on by yourself?” Uncertain how to respond and completely confused, Kirsten shook her head slowly.

“Ok, I’ll help.” Jenny said. “Just come over here and lay down on the bed, ok?”

Kirsten simply surrendered to the situation. This was way weird, but somehow, illogically, it also felt strangely normal. Like this had happened a countless number of times before. She got up, sat on the bed and laid herself down. Jenny positioned herself at the foot end. “A little more this way. I can’t reach this far.”

Kirsten changed her position until her legs were dangling over the side. Jenny’s hands tugged at her t-shirt, pulling it up above her waist. Kirsten didn’t dare to look Jenny in the eyes, as she felt extremely exposed now. An arm slid underneath her knees, pulling them up. “Lift your butt”, said Jenny. Kirsten complied and something soft was put underneath her. She laid her butt down again.

“You need to spread your legs a little more.” As Kirsten spread them, the fluffy, soft diaper was folded around her like a pair of strangely thick underpants. Agile fingers fastened the tapes around her waist.

“All right!” said Jenny. “You’re ready to go. I’ll just put a skirt on and then we can go see if there’s really anyone inside your house.”

Kirsten slowly sat up on the bed, moving her legs apart and together again. Despite the diaper’s thickness she could still put her knees together. Be it with some force. She bounced up and down on the bed, experiencing how the padding on her butt absorbed some of the force when she landed.

Then she looked back towards Jenny. Her friend, however, had turned her back on Kirsten and appeared to be packing her back pack. She didn’t seem to notice at all how strange all of this made Kirsten feel.

Jenny was wearing a white skirt now, with pink dots on it. It was a short skirt which only came half way down to her knees, and as Jenny bent to pick up her back pack, the diaper she was wearing underneath became clearly visible. Kirsten looked away, not knowing whether to be fascinated or appalled. Of course, her own diaper was showing even more, since she was still holding the maple-leaf t-shirt up above her waist. Quickly, Kirsten stood up and pulled the t-shirt down. It only just covered the diaper in the front. Kirsten wondered if it showed on the back side.

She let her eyes wander around Jenny’s bedroom, curious if anything else was different from what she remembered. The bed with the fluffy pink pillows, the boy-band posters on the walls, the white desk with papers, pencils and pens scattered all over it and the wardrobe with the mirror on the inside of the door: all of it seemed perfectly normal. Kirsten took a few steps forward toward the wardrobe, noticing how she had a slight waddle because of the diaper.

She turned around and looked over her shoulder into the mirror. It was as she had feared. The t-shirt didn’t succeed in covering the diaper all the way down. Oh, to have a skirt or some jeans right now!

Kirsten was about to ask Jenny to lend her some clothing, but when she turned around, Jenny had already left the room. The sound of footsteps on wooden stairs slowly faded away. “Come on, Kirsten!”, called Jenny’s voice from downstairs. “We should go to your house right now if we don’t want to be late for school!”

School! Of course. How could she have forgotten? If she came late for today’s math test, she wouldn’t be able to take it at all.. And considering her current grades, that would likely mean spending the entire next year with classmates who were a year younger than she was.

Like boys her own age weren’t childish enough... Kirsten remembered vividly how Eugene had come up to her and asked her to be his prom date. He was a genius kid who had skipped a grade to end up in the same grade with her, which meant that he was only thirteen. She, amused, had lead him to believe that she would actually go with him, provided that he’d take her to see his dad’s new secret invention. Last night, he had. Of course, afterwards, while he was all dressed up and ready to go, she’d just laughed at him, asking him how he could ever think she’d go with him, since he was hardly even out of... well.. diapers....

Right.. she wouldn’t be able to use that joke on him again any time soon, Kirsten realized. Anyway, she’d gone to the prom with Brad, the sixteen year old captain of the football team..... hadn’t she? Kirsten struggled to remember last night’s prom, but no memories revealed themselves to her. No matter how hard she tried, she didn’t remember anything that happened after the visit to dr. Yume’s lab.

“Kirsten! Come on! Are you coming or what?” School! Right! Kirsten hurried down the stairs to meet Jenny, who was already halfway out the door.



End Chapter 2


by: Writer Nick | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 21, 2010


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